August 26, 2021

Joint meeting of the Task Force and the Board

  1. Air purifiers will be delivered to the Church tomorrow.
  2. By a vote of 11-2-1, we decided to cancel our plans to reopen for in-person service on 12 Sept

August 17, 2021

  1. The Task Force unanimously recommends purchase of 7 Medify purifiers, with 2 spare filters each, for the 3 classrooms, bull pen (2 units), library, and conference room.
  2. With 8 votes for, and 1 abstaining, the Task Force recommends proceeding with the plan to reopen with a hybrid of in-person and zoom worship on Sept 12th, with these provisions:
    1. Masks must be worn by all inside Church buildings
    2. Vaccines are recommended but not required, and status will not be checked;
    3. Limited capacity inside the sanctuary achieved through a reservations system.

August 4 2021

  1. Ecstatic Dance — we approve this rental, subject to our existing guidelines that are provided to all groups.
  2. Viva Calle — we approve visitors using our bathrooms, subject to the discretion of the volunteers staffing our tent.  At most 1 person at a time or 1 kid with an adult accompanying.
  3. Women’s Alliance–we approve the Women’s Alliance meeting in HPH.  WA and 3rd street will have a small overlap, but that can be worked out.
  4. Men’s group — we approve the Men’s group meeting in the library.
  5. Air Purifiers — The Task Force will vote on recommendations after research by Janet
  6. Reopening Sept 12th–After discussion,  our consensus is to go ahead and plan for hybrid reopening on Sept 12th.

June 30, 2021

1) Air purifiers–We support the idea of acquiring/using them.
2) Rental for dance groups–We support the idea of allowing adult groups (BACDS, Ecstatic Dance) to meet.
3) Youth group activities–We need to know how parents are involved in the planning for activities.  Do we ask for written permissions (emails, waivers. etc) describing all the activities? Also, we wonder if there will be a way to enforce the rules.   Otherwise, jo’s precautions seem appropriate and good.
4) YRUUP–We are seriously concerned about hosting this year, in August.  Our Sanctuary will be a construction zone.  Given that, we don’t have the space for overnight accomodation.  We suggest the group look at alternative venues.
Next meeting: Wednesday, July 21st, 8-9:30pm

June 9, 2021

  1. Service is our prayer day-Volunteers are encouraged to meet in the building on Saturday, 12 June, wearing masks, practicing social distancing, leaving windows wide open, and signing-up on arrival.
  2. Rental agreements–Dena will provide written guidelines for Linda to discuss with our first renters, AA, who will start after June 15th.
  3. Plans to return to services in the building—We are returning to the Sanctuary for Homecoming, 12 September, and Worship Associates have signed up for training for hybrid services.
  4. SGM and Circle Suppers–Summary: the goals are inclusion and maintaining the integrity of the group.  Dena to provide guidelines for these meetings next week.