Welcome to: The Month Of Change

Big changes are coming your way. The UUA has proposed changes to the denomination’s Bylaws
to which you should pay close attention. The section, known as Article II, defines the UUA’s purpose and principles.
Here is the link:
Click on the link, then click the linked three-page PDF to read the proposal. The proposed changes
to Article II firmly ground Unitarian Universalism in our covenants. Exciting!

Besides reading the proposal (they want you to read it three times), you can take part in the Article
II Commission’s feedback sessions via Zoom. The linked page allows you to sign up and show up.
At next year’s General Assembly, delegates will discuss and debate the proposal, then put it to a
vote. GA takes place June 21-25, 2023, in Pittsburgh. Don’t wait. Get involved now.

Other changes are closer to home. First, our Administrator recently assumed Bookkeeper duties.
Congrats to Nika Cardriche for her excellent work! Next, Juliet Stubblebine joined the staff as our
Interim Religious Education Coordinator. Congrats to Juliet! I thank the Personnel Committee for
invigorating our RE program with new energy and vision