Seasonal Sessions (S)
Seasonal sessions are used at particular times of year or correlated with certain events..
  • S6 Gift of Change (Christmas) S30 Resurrection (Easter)
  • S69 Return of the Light (Winter Solstice)
  • S70 Our Work, Our Selves (Labor Day
  • S71 Day of the Dead (October 31)
  • S79 April Fools S82 Passover: A Tale of Liberation
  • S95 Path of Forgiveness (Rosh Hashanah to Yom Kippur)
  • S101 What if God Was One of Us? (Advent)
  • S106 Our Fathers (Father’s Day)
  • S134 Freedom and Independence (Independence Day) S138 Holiday Moments (December Holidays)
  • S138 Holiday Moments
  • S139 At the Year’s End (end of December. Could also work for Thanksgiving)
  • S142 After the Election. (2004 post election)
  • S148-Hotel Earth (Earth day)
  • S149-Sharing the Water of Life (Homecoming Sunday)


G5 – Gratitude makes a good Thanksgiving session