The Capital Campaign team and our consultant Kay Crider met with church leadership, staff, volunteers, and others who use our building to envision the revitalization and renewal of our beloved physical space. We are excited to present this list of the most substantial items. A more detailed list with costs will follow this initial summary soon.


Inclusion Begins with Safety and Comfort

  • Eliminate tripping hazards by replacing the wrinkled, worn carpet in the sanctuary. Of course, the labyrinth will still be at the center!
  • Prioritize health and comfort by adding air conditioning and HEPA air filtering systems. AC has been on the congregation’s wish list for many years and is also a prerequisite for many renters, so it will create more income for us in the future. The need for air filtering has become more critical as poor air quality becomes a growing health concern. Multiple zones will allow us to efficiently cool the offices during the week and the main floor on weekends for services and other events.
  • Add a security system that will prevent intrusions into the building and improve safety for our staff, Third Street Community Center staff, and the children they serve. With cameras, electronic card-key locks, window and door sensors, staff can monitor those entering and leaving the building.
  • Renovate the main floor bathroom for water conservation and greater comfort by installing a more water-efficient toilet, a baby-changing station, and other improvements.

Save Our Space

  • Protect and preserve our church home by replacing the leaking roof and the inadequate gutter system. Roof tiles have blown off resulting in leaks that have already damaged ceilings and interior walls. The roof project is overdue. The good news is that advancements in roofing materials mean a new roof should last at least 40 years.
  • Protect and preserve our beautiful stained glass windows–a major feature of our historic church–by repairing wood rot in the frames of the windows. At the same time we will repair rot under the roof eaves.
  • Improve our welcome to visitors and help protect our main entrance by restoring the historic front doors. Our restorer can keep the look that goes with our landmark building but make them beautiful and functional again, at a price comparable to replacing them.
  • Preserve the integrity of our historic structure by painting the exterior, which has not been done in many years–not even after The Fire. Since scaffolding is a large portion of the cost for the roof and the window work, painting the walls while we have the scaffolding in place is a smart fiscal decision.

21st Century Church and Community Hub

  • Create dynamic, 21st century worship services with a modern audio/visual system. Displaying videos, images, text, and lyrics, as we have done during Zoom services, will fully engage all those who attend, whether in person or virtually. Multi-platform services, which the UUA confirms are here to stay, will help us expand our reach and allow people at home–wherever they live–to be a vital part of worship. Improved microphones, speakers, and audio assistance devices will enhance accessibility for those with hearing challenges. Modern AV capabilities will make our space more attractive to community groups and renters.
  • Enable more comfortable, flexible seating arrangements for everyone by replacing the sanctuary seating with individual upholstered chairs, including some designed for those with differing physical needs. New ergonomic chairs will eliminate the maintenance challenge of the antique wooden theater-style seating while allowing us to continue the semi-circular arrangement of seating for worship and giving renters more options.

Thank you for being with us on this exciting journey of renewal!

Your Capital Campaign team: Jim Rumbaugh, Sue Pelmulder, & Nancy Coleman

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