Renewing the Resources of Our Resilience

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Tree hands holding a sapling

Each of us has a story of resilience—of a time when we weren’t sure we’d make it through, but we did. How do we tell those stories now? Do we emphasize the disaster and loss—or do we recognize the strengths and gifts that got us through? It’s time to dust off our old stories and lift them up to the light. What can they show us about where we find and build resilience in tough times?

After we hear several voices offer their short personal stories, we’ll have a chance to share our own in small groups. Ask yourself: What helped me to get through a tough time? What resources from that story can I draw on now to help me in these days? We can do go deep and be brief at the same time!

Let’s get to know each other better and come away with renewed hope and determination!

Worship Leader: Rev. Nancy Palmer Jones
Worship Associate: Alice Lynch