Tips for Virtual Worship

A new meeting number will be distributed each week via the all church email.  Contact our office manager at

Here are some additional tips for joining us online tomorrow:
  • Make sure all the other apps and programs on your phone or computer are closed, and other draws on your wifi shut down. This will help ensure that your streaming goes as smoothly as possible.
  • On Zoom, your mics will be muted when you arrive, until after the Benediction. You can say “Hi” in the chat on Zoom, especially if you arrive during Music for Gathering, from 10:50 – 11:00 a.m.! You can give hearts or thumbs up or other responses in those places too.
  • After the Benediction, we’ll leave the Zoom room open and turn on your mics for those who want to linger for some social time!
  • If during the service you experience delays or freezes on the screen, that’s probably because of different wifi speeds or burdens among our different computers (or something like that). Usually, if you’re patient, the screen will come to life again. (Closing those other apps/programs really helps with this, too.)
  • Adjust the sound on your own computer or phone. We aren’t using the sanctuary mics tomorrow, so the problems with sound that some people had last week should be resolved.
  • Please do come to worship with a sense of humor, knowing that there are likely to be a few technical difficulties. We’re still new at this, after all. But as most of us experienced last week, if we breathe through these sticky places and bloopers, we will indeed be able to create a holy place for all our hearts, and we will hold each other there! I love the sheer shared humanity of worshiping with you–whether in person or online!!
  • In that spirit of openness and generosity, compassion and love, your AMAZING worship team for tomorrow–a huge collaboration!!–asks that you please don’t post comments about technical stuff in the chat (Zoom). We’d like to preserve the spirit of worship throughout our time together, and those comments can be distracting.
  • We’ll gladly receive your comments afterward, especially if they are wrapped in a “kudos sandwich”!