Understanding the various types of sessions

Files for all of the sessions.


Every session has a letter and a number.  The letter indicates which type of session it is.  The number is assigned sequentially as the sessions are developed.  The number helps to distinguish each session uniquely.  At this time we have 6 types of sessions.  Click on the name of the session type to see the files for all the sessions of that type

Milestone sessions (M)
Milestone sessions focus on the health and major milestones of a group.  Milestones such as adding a member, loss of a member, or helping the group to focus on its processes. Read more about Milestone sessions. Find an annotated list of sessions here.

General Sessions (G)
Most sessions are general sessions.  The sessions vary in focus. They may be introspective,  focused on our own congregations, or the world around us. Some are meditations, discussions, or but mostly just deep listening within a worship service. Find an annotated list of sessions here.

Theme Sessions (T)
Sessions that coordinate with the monthly themes for Sunday morning worship. Many of these sessions have been adapted from materials developed by Soul Matters.

Seasonal Sessions (S)
Seasonal sessions are used at particular times of the year or correlated with certain events. Find an annotated list of sessions here.

Life Event Sessions (L)
These sessions allow members of a group to acknowledge the happenings in each other’s lives. These are all short rituals, meant to be used in addition to the content of the day. By allowing an “all for one” time, each member is able to minister to the needy member yet move on to the content of the day.  Find an annotated list of sessions here.

Big Question Sessions (B)
These sessions are a series of sessions on “Big Questions”. We were inspired by the theme used by the Arlington church. This is our take on that theme.

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