We have engaged Kay Crider, a Congregational Stewardship Consultant endorsed by the UUA, to conduct a Financial Feasibility Study to help us prepare for the Capital Campaign. The results will clarify how much our members know about our plans, help identify any issues that need to be resolved, and determine the level of financial support we can expect from the congregation.

Kay conducted 30 confidential interviews, approximately 21% of our donor households in the current church year. While it was not possible for her to meet with everyone in the congregation, we selected a diverse cross-section of our congregation to participate in the study, ensuring that the results will be representative of our collective opinions and give us the likely financial scope of our project.  

The interviews were held via Zoom from October 18-30. Kay summarized and analyzed the information shared by the participants and delivered us a report in mid-November. A summary of the report has been presented after a Sunday service, and more details will be published. We are encouraged by the results of this study.

The Capital Campaign will proceed in early 2022 in coordination with the annual pledge drive. We plan to engage all members of our church community at that time.

This is the text of the Financial Feasibility Study.