Agenda - 13 Jan, 2021

Updates [TSCC, Office] 10 min

Distribution List [Linda] 10 min

Contractor policies [Ram] – 10 min

Recommendations [required]


  1. Keeping in mind the Church’s mission, vision, and goals to serve the community, meeting-space agreements may be reached with individuals and small groups that follow county guidelines  (masks, sanitizer, fewer than 10 people in adequately-ventilated distancing).  Aside from that, rental agreements are not recommended until such time as the building is open for general use.
  2. In-person Sunday worship by the congregation in the Church building should not take place until, at a minimum, an effective vaccine is broadly available.


  1. The Task Force should provide updated recommendations to the Board and OMC every quarter. The next update should be provided by 15 April 2021 (the date of the Board meeting in April)