Reminder: Please Mask Inside Our Building
With Covid-19 cases again on the rise in Santa Clara county, we want to remind anyone coming into our building to mask.
This is an important way we can make our love visible for our staff, our Third Street youth and each other.
Thank you😊
From the COVID-19 Task Force:
We’ve always required masks during worship.  Now, we’d like to ease up a little bit, and allow a space for congregants to attend unmasked, if desired.  We will allow the balcony to be that space. It is well away from the main floor.  Please feel free to sit in the balcony during worship, unmasked if you wish.
Take care to keep clear of the Tech Crew’s operations.  Note that you must put your mask on whenever you are on the main floor of the sanctuary.  
Unmasked in the balcony, if you wish, but masked in the main floor sanctuary.  
As always, when you approach someone wearing a mask, please respect their space, and their wishes, and show courtesy by putting yours on.  


Nov 14, 2022

Enough task force members have responded to a question about coffee hour that I wrote to Dr. XK, saying that it’s fine to move the coffee hour inside. And fine also to remove masks during eating and drinking. However in our messaging we should say the winter season sees a lot of spread, so we advise caution. Wearing masks for extended or close up conversation is prudent, and the outside patio with it’s airflow is safest for a long chat.   like we said before in the all church email, we  should always respect the space of someone who approaches us masked, and mask up ourselves whenever possible in their company.

August 25, 2022

1) There is no need for sign-in sheets;
2) Choir can sing while masked in the sanctuary if they stand away from the congregation;
3) Mutually consenting individuals can meet inside the church building without masks, as long as they do not “share the air” with 3rd Street, or with others who are wearing masks;
4) For outdoor events, such as the picnic, we require either vaccination, or, if unvaccinated, a clear test on the day of the event with no symptoms;
5) If the tech crew consents, we allow people to sit unmasked in the balcony–noting that we still maintain the vaccination requirement, masked or unmasked.

March 3, 2022

Food safety for Celebration Sunday.
We approved a limited number of people to eat inside, in case of rain or mobility issues.  We recommend there be no more than 2 tables,  no more than 4 people at each table, eating inside.  We prefer all others to eat and socialize outside.
a) Messaging: Include a covid-safety message in the invitation.  Organizers should encourage people to use rapid tests if they notice any symptoms, and reiterate that masking and vaccination are both required to enter the building. Since the mask mandate has ended, there may be confusion whether masks are needed or not.
b) open windows of HPH, in the stairwell, and open the entryway door, to create a wind tunnel.
c) If we need a 2nd tent, 3rd Street is offering to allow us to use theirs.
d) Set up 3 purifiers and operate them at their lowest setting inside the sanctuary.
Will we have a custodian help on that day?
Celebration Sunday as “Homecoming”
We support the idea.  Perhaps it could be connected with a Spring theme.  Live music would be great to have.  It would also be great to add a program for youth at some point when staff and students are available.

Feb 2, 2022

1) Indoor masking mandate.  Even if Santa Clara County lifts its requirement for indoor masking, we feel it important to be cautious and keep our own requirements until such time as the risk is minimal.
2) Ram to write to planners of Celebration Sunday that we urge food to be served outdoors, and those sharing it be encouraged to spread out into the park if necessary.
3) We are willing to try singing softly while masked and distanced, during worship.  This applies both to performers, and to congregants.
4) At a future meeting, we will consider the cap of 40, which we are well below right now.

Jan 12, 2022

After reviewing the developments of Omicron, we unanimously support continuing multi-platform worship, with the precautions that are in place.
Action items
1) Ram to task Office Manager to order from Blaisdells: cleaning wipes (unscented), KN95 Masks, pack of 50 ballpoint pens, to be placed with “clean” and “used” containers.
2) We also will order 12 rapid covid test kits, from Blaisdells.  These kits are for use by staff, and key volunteers who have been exposed.
3) Rev. Nancy to ask Office Manager to update the signage to say “boosted” rather than “vaccinated”.

Dec 29, 2021

1) Continuing multi-platform services.  The UUA guidance says to suspend all large worship gatherings when the county risk level is Very High (per, as it is now for Santa Clara.  However, the Task Force believes we are not a large gathering, and we have sufficient space to spread out, and we are taking precautions.  Hence we support continuing multi-platform service with additional precautions in place ( see below)
2) Additional precautions:
a) Booster increases protection significantly. We recommend staff to get a booster dose.  Also, we should state in our communication that fully-vaccinated means with a booster.
b) We recommend a well-fitting KN95 mask with NIOSH certification.  They are reusable.  There may be some on-hand in the office. Does anyone know?  If not, we should order some and make them available to congregants.
c) Purifiers.  We recommend moving one from the conference room to the balcony, where the tech crew sits during worship.  It can stay there, as the conference room is not used.  We also suggest moving another from the library to the sanctuary.  Is the library being used now? If not, the one from the library  can be kept in the worship supply closet, to be brought out for use during worship, or meetings that take place in the sanctuary.
d) ventilation.  Opening windows may be tough due to rain.  However, it may be possible to open the doors and windows to HPH to get a breeze.  Increasing ventilation should be a goal of worship setup.
e) testing.  We recommend anyone who feels they may have been exposed during the holidays, or who has traveled, to get tested.
f) Minimum isolation period after exposure:  We recommend not attending worship for 10 days.  Rosemary shared this guideline with detailed steps if anyone is exposed, has a family member that tests positive, or tests positive themselves.  Please take time to review.

Dec 2, 2021

1) Covid updates–we discussed what is known about Omicron, namely it being found in SF, infectious nature, and also acknowledged that much is still unknown.  Rosemary shared advice that anyone feeling symptoms get tested, out of caution.
2) Moria shared detailed information about singing practices at various UU churches and fellowships in the Bay Area, including Los Gatos, Palo Alto, Trinity Baptist Church, and Fremont.  Rev. Nancy shared guidance from the UUA about singing, which recommends against indoor singing and also recommends 10-12 feet spacing with masks for outdoor singing.
3) Options for singing that were raised are as follows: a) singing outdoors on the patio, perhaps with amplifier and instrument accompaniment; b) humming along (under mask) with music played on our sound system
4) One purifier is not accounted for.  It may have been moved inside the building.  Rev. Nancy to discuss with Rosemary about possible ways to help track.
5) RSVPs:  we did discuss RSVPs for worship by email.  Currently, we do not have RSVPs for worship.   However, we do need RSVPs for social events, such as for the gathering after worship on Dec 5th.  Social event RSVPs help with planning, and should be encouraged as a practice.

Nov 11, 2021

Covid updates:
1) Cases are ticking up in SC County. However, we are still confident in our precautions (vaccination, masks, social distancing) to keep people safe when they attend in person.  We will continue to monitor.  Suggestions: post signs at the entrance stating our requirements (vaccination, masks, social distancing). and continue to reiterate that message in invitations to the congregation to meet. Also, since people travel during the holidays, we must get the word out to get tested immediately if you have symptoms, and in 5 days otherwise, when you return.
2) Unfortunately, some Church people have shown up unmasked in the office during working hours. We must do better.
Children’s program:  Parents would like a return to the traditional format of kids in the sanctuary before the Story for All Ages, and then going downstairs. The task force unanimously supports this.  We have the same requirements for children (vaccination, masks, distancing).  It is the parents responsibility to make sure the kids keep their mask on and fitted properly.  We should have some spare masks on hand (I think we already do)
Food safety: We support the plans presented by Connie for a social outdoors on Dec 5th, after worship service.  If you are able to help, please contact Connie Hall.
Purifier Maintenance: Rosemary very kindly offered to have 3rd Street Staff maintain all the purifiers!  Bev to provide a hand vacuum to 3rd Street.  Also, I believe Linda is ordering one hand vac — preferably a cordless one.

Oct 28, 2021

1) meeting time–we will stick with Thursday as other days are even worse for getting the most participation.
2) Children’s program– We will ask parents a specific question about how they want their children to attend.  One suggestion is to ask parents whether  their children should be in the sanctuary for part of the time, or, alternatively, be separate from adults for the whole time in their classrooms.  We will revisit the issue.
3) Reservations–We will ask those who plan to attend to reserve.  If we still haven’t reached the maximum safe number, then any that did not reserve will be admitted as walk-ins.  We will not admit any more if it means exceeding the safe capacity for social distancing..   The safe capacity is 40 at present, as the balcony is used for multiplatform tech.
4) Connie would like to hear if anyone has concerns about having coffee and treats after worship, outside, on Dec. 4th.  Please email this list if you do.
5) Purifiers will be maintained on the honor system. Those who use them will be required to maintain them.  We will have hand-vacs for cleaning on a monthly basis as recommended for regular users.

Oct 14, 2021

Present: Bev Harrison, Connie Hall, Ram Kakarala, Janet Berry, Rosemary Baez, Rev. Nancy Palmer Jones, Moria Merriweather, Linda Yepiz, Bill Bowman
1) Covid updates
a) Moria presented extensive research on what other UU groups in the Bay area are doing
b) Santa Clara County is still in the Orange Tier
2) We approved the volunteer group led by Connie to meet in HPH (under the same guidelines given to our renters) and assemble supplies raised by the Homeless Concerns group.
3) After discussion, we voted to approve language to require all attending future indoor services to be vaccinated, and inviting those who are not vaccinated to attend virtually.  Exact wording will be decided by Rev. Nancy.  We will invite feedback from the congregation after this Sunday’s town hall.  Vote was 7 in favor, 0 opposed, and 2 abstention.
We also voted to empower Rev. Nancy to put forward a plan towards resuming in person worship.    Vote was 8 in favor, 0 opposed, and 1 abstention.

Sept 30, 2021

We voted in favor of this wording

–We require anyone entering Hattie Porter Hall or classrooms while Third Street programs are in session be vaccinated to protect the health of children who cannot be vaccinated. (Third Street requires vaccination of its adult volunteers.)

Rick: Maybe you could add my email (ramkakarala@…) next to my name (where you list all TF members) in your writeup for the all-church email? That way, people have a way to follow-up with questions or concerns.  I will pass on anything I hear to the Task Force.

Return to in-person

We discussed, and there is support for a gradual, step-by-step approach to slowly returning to in-person worship. We are already doing that.  Rather than set a date for the big return, let’s try to gradually increase the envelope of what we do in the building.

Church social  — outside our building, Sunday, 10th October at 2:30pm

Please RSVP to churchsocial@…

We will set up chairs for all those who would like seating.

Sept 23, 2021

  1. Communication.  To improve communication with the congregation, Rick will summarize these minutes (and ones from previous meetings) for inclusion in the weekly all-church email. Linda will then provide an update from Rick’s summaries for the church’s monthly newsletter.  In previous meetings, the Task Force approved in-person meetings of SGM, Circle Suppers, and other activities subject to the guidelines written by Dena (attached).   Though the title of guidelines refers to building use, they do have common-sense precautions that also apply to  church activities outside of our building: 1)  vaccination when eligible; 2)  social distancing; 3) masks. Would someone connected with SGM, Circle Suppers, UU Hikers, etc, please pass these along? Also, the guidelines should appear in the weekly email, and the Church newsletter.
  2. Protecting children in HPH during class hours.  When 3rd street students are in HPH, we require anyone entering HPH to be vaccinated.  Rosemary will check any vendor coming in.  We will also make the same announcement in weekly email and church newsletter so that anyone connected with the church (bldg committee, sec. committee, etc) knows this.  Linda and Janet will talk to vendors to make sure they are aware of our requirements.
  3. Covid updates: Case numbers are trending down, positivity rates are at 1.5%, vaccine requirements are appearing in more organizations.
  4. Church Social: Oct 10th, outside the church building, at 2:30pm, ice cream, sidewalk chalk, fun for all ages.  Everyone from the Task Force– let’s meet there in person!
  5. For next week, let’s discuss
    1. what are the criteria to resume in person worship?
    2. maintenance of purifiers

Sept 9th, 2021

1) Air purifiers — we need a way to label these and track where they are. Rosemary to send us a list of the ones 3rd street is using.  Although we don’t want these to be moved, it’s still better that they are stationed where the people are.
2) Plans to connect in person.  Rick and Nancy Coleman have offered to be sanctuary hosts. They will post their contact information in the weekly email. The church’s schedule is at:
We have volunteers to help organize the church picnic, but we need a chairperson.

Sept 2, 2021

1) Updates: Purifiers purchased, delivered, set up, and are now working in the building!
2) Facts collected
 a) Covid Act Now raised Santa Clara County risk level to very high, their second highest level
 b) First Unitarian of Wilmington is planning to meet in person on Sept 12, with vaccination for those eligible stated as a requirement.
3) Should volunteers that work with our children be vaccinated? We felt we needed more information and we also need to consult with jo. Rosemary will send us more information from 3rd street about volunteer coordination.
4) Plans to connect in person.  We discussed “baby steps” to see each other again, outside of worship.
Some ideas
a) If we are in a committee, see if that group would like to meet in person under the guidelines adopted by the Task Force.  Meetings could be outdoors, perhaps in a picnic. Ram to organize such meetings with the Board and the Task Force. Everyone else: if you are on a committee, please see what interests them.
b) Encouraging our Small Groups to meet, at least occasionally, in the Sanctuary–under our guidelines. This may also interest our social groups (knitting, writers, etc). Ram to follow up with Rebecca for SGM.
c) Labyrinth walks on a reservation basis.

d) Sunday afternoon visits to the Sanctuary. Rick: did you volunteer to be a host?
e) Reach out to any that are feeling isolated, stressed, and go for a walk together.  This can be advertised in the weekly email.

5) Criteria to resume in-person worship: We discussed extensively. The consensus is that we need to be cautious, be patient, to take the pulse of the congregation, and to start slowly with baby steps as described above.  Here are some discussion points:

a) Should we wait to see if a booster shot is rolled out?
b) Should the risk “thermometer”, from Covid Act Now, be at Moderate Risk or lower?
c) We also need to get feedback from the Congregation, perhaps on a regular basis.
d) Government guidelines, such as from CDC, are important, but we need more than that, to make a call on resuming.

August 26, 2021

Joint meeting of the Task Force and the Board

  1. Air purifiers will be delivered to the Church tomorrow.
  2. By a vote of 11-2-1, we decided to cancel our plans to reopen for in-person service on 12 Sept

August 17, 2021

  1. The Task Force unanimously recommends purchase of 7 Medify purifiers, with 2 spare filters each, for the 3 classrooms, bull pen (2 units), library, and conference room.
  2. With 8 votes for, and 1 abstaining, the Task Force recommends proceeding with the plan to reopen with a hybrid of in-person and zoom worship on Sept 12th, with these provisions:
    1. Masks must be worn by all inside Church buildings
    2. Vaccines are recommended but not required, and status will not be checked;
    3. Limited capacity inside the sanctuary achieved through a reservations system.

August 4 2021

  1. Ecstatic Dance — we approve this rental, subject to our existing guidelines that are provided to all groups.
  2. Viva Calle — we approve visitors using our bathrooms, subject to the discretion of the volunteers staffing our tent.  At most 1 person at a time or 1 kid with an adult accompanying.
  3. Women’s Alliance–we approve the Women’s Alliance meeting in HPH.  WA and 3rd street will have a small overlap, but that can be worked out.
  4. Men’s group — we approve the Men’s group meeting in the library.
  5. Air Purifiers — The Task Force will vote on recommendations after research by Janet
  6. Reopening Sept 12th–After discussion,  our consensus is to go ahead and plan for hybrid reopening on Sept 12th.

June 30, 2021

1) Air purifiers–We support the idea of acquiring/using them.
2) Rental for dance groups–We support the idea of allowing adult groups (BACDS, Ecstatic Dance) to meet.
3) Youth group activities–We need to know how parents are involved in the planning for activities.  Do we ask for written permissions (emails, waivers. etc) describing all the activities? Also, we wonder if there will be a way to enforce the rules.   Otherwise, jo’s precautions seem appropriate and good.
4) YRUUP–We are seriously concerned about hosting this year, in August.  Our Sanctuary will be a construction zone.  Given that, we don’t have the space for overnight accomodation.  We suggest the group look at alternative venues.
Next meeting: Wednesday, July 21st, 8-9:30pm

June 9, 2021

  1. Service is our prayer day-Volunteers are encouraged to meet in the building on Saturday, 12 June, wearing masks, practicing social distancing, leaving windows wide open, and signing-up on arrival.
  2. Rental agreements–Dena will provide written guidelines for Linda to discuss with our first renters, AA, who will start after June 15th.
  3. Plans to return to services in the building—We are returning to the Sanctuary for Homecoming, 12 September, and Worship Associates have signed up for training for hybrid services.
  4. SGM and Circle Suppers–Summary: the goals are inclusion and maintaining the integrity of the group.  Dena to provide guidelines for these meetings next week.