Homecoming Sunday: What Will We Gather? Gifts and Learnings

Join us live → https://bit.ly/FUCSJ-Sunday-Worship-and-Social-Hour
Meeting ID: 970 0872 9249  /  Password: 096695

Homecoming Sunday is about recognizing the beauty and worth of every single individual. And it’s about renewing our commitment to make something together that’s so much bigger than any one of us.

This year online, we’ll hear from every individual voice, and we’ll make a stronger and more beautiful community in the process!

Your Parts:

  1. Please have every person in your household prepare one sentence to share with the community. Your sentence can start with either:
    This summer I learned [We learn really important things when the going gets tough!]
    To this community, I give my [We all have gifts to share! What gifts of character, spirit, talent, practicality, presence, etc., do you bring to the First Unitarian Church of San José?]

Just one sentence from every single person, please!

If someone in your household or small group doesn’t have the capacity to speak or to unmute when the time comes on Homecoming Sunday, please think of a way to help them so that all can be included.

Optional Gift to Add: Please take a picture (or several!) of water and send them to Office Manager Linda Yépiz at office@sanjoseuu.org by Wednesday, September 9. Water in a glass, water in a rushing river, water from the sky—use your imagination! Have fun or be serious; use an older picture or a brand-new one. Just 1-5 pictures per person, please.

Worship Leader: Rev. Nancy Palmer Jones

Worship Associate: Bill Bowman