Life Event Sessions


These sessions allow members of a group to acknowledge the happenings in each other’s lives. These are all short rituals, meant to be used in addition to the content of the day. By allowing an “all for one” time, each member is able to minister to the needy member yet move on to the content of the day. Take a look at the leader notes for each session to determine if it is the session you need. While many require the leader to prepare something, none require any preparation on the part of the members. Be sure to talk to the member involved before using one of these sessions.

  • L14 Serious Illness
  • L23 Pet Loss
  • L26 Major Problem with Child
  • L27 Child Leaving Home
  • L37 Birthdays
  • L51 Sad Occurrence
  • L52 Happy Occurrence
  • L80 Member is Overwhelmed
  • L84 When the Shooting Starts (used at the time war breaks out)
  • L94 Lindi Said Goodbye (used after the last service of a beloved senior minister)
  • L172 Remembering 9/11