The Great Churning

What does upheaval bring us? What treasures surface, and what shall we do with the poisons we find? When we go in search of immortality, what form does it take, and what power do we hold?

Worship Leaders: Rev. Leela Sinha and Rev. Nancy Palmer Jones

Rev. Leela Sinha (ze/zir/zim) is a brown, queer, genderqueer, entrepreneurial community minister with a theology of pleasure and a habit of transformative mischief. In zir work, ze offers leadership coaching, training, and keynotes, working with leaders and organizations to develop and delight in the power and intensity we have, and to use that power for good. Zir book, “You’re Not Too Much” came out in 2016. Ze has been a UU all zir life, and lives and works in the Bay Area.