Compassion Is Action: No Justice, No Peace

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This week we devote our worship service to Black Lives Matter. Rev. Nancy helps our young folx (and people of all ages) sit with the truths of what’s happening now, including George Floyd’s murder, without getting stuck or depressed. Then we hear a powerful sermon that Rev. Karen Hutt offered to the First Universalist Church of Minneapolis the Sunday after Mr. Floyd’s death. Rev. Karen’s words are passionate and explicit, grounded in generations of brutal experiences endured by her family as a result of white supremacy culture. She lays out a clear and accountable course for seeking justice for all. We also draw on the experiences and inspiration of people right here in our county as we determine our own next steps. The music weaves it all together and keeps us singing! Please join us for this important gathering!

Worship Leaders: Rev. Nancy Palmer Jones with special guests

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