Speaker: Rev. Nancy Palmer Jones

Resilience: The Strength to Be Flexible

Flexibility, suppleness, elasticity—the dictionary offers these words as close synonyms for resilience. How can we be firm enough—strong enough—to stay true to ourselves under duress (note January’s theme of “integrity”!), yet soft enough—pliable enough—to make the changes that these very times ask of us? Like … read more.

The Great Churning

What does upheaval bring us? What treasures surface, and what shall we do with the poisons we find? When we go in search of immortality, what form does it take, and what power do we hold?

Worship Leaders: Rev. Leela Sinha and Rev. Nancy Palmer Jones

Rev. … read more.

Please Call Me by My True Names

Buddhist teacher Thich Nhat Hanh’s beautiful poem, “Please Call Me by My True Names,” asks us to wonder: What are our “true names”? Who and what names us? What do these names mean for our understanding of ourselves and how we are to live? We’ll … read more.

How Shall We Live This Year?

How shall we live with integrity this year? Where did we first learn about integrity? Who has modeled it for us? And what does it mean for us now as individuals and as a community? The Alegría Singers offer one guide with the beautiful anthem … read more.

Yule for All Ages!

Re-gifting Gift Exchange
We sing the songs and share the traditional celebrations of Yule. Worship centers this Sunday on an all-ages re-gifting gift exchange!


What to Bring to Participate in the Fun: We invite each person who comes on this Sunday morning—children, youth, adults—to bring a wrapped gift! Choose something … read more.