One Good Thing: How to Find Joy in the Midst of Not Knowing

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Photograph of what appears to be a book. However, with the book cover open, one sees that it is not a book, and instead a secret compartment. Inside are colorful scraps of paper with notes on them.


“Today we give thanks for the darkness of not knowing. There is so much we can never understand, there are so many questions we are afraid to ask. Let us not be afraid of the blackness of mystery,” writes the Rev. David Miller Kohlmeier in his litany for the fourth Sunday of “Advent in Reverse.”

In a world all too weary of not-knowing in the face of this pandemic, we lift up ways to open our minds and hearts to joy every day. For instance, all year long, when Rev. Nancy first gets into bed for the night, she records on a random slip of paper just one good thing that has happened that day. Even on the hardest days, there has always been one good thing, even if it’s just the pulse of her heart still beating. What does Rev. Nancy find when she reads back through all these notes now jammed into an overflowing box? Come find out!

We sing a song that bridges the traditions of Yule and Christmas—“People, Look East” (#226 in the gray hymnal). Director of Faith Formation jo mosher introduces us to the Sikh December holidays with their powerful spirituality.

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Worship Leader:  Rev. Nancy Palmer Jones
Worship Associate: Mary Martin