Small Group Ministry Calendar

These are the new session topics that will be offered to the small groups.  To download a file right click on the file name, then choose “Save link as” from the menu.


The theme (T) sessions are based on the theme of the month.

June 2021 Theme: Play

May 2021 Theme: Story

The preparation for the above session contains a long article.  Be sure to send out the prep early.

April 2021 Theme:  Becoming

March 2021 Theme: Commitment

February 2021 Theme: Beloved Community

January 2021 Theme: Imagination

December 2020 Theme: Stillness

note: only one session for December due to the holidays.  If your group would like another session take a look at the session lists, particularly the Seasonal sessions.

November 2020 Theme: A Practice of Healing

October 2020 Theme: A Practice of Deep Listening

September 2020 Theme: A Practice of Renewal

August 2020

We have several suggestions to choose from.

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