The Right Relations Team at First Unitarian Church of San Jose is a new resource available to congregants of the church. Its members are Robin Beresford, John Hurd and Patti Rivard. The function of the team is to help facilitate harmonious relations within the FUCSJ community and be a mediating resource when conflicts arise. The RRT can be consulted when there is a challenging communication situation or sense of conflict with another congregant. Within a vital church community such as ours, there is a vast amount of information being shared amongst individuals with varying beliefs and experiences, and thereby lots of chances for miscommunication or conflict. Other UU congregations have found the presence of Right Relations Teams to be beneficial.

In addition to being a resource for individual congregants, the RRT presents or makes available educational material to help enhance a church culture in which we seek to communicate well with each other and to be stewards of our Covenant’s values. The RRT may be consulted as a listening ear and if necessary, to help facilitate communication between congregants. Any congregant can reach out to the RRT through the team’s email address, and a team member will contact the congregant to explore options to resolve the situation. Please see the RRT’s link on the church website. There you will find the FAQ’s, and a chart describing the RRT’s process of follow-up after being contacted by a congregant.

Robin Beresford
John Hurd
Patti Rivard


FAQs (frequently asked questions) about the Right Relations Team (RRT)

Right Relation Team Process