How Martin Luther King, Jr. Saved the World

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Guest minister Rev. Clovice Lewis offers a sermon called “How Martin
Luther King, Jr. Saved The World” at the February 11, 2024, service. His
sermon discusses how the slave codes and Jim Crow laws that replaced
them in the Untied States directly impacted the lives of people only
three generations ago. Those effects are still borne in the living
memories of many millions of Americans. Rev. Lewis ties that legacy with
the life’s work of Dr. King to undo the bonds of psychological trauma
for our entire nation. King is presented as a man with faults and
failings. His larger than life image is translated into the story of a
man who did his best with what he had. Although that was enough for the
time, his efforts have proven to be inadequate to sustain the important
civil rights gains into the present era. As “the redeemer of the
American soul”, as Ralph Abernathy put it, King’s adherence to
nonviolent resistance to intractable oppression has had a lasting impact
on the planet.


Rev. Lewis is a professional cellist and composer who composed his first
symphony at the age of 17, and was a professor of computer music at UC
Santa Barbara from 1978-1986. He has also been a serial entrepreneur and
software designer for the past 30 years. In addition to music and
technology, he has had had a life-long passion for aviation, and has
been a private pilot since 1987. Clovice received a Master of Divinity
degree from the Starr King School for the Ministry in May of 2021 and
was ordained as a Unitarian Universalist Minister in 2022. His ministry
emphasizes breaking down racial, class, and ethnic barriers, and
preaching the gospel of the madness of human self-extinction.