Transgender Visibility

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It is human to fear the unknown and to feel discomfort when we come in contact with someone outside our prior experience. Our instinctual lizard brain response is to feel the person is wrong because they are different. We may turn away from them or even vilify all people we put in the same category. Fear can be magnified. And on a national scale, right-wing politicians have stoked fear of trans people to create extreme legislation that harms trans children and their families..

But it is also human to learn to become comfortable with difference. Our rational mind can
notice our instinctual response, calm our fears, and come to understanding.
This Sunday, you will hear just a few stories of beloved people who are transgender or non-
binary. We will sing hymns and pay attention to the words in a new way. Perhaps you will find
that strangeness can become humanized.

Worship Associate: Joyce Miller
Reflections by: Frey Leigh, Marnie Singer, and perhaps others.