Components of a Session

Leader notes

File has LN in the file name

  • Set up for the session
  • Context
  • Aids to ministry
  • Timing suggestions
  • Extra resources
  • Sometimes the notes are minimal, sometimes extensive


File has PR in the file name

  • Encourage members to prepare to enhance the depth of the session
  • A few questions
  • Occasionally pointers to resources for taking it further


Order of Worship

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  • Fold in half or cut in half for short rituals
  • Preliminaries
  • Centering
  • Music
  • Readings: Some people not comfortable reading aloud, allow to pass
    • Bowl readings – choices: read all, read once around using serendipidy
    • Read Round the Circle – Choose starting point
    • Responsive Reading – left/right, men/women, call and respond (choose caller)
    • Long reading – choose someone comfortable with long readings
  • Styles of sharing
    • Deep Listening – no response or feedback, pause between sharing
    • Discussion – not arguing or debate.  Allow more lively delving into topic
    • Feedback – short directed way to give responses to something that someone said that moved you
    • Exploration – more intellectual delving into a topic.  Little different from discussion

Readings / Quotes

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  • Long readings
  • Bowl readings

Large print order of worship

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