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Every Sunday in February we will explore the theme “Widening the Circle” from a variety of entry points. This Sunday is our annual Community Ministry Sunday, widening our understanding of what it means to be a Unitarian Universalist minister in the world. We host a lively conversation between our minister Rev. Nancy and the Rev. Sarah Skochko, who serves as a Unitarian Universalist community minister with a diverse portfolio.

In Part 1, we focus on Rev. Sarah’s chaplaincy in a multifaith hospital in Austin, Texas; we hear stories about what it means to embody Unitarian Universalism when the people you are serving have radically different beliefs. In Part 2, the two ministers dive into what they believe at their core, where they find strength and guidance, and how they live in a “both/and” theological world. This conversation offers inspiration for each of us as we find our own “ministries” living out Unitarian Universalism in this world.

          With poignancy, gratitude, and love, we give our farewell blessings to Stephanie Dorman this Sunday, as she and her spouse prepare to move to Eugene, Oregon. Stephanie, in her short time with FUCSJ, surely found her ministries among us!

          And we take up a Special Collection for the Unitarian Universalist Society of Community Ministers.

Music this week includes our beloved anthem, #1014 “Answering the Call of Love” (formerly “Standing on the Side of Love”) and a beautiful rendition of

 “Vienen con Alegría,” which is #64 in our purple Spanish hymnal. Here it is performed by musicians for the Episcopal church. Will the words be the same or different, and what might this say about the embrace of Unitarian Universalism?

Worship Leaders: Rev. Nancy Palmer Jones and Rev. Sarah Skochko
Worship Associate: Jenny Cressman