What Happens When We’re Willing to Change: Celebrating Susie Idzik’s Two-Year Interim with FUCSJ!

What happens when a community throws open its doors and windows to the winds of change? How does it feel to let go of old traditions and to welcome fresh approaches to community life? Come celebrate all we have learned and how we have been changed during these two years with Interim Director of Religious Education Susie Idzik! The Alegria Singers offer our first-ever “virtual choir” anthem: “Grounded and Guided,” by Ana Levy-Lyons and Adam Podd. Our children lead us in a story of spring’s renewal, and we share our Joys and Sorrows, too. Please stay for Social Hour after the service, when we’ll have a chance to share our thanks with Susie for the many gifts she has brought!

Worship Leaders: Rev. Nancy Palmer Jones and Susie Idzik
Worship Associate: Diana Mecum