Minutes - May 17, 2020

12:30 Meeting begins.

12:31 Agenda approved.

12:33 recognition for web development team from Ram:

Jean Rivers
Ray Kiddy
Linda Yépiz
Julia Rodriguez
Paul Milleson
Kristin Rivers
Mary Martin
Kristen Greenwood

12:37 begin of Budge Report by Greg.

12:38 recogizing efforts of pledge team:

Jan Theiss-Guffey
Connie Hall
Diana Wirt
Steve Madden
Jim Rumbaugh
Ray Kiddy
Rev. Nancy Palmer Jones

12:50 Rob Strong describes procedure for vote to be taken.

12:55 presentation of Budget by Jean Rivers.

1:00 floor is opened for comments and questions.

1:10 Budget passes.

1:11 Rob Strong announces new Board President to be sworn in at end of May, Ram Kakarala.

1:12 Benediction.

1:13 Meeting adjourned.

Minutes - April 5, 2020 - TBD