Virtual Worship on Sunday! In-person Sunday Services Suspended Until the End of August.

Attention Please

Virtual Service on Zoom.  New meeting links are published weekly.  Please join our mailing list for more information.


Dear Church Community,

You may have been wondering. . .  what about church?  Today, we have an answer.

Your church leadership — Rev. Nancy, lay leaders, and staff — have been assessing the latest news about the COVID-19 outbreak.  We don’t know what the coming weeks will bring, but we are sure of one thing:  We must do everything in our power to protect the health of our community.   Hand-washing, sanitizing, and staying home when unwell are important parts of containment, but the key to slowing and stopping the spread of the coronavirus is “social distancing.”  That means not gathering in close proximity to one another.  And that means not holding our usual Sunday services in person at church.  But please read on.

This is a hard decision. Still, with heavy hearts, we announce that in-person Sunday services are suspended at least through the end of March.  We believe this is the right and ethical thing to do.
But we WILL HAVE VIRTUAL WORSHIP at our usual time–11:00 a.m. — starting this Sunday!  Rev. Nancy, Susie, and a few other people will broadcast the service, with hymns and everything.  They will send out the live video from the sanctuary over Facebook Live on FUCSJ’s public Facebook page.  You do not need to belong to Facebook to attend.  You don’t have to leave home, or even get out of your pajamas, to attend worship this week.

Later this afternoon, Rev. Nancy will send another email with specific information about how you can attend through the use of technology. Please look for that.

Changing our worship services in this way does not mean the church is shutting down.  Not at all.  Rev. Nancy,  Susie, and the rest of the church staff are still on the job. None of our hourly staff will lose wages because of these changes.  The Pastoral Associates and our minister will still be reaching out to those in need.  And we will be creating more ways to connect virtually so that we need not feel isolated or alone.  Stay tuned for those invitations, too.


These are strange and interesting times indeed.  Remember that we are still a strong and loving church community, and we will get through this challenge as we have many others.  Take care of yourselves, everyone.  Wash hands, sanitize, stay home if unwell . . . and keep your dear ones in your hearts even if you can’t hold their hands.

Mary Mary Feldman, Program Officer
Rob Strong, Board President
Rev. Nancy Palmer Jones, Senior Minister
Susie Idzik, Interim Director of Faith Formation