Total costs for everything would be $1.9M, including margins for overhead and cost increases. That is 4.5 times our annual pledge income of $418K. Our consultant tells us many UU churches have raised 5 times, or even 7 times their annual income. We would ask donors to pay their capital campaign pledges over 3 years.

Obtaining Costs

We obtained one quote from contractors for each major project. Smaller projects were estimated. When we begin the actual work, we will obtain multiple quotes when possible.

To allow for extra costs, we have added the following amounts to the raw quotes:

  • 20% for overhead costs, such as general contractor, fees, and incidentals
  • 20% for inflation and cost increases

We expect to do the work in stages: first the exterior, then the sanctuary, then projects in the remainder of the church. Some areas may need to be closed at times during construction.

Here is a summary of costs by project area:

Project                   Base Cost ($1000s)
Exterior                                              625
AV System                                         140
Sanctuary Furnishings                        60
Interior Areas                                      90
Security and Accessibility                  45
Air Conditioning                                415
Total                                                1375
Total with add-ons                        1925


We need to replace the roof tiles, which have blown off several times causing leaks. We expect that new roof tiles would last longer than the existing roof tiles.

We require an extensive scaffold because of our steep and curvy roof. The scaffold can be used for wood repairs, replacing the roof, and painting the walls, allowing the costs to be shared among multiple projects.

The eaves show extensive dry rot in places and must be repaired. Many window surrounds, especially around stained-glass windows, show signs of damage and must be replaced to protect the windows. The wood under the roof tiles would be examined and repaired as necessary after the old tiles are removed, before the new tiles are installed.

The exterior was not painted after the fire. Painting it now will share the cost of the scaffold.

We have a historic restorer who can rehabilitate our 3 large front double doors, at a cost comparable to installing new doors that would need to be custom made.

Project                               Base Cost ($1000s)
Exterior Scaffolding                                      123
Demolish Old Roof                                         25
New roof                                                       235
Paint exterior                                                165
Eaves Repairs                                                25
Window Surrounds                                        20
Front doors rehabilitate                                 25
Minor Repairs                                                10
Total                                                            625
Total with add-ons                                     875

Audio-Visual System

We propose a state-of-the-art audio-visual system that can present videos, pictures, lyrics, and audio, similar to the multimedia elements we have come to expect from Zoom services. This would include a large, roll-down screen mounted inside the chancel arch, a high-intensity projector mounted on the balcony, 2 music-quality speakers to supplement the existing voice-grade speaker, and the various accessories and controls to manage the system. The system would be connected to the Internet to allow remote participants to see the service and to be seen in church. This system would also be suitable for movies, interactive meetings such as UUA General Assembly, performances, and weddings.

We would also add permanent speakers and an amplifier to Hattie Porter Hall to facilitate events, and provide an audio feed from the sanctuary so that people could follow the service if they need to leave the sanctuary.

This modern AV system would enhance inclusivity in many ways, so that everyone at home and in person could see and hear everything easily.

Project                             Base Cost ($1000s)
AV System                                                   100
HPH Audio                                                    40
Total                                                            140
Total with add-ons                                    196

Sanctuary Furnishings

The carpet is worn and wrinkled and is a tripping hazard. We propose to replace it with a new carpet made from carpet squares, as in the Fireside Room, to facilitate replacement of damaged sections. We have a manufacturer who can reproduce complex patterns, such as a labyrinth.

Replacing the carpet requires the theater chairs to be removed. Once the chairs are removed, replacing them would be time consuming and expensive, because they are not interchangeable. The chairs have become increasingly difficult to maintain, because they require custom work, and several are broken.

We propose to install individual movable chairs that can be arranged in different configurations for special events, such as weddings, performances, and meetings. We would maintain the current circular arrangement most of the time. Some of the chairs would be of different sizes or contain posture support, to accommodate different body types. Movable chairs would allow wheelchair users to sit in many different places. Replacing the chairs would greatly enhance inclusivity. We would retain the existing chairs in the balcony, because we don’t want those chairs to move, but we could obtain spare parts from the retired chairs.

We would remove the dedications from the existing chairs and install them in a suitable display setting.

We would also repair damage in and around the chancel arch, including delamination and damage from leaks in the roof.

Project                                    Base Cost ($1000s)
Sanctuary Carpet                                                  35
Flexible chairs (main floor only)                             20
Chancel repairs                                                       5
Total                                                                      60
Total with add-ons                                              84

Interior Areas

The main floor bathroom is our gender-inclusive bathroom, and it is used by wedding parties as a preparation room. It is shabby, the toilet is a water hog, and the room makes a bad first impression on renters and visitors. We propose to install a water-efficient toilet, replace the sink, install a baby-changing table, and redecorate the walls and floors to make it a comfortable and attractive space that gives people a good first impression of our church.

There are places on the walls that have been damaged by doors or things banging into them. The Youth Room needs new furniture.

We may have found a way to reduce the noise in Hattie Porter Hall.

Project                                 Base Cost ($1000s)
Main bathroom renovation                                20
Interior touch-ups                                              20
Noise reduction Hattie Porter Hall                     50
Total                                                                  90
Total with add-ons                                         126

Security and Exterior Accessibility

Several intrusions in recent years worry our staff and the staff of Third Street Community Center. No one was harmed, but we owe them a safe workspace. We propose to install a security system that allows them to check the building for open entrances, whether they are in the building or have not yet entered. This would include sensors to ensure that doors and windows are closed, cameras to show who may be outside the doors, and card-key locks that would allow us to control access on an individual basis, including time-of-day access and locking doors automatically at the end of the day.

We could improve accessibility for wheelchairs by providing a curb cut in front of the building, so that people could go from cars directly to the building, rather than having to go to the corner. This would require city permission.

Project                                 Base Cost ($1000s)
Door and window sensors                               10
Card-key locks                                                 25
Curb cuts in front of church                             10
Totals                                                               45
Total with add-ons                                          63

Air Conditioning

Many people want air conditioning. It is also an inclusivity issue, because some people cannot endure a service in a hot building. The staff suffers greatly in the summer, and we owe them a comfortable workplace. And most weddings and other renters will not consider a building without air conditioning.

We can use the existing heating air ducts for air conditioning. They would provide 7 separate zones, so that cooling the building during the week could be limited to occupied areas. We have identified locations for the 7 compressors on the roof and to the left of the building, in places that would spoil the view from the street.

We would propose to install HEPA filters in the air ducts to filter microbes and wildfire smoke. One filter would go into each of the 7 zones. They each contain their own fans, so they are not dependent on the heating and cooling fans to drive air.

Project                                      Base Cost ($1000s)
Add AC to existing heating system                      325
HEPA filters                                                            90
Total                                                                     415
Total with add-ons                                              581


The total cost may appear daunting, but we raised much more after the fire. Other UU churches in similar circumstances have raised equivalent amounts or more. We can accomplish all of our goals if people are willing to support them.

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