Small Group Ministry Calendar

These are the new session topics that will be offered to the small groups.  To download a file right click on the file name, then choose “Save link as” from the menu.


The theme (T) sessions are based on the theme of the month.

September 2019 Theme: A Practice of Expectation

October 2019 Theme: A Practice of Belonging

November 2019 Theme: A Practice of Attention

December 2019 Theme: A Practice of Awe

Please add the following session of discernment in preparation for next months open enrollment. It should only take about 15 minutes.

January 2020 ThemeA Practice of Integrity

February 2020 ThemeA Practice of Resilience

If your group is welcoming new members, be sure to call each new member and send them the extra handouts contained in the New member session, M306 – Embracing New Members. Replacing one of the regularly scheduled upcoming sessions with M306 is highly recommended.

March 2020 Theme: A Practice of Wisdom

April 2020 Theme: A Practice of Liberation

Please take a fresh look at the leader notes. We are adding info for leading a group during the pandemic. Let us know what else is needed.

May 2020 Theme: A Practice of Thresholds

June 2020 Theme: A Practice of Compassion

June 2020 

August 2020

We have several suggestions to choose from.

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