Search Committee Job Description

The Search Committee will select the next settled minister of the First Unitarian Church of San Jose. Your work will determine the future of our church for years to come. The committee serves from their election until a settled minister is approved by the congregation and accepts the position. If the initial search is successful, this would happen in April 2024. However, sometimes a congregation does not secure a minister in its first attempt. In that case, the Search Committee would continue to serve for another year until a minister accepts the position.

The work of the committee comprises the following phases:

  1. Prepare a packet to present our church to potential minister candidates on the UUA Search website. This involves the following steps:
    • ●  Meet with members of the 2004 Search Committee
    • ●  Attend a full-day training session with the UUA Search team
    • ●  Organize the committee and assign roles
    • ●  Arrange for neutral pulpits with neighboring churches by midsummer 2023
    • ●  Determine priorities in a new minister based on feedback from the congregation and the


    • ●  Prepare an online search packet describing our church and its desires in a new minister.

      This packet should present the church in an attractive but accurate manner.

    • ●  Post the packet on the UUA Search website before the deadline in December 2023
  2. Discern which candidates to pursue
    • ●  Read and assess the candidates who apply beginning Jan. 2, 2024
    • ●  Select the candidates to interview after internal committee discussions
    • ●  Interview the selected candidates as a committee by Zoom
    • ●  Select a small number of candidates (usually 3) to invite to neutral pulpits
  3. Construct an ordered list of potential ministers for matching by UUA
    • ●  Observe 3 candidates speak at neutral pulpits in Feb. 2024
    • ●  Meet as a group to assess the candidates
    • ●  Submit an ordered list of acceptable candidates to the UUA Search Office
    • ●  Candidates then will rank the proposals they receive, and UUA will match the lists
  4. Arrange the candidating visit by the matched candidate
    • ●  Receive a mutual match from the UUA Search Office starting March 28, 2024
    • ●  Arrange the candidating week during April 2024
    • ●  Schedule candidating activities with various church bodies
    • ●  Announce the candidate to the congregation
  5. If we fail to hire a minister …

● Learn what went wrong

● Repeat the process the next year

Search Committee Expectations

The expectations for Search Committee Members are:

  • ●  Commit to the Search process
  • ●  Engage in an open-minded and collegial manner with the other committee members
  • ●  Represent the entire congregation, not just one’s own interests
  • ●  Assess minister applicants fairly and thoroughly
  • ●  Maintain confidentiality about ministers who apply
  • ●  Maintain flexibility in other commitments
  • ●  Keep on schedule
  • ●  Keep the congregation informed about the progress of the search
  • ●  Seek outside help as needed

    More Information

  • ●  Talk to President Ram Kakarala or another Board member
  • ●  Talk to previous Search members Joyce Miller and Julia Rodriguez
  • ●  UUA website Ministerial Transitions (