Susie Idzik is the Interim Director of Religious Education serving the First Unitarian Church of San Jose from June 2018 through May 2020.

Susie is a lay Community Minister whose ministry includes counseling individuals and small groups on issues of parenting, life transitions of all types, and personal spiritual explorations. She is a trained Interfaith Spiritual Director and heart-centered Life Coach. Susie is passionate about accompanying others as they work through life’s questions, big and small.

Susie has called the Bay Area home for the last 30 years and has been a Unitarian Universalist for over 20 years, working and actively volunteering at both the congregational and district levels. She has been active in the Unitarian Universalist Society for Community Ministries (UUSCM) and other Unitarian Universalist organizations.

Susie has worked with organizations in times of transition, bringing their mission into action by helping to them to see where they have been, envision where they want to be going, and then create steps to get there. Susie has been studying 21st-century Faith Formation and new forms of Family Ministry in which congregants of all ages help each other to grow. She is inspired by the work at the denominational level regarding how Unitarian Universalists can create intergenerational communities where the youngest, the oldest, and everyone in between explore faith and create connections together. With a deep understanding of church life and organizational dynamics, she looks forward to bringing these new approaches to the First Unitarian Church of San Jose.

Susie is also trained in Family Constellation Therapy and has done extensive study in the Enneagram. She is mom to three kids, one in high school and two in their twenties. She studied Studio Art and Education at Tulane University and continues to be an active artist. Susie is continually moved by how this living tradition of Unitarian Universalism holds those of us who are in an ongoing search for truth and meaning, who are engaging in our own spiritual growth, and who work to see the inherent worth and dignity in every person.