UU Band of Writers: Sharing Our Dreams

Meeting ID: 970 0872 9249  /  Password: 096695

Have you ever read something that spoke to you, made you feel less like one of a kind, comforted you, or made you laugh with recognition? For today’s service, members of our church’s Band of Writers will share with us some of our best writings from the year. This includes a great poem called “Things in Space” by Amy Baldwin, a story about oddballs by Bill Baldwin, a reflection on “National Pizza Day” by Diana Mecum, some futuristic and mathematical musings by Mike Pelizzari, the life story of a hard-working visionary by Jenny Cressman, and an essay about rainbows and mystical mathematics by Eric Meece. John Ector provides the dreamy song “The Rainbow Connection”, and pianist Chris Pasillas gives us “Revelations” and an interlude improvisation. Amy Baldwin provides a children’s story about pigs on Christmas. All these offerings and more can show us how we are all linked together by what we feel and see, and help us face the difficult, the unexpected, and the new.

Worship Leader: Eric Meece

Worship Associates: The UU Band of Writers

Meeting ID: 970 0872 9249  /  Password: 096695