Drawing Up from the Well

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In certain times and places, the boundary between the worlds grows thin, and we humans sense a direct connection with Something More. In stories, these sacred places often show up as wells, caves, and lakes, as our religious ancestor Henry David Thoreau discovered at Walden Pond. But times, too, can serve as such thresholds. Worship Associate Eric Meece thinks of “those moments of great awakenings that reverberate through all subsequent events” to be “like a historical Big Bang.” Are we in such an era now? Eric asks, “Can we experience the awakening again? Can the crisis of our times impel us into a new era of action in the 2020s?”

So we end this month returning to the themes that we take up at the beginning: Who do we want to be on the other side of this threshold? How do we want to act? What do we want to carry with us, and what do we need to leave behind as we move into a new space?

We’re hoping for a new virtual-choir anthem from the Alegría Singers this Sunday, too! Be assured that this Sunday, like all our Sundays, will offer some surprises for all ages!


Worship Leader: Rev. Nancy Palmer Jones
Worship Associate: Eric Meece

To view the resources that Reverend Nancy shared during today’s worship service, please click HERE.