What’s on the Other Side of the Big Threshold?

With a deadly virus disrupting our lives, it’s no wonder that some of us—no matter what our age—might be thinking a little more than usual about mortality. Let’s be brave enough to embrace this natural human wondering! As a community of faith, we Unitarian Universalists don’t have set beliefs about what, if anything, happens after death. But as individuals, we hold a wide range of beliefs, opinions, predictions, not-knowings, and maybe even experiences. Have you had a near-death experience or a visitation from a loved one who has died? Do you imagine becoming “part of the memory of the world” or dissolving into the atoms that will be breathed by people generations from now?

We live in a culture that encourages us to look away from death—but when we do, we shut ourselves off from an important part of life itself. What do we hold in our hearts and minds about this important threshold-crossing? We offer a Time for All Ages that puts us all at ease with this topic. Worship Associate Bill Bowman will describe his ponderings, and then we of all ages will have a chance to share our own imaginings. Lots of music—specifics TBA—will soothe and inspire us. Here we go, Unitarian Universalists: let’s dive in!

After worship, we’ll remain in our virtual sanctuary for our Annual Budget (and Awards!) Meeting! In this important year, we don’t want to miss a moment. See you there!


Worship Leader: Rev. Nancy Palmer Jones
Worship Associate: Bill Bowman


Link shared during the service:

Chris Pasillas music:  https://chrispasillas.bandcamp.com/