Minutes - October 15, 2020

Ram Kakarala
Ray Kiddy
Jay Porter
Rev Nancy Palmer Jones
Jim Rumbaugh
Jenn Castro

John Burk

7:07 Invocation – from last paragraph of Kendi book.

7:20 Move for approval of the agenda.

7:20 Jim will attend OMC meeting, Rev Nancy is the Process Monitor

7:22 COVID-19 Task Force: review of 3 recommendations.

1) No facility rentals unless small group, safely run; 2) No services until a vaccine is available, 3) recommendations should be made every quarter (so, Jan 21).

Discussion. Motion. The Board moves to accept the recommendations of the FUCSJ Covid19 Task Force. The Board requests an update from the Task Force before its first meeting in January 2021.

Seconded, passed.

7:28 Financial Report

Ahead of target on pledges and our percentage of pledges received are very high. Weekly donations are very strong also. Rental income is zero, but everything else is same as last year or stronger than last year.

$9k spent on repairs but fund is still in good shape.

We will be more sure of pledge income stability after December.

7:50 Roof proposal

• Accept the contract from New Age Electric for $82,211 to replace the sanctuary lights
• Allocate up to $98K to pay for the contract, city permit costs, and other incidental costs
• Authorize the Treasurer to transfer funds from Benevity Donations, Sanctuary Lighting Project, Capital Improvement Fund, and Net Income as needed
• Unspent money to be returned to the Capital Improvement Fund at the completion of the project
• Authorize Jim Rumbaugh to manage the project in coordination with the Building Committee chair

Motion passed.

8:25 Capital campaign presentation.

•Move to authorize Jim Rumbaugh to organize and lead exploration of a capital campaign, including recruiting coleaders, initiating discussions with potential campaign consultants, reaching out to stakeholders to assemble a list of potential projects, and determining construction costs. The Board will be asked to authorize an actual campaign if preliminary investigations show that a campaign is desirable at this time.

Moved, passed.

8:52 Minister Evaluation – proposed documents – Ram suggests that we handle these in an off-line vote from documents finalized by the committees.

8:53 Proposed investigation of IDI (Intercultural Development Inventory) self-inventory and education.

8:59 Climate Smart San Jose – educating on a “Carbon Footprint Tool”, suggesting that we meet as a Board with them on November 10, 7 pm. We will be receiving an e-mail on this.

9:09 Rev Nancy speaking on NAACP effort… – Count All Votes. RN will send a proposal for an electronic vote on signing on as a supporter of this effort.

9:11 Proposed “thank you” for Jean Rivers and Christine Plascencia, our bookkeeper. Approved by Board.

9:13 Process Observation.

9:20 Review of motions.

9:21 Benediction

Minutes - September 17, 2020

in attendance:
Ray Kiddy,
Ram Kakarala,
Jenn Castro,
Jim Rumbaugh,
Jay Porter,
Greg Smith,
Rev Nancy Palmer Jones.

Susan Pelmulder,
Rob Strong

7:06 opening words

7:11 agenda, approved

7:15 – Jenn will attend second OMC meeting in October.

7:16 report on Leadership Summit last Saturday –
“Leadership in Liminal Times”
info on policy-based governance

7:20 mutual invitation on OMC partnership

7:29 Silent Sanctuaries for Black Lives – minor edits from Jim

The First Unitarian Church of San José Board fully and unequivocally supports the Declaration of the Black Caucus of the Association for Unitarian Universalist Music Ministries, which states the need for absence from congregational and organizational life for a period immediately following commissive and omissive acts of violent racism. We resolve to support and honor the claim to space and spiritual care by Black, Brown, Latinx, and Indigenous members of this church and its staff without fear of retaliation or consequence with regard to compensation, benefits, promotion, employment or volunteer position. We resolve that each First Unitarian Church of San José staff person and volunteer has the freedom and agency to decide when it feels safe to return, to what extent they are absent, and what plan for substitution (if any) is appropriate.

– Moved, seconded and passed.

7:35 Minister Evaluation
review membership of committee and policy.
review changes to policy suggested by subcommittee.
review purposes of evaluation.
“beautifully imperfect”
review meeting of question-determination subcommittee.
review meeting of community contacts.

8:15 Treasurer’s Report: Jim
Report on issues with accounting software/payroll.
Donations from Sundays? On-line donations through PP now greater than in-person was.
Pledge payments? We seem to be on-track
– There have not been enough months to see, will know more in December.
Text-to-Pay – current effort terminated at this point.
lighting in the sanctuary – potential bid for lighting for $80k.
SP brought up issues with roof and other capital improvements.

8:52 Minister’s Report: Rev. Nancy
(explicit item on next agenda on process governance)

9:01 Invitation to attend play together: Jenn
Justice Project of PACT. On-line performance of play written by mothers of SJ kids
killed in protests.

9:05 Report from Process Monitor

9:07 Benediction

Minutes - August 20, 2020

Rev Nancy Palmer Jones,
Greg Smith,
Jim Rumbaugh,
Jenn Castro,
Jay Porter,
Ram Kakarala,
Ray Kiddy
Guest: Madeline Morrow

7:30 COVID-19 task force has been meeting every two months. We will be getting recommendations from them next month.

The sentiment of the Board is in favor of the sentiment and review and act on Greg, Jenn, Ram, Ray with Rev Nancy for a review.

7:52 Minister Evaluation Effort – Going over committee membership and interview strategies and making sure the Board understands the bases of evaluation that we should be using.

The Board discussed many parts of what we will do and divided up work.

8:40 (skip) Code of Ethics

8:40 Treasurer’s Report

Not much real data to report. We have a preliminary set of materials from our bank to look at to make sure we will be ready to answer questions about the PPP loan forgiveness.

8:45 Minister’s report – Took breaks as two smaller vacations, instead of one big vacation. Took advantage of some educational opportunities that were serendipitous. There is a lot to think about how the changes we are dealing with are bringing us to a different wisdom about our lives. Discussion of RN’s online ministry meetings.

8:55 Secretary Report on meeting

8:58 Process Review

9:00 Benediction

Minutes - July 16, 2020

Attendees: Ray Kiddy, Ram Kakarala, Jenn Castro, Jay Porter, Jim Rumbaugh, Rev Nancy Palmer Jones, Greg Smith

7:04 start & check-in

7:17 review agenda

7:19 partnering check-in:

7:25 update on C-19 task force. 17 attendees.
recommendations will come by end of September.

7:31 Ministerial evaluation
rN asks that this be started after or in November.

7:40 code of ethics for the Board?
mutual invitation -> discuss

8:00 Treasurer’s report
pledges reached 95% of promised, probably on budget.
bank is still determining PPP loan forgiveness procedures.
to determine if not-profit statement needed vis a vis the federal government?
contractors have been in to provide bids for lighting in the sanctuary.

8:07 Minister’s report
discuss Goals for Congregational Year 20/21

8:40 Silent Sanctuaries for Black Lives
Ram will be putting together a motion for electronic approval before the next meeting.

9:00 Support for Amah Mutsen panel on Protecting Sacred Landscapes

Moved to approve co-sponsorship of the panel on Protecting Sacred Landscapes hosted by the Amah Mutsun Tribe on 5 Aug 2020. 
Moved. Seconded. Approved.

9:08 Benediction

Minutes - June 18, 2020

Attendance: Ray Kiddy, Ram Kakarala, Jenn Castro, Jay Porter, Jim Rumbaugh, Rev Nancy Palmer Jones, Greg Smith

7:10 Intro and sharing

7:18 volunteer for OMC on next Tuesday. Greg Smith.

7:19 discussion of DFF hours and expectations and question on attendance in Board meetings. The Board is not asking DFF to regularly attend Board meetings, but the DFF is very welcome to raise issues to the Board and present them as they prefer. No motion required.

7:45 report on COVID-19 Task Force, is meeting,15 volunteers, incl from Third Street. Recommendations should come by the end of September.

7:48 Update on Congregational Suggestions:
– budget rationale – perhaps in written form
– code of ethics, in relation to the Board’s Covenant

7:52 presentation Jenn Castro on partnership meetings with OMC.

7:58 Managing the PPP is going well.
Mail processing is slowing things down a bit and needs to be managed.
Trying to establish procedures with the OMC, checks and signing authorizations.
No financial report for May yet.

8:06 Motion: Moved that the Program and Operations Council be renamed the Operations Management Council, and that the Program Officer be renamed the Chief Executive Officer. All references in the Bylaws to the Program and Operations Council and to the Program Officer shall remain valid under these new names.
Seconded. Passed.

8:10 Minister’s Report: “What am I doing?” – Worship, Staff work, Networking, Mentoring, Social Justice. GA is next week.

8:23 Black Caucus Letter on “time to heal”.

8:29 “Taking shifts” – taking our service at neighboring congregations.

8:47 Benediction

Minutes - May 21, 2020

7:03 Opening words

Attendees: Rob Strong, Jenn Castro, Greg Smith, Jim Rumbaugh, Rev Nancy Palmer Jones, Ram Kakarala, Jay Porter, Ray Kiddy
Guests: Madeline Morrow

7:05 Reflections

7:15 Staying in the Loop
– report vis-a-vis our partnering with POC members.
– info on building security

7:27 Treasurer’s Report
– Hired a new bookkeeper, she is transitioned by previous.
– Budget seems to be in decent shape, so far, for this year.
– Delays are occurring in inputs and outputs.
– $365k pledges received + 10k EFT + 10k checks – so on track for $385k.
– Rents will be $3k in the red.
– Probably $9k under in terms of income.
– Building upkeep was high last year, and will probably be high this year.
– Bookkeeping expenses are high because of two sequential hires.
– Budget will be “about in balance” +/- $5k.
– PPP Loan report – will be heard from after the loan is forgiven.

7:43 Madeline – presentation on Memberships & Connections.
– checks/conversations with some people will begin in June. Board is welcome to participate.

“Moved that the Board appoint Dena Dickinson to the position of Personnel Officer from now until May 31, 2021. The congregation will vote on filling the second year of the term during the election meeting in March 2021.” – Jim moved, jenn seconded. Passed.

“Moved that the Board appoint jo mosher, in their role as the Director of Faith Formation, as a member of the Program and Operations Council.” – Jim moved. () seconded. Passed.

“Moved that the Board, at the recommendation of the Program Officer, appoint John Burk, Connie Hall, Madeline Morrow, Sue Pelmulder, and Jan Theiss-Guffey as members of the Program and Operations Council for a 2-year term from June 2020 through May 2022.” – Jim moved. Jenn seconded. Passed.

8:13 CoVID-19 Response:
– UUA president had sent letter to all ministers and Board Presidents.
– Task force can be set up to lead our thinking on this pandemic.
– MM has called for volunteers.
– Nancy will get form othew

“Moved to call for the formation of a task force to coordinate our responses to the pandemic and its effects on our church and our community. The President and the head of the POAC should create this task force.” Moved. Passed.

“Moved that the Board expresses thanks to Robert Strong for his service as President of the Board.” – Passed by acclimation.

8:52 Report from process monitor.
8:54 End meeting.

Minutes - April 30, 2020

In attendance: Robert Strong, Jim Rumbaugh, Ram Kakarala, Jenn Castro, Ray Kiddy, Rev. Nancy Palmer Jones, Jay Porter
Guests: Jean Rivers

7:03 Begin

7:19 Treasurer’s Report
Will hire a bookkeeper before this weekend.
Now at $296k in special donations.
PPP Fund: has been submitted.
EIDL: needing more documentation, might not come in time.

“Moved that the Board designate a fiduciary committee, comprising the Treasurer, Finance Officer, President, and Program Officer, to oversee disposition of funds received from the PPP or other government emergency programs.” Jim Rumbaugh moved. Ram Kakarala second. Passed.

7:30 Budget Report
“Moved to recommend the budget as proposed.” Rob Strong moved, Jim Rumbaugh seconded. Passed.

8:10 Internet & Phone Service report – Ram Kakarala will take to POC, comm with Linda Y and comm with Sue Pelmulder.

8:25 Volunteers

Move to recognize the contributors to the web project. Jim Rumbaugh moved. Jay Porter seconded. Passed.

Move to recognize the contributions for the stewardship/leadership project. Ram Kakarala moved. Jenn Castro seconded. Passed.

Watkins Award report from Jenn Castro.

Our next meeting is on the 21st of May.

8:42 Process report.

Minutes - April 16, 2020

In attendance: Robert Strong, Jim Rumbaugh, Ram Kakarala, Jenn Castro, Susie Idzik, Ray Kiddy, Rev. Nancy Palmer Jones
Absent: [open directorship]

Start 7:00

7:02 Joys and Sorrows

7:24 Review of agenda, some items moved.

7:27 Move to appoint Jay Porter to Board, finishing Kristin’s term. Moved, seconded and approved.

7:28 Staying in the Loop

7:31 Treasurer’s Report
– bookkeeper to leave at end of May, new job to be posted soon.
– report on possible programs for money.
– report: Benevity money can be spent on capital impr fund.
– pledge payments: $360k assured. looking at donors, may get $375k.
– we will lose $7k rentals income.
– expenses were be $3k over, to be $10 deficit.
– building exp were up, $4k of which came out of building reserve.
– upcoming pledges: $362k in hand, plus $5k special donation,
perhaps going to $375k.

7:47 Observations on POC attendance.

“it is the sense of the Board to discourage directed pledges, and the Board will be developing a policy from this.” Moved, seconded and approved.

8:00 Minister’s Report
– staying in touch with support groups and congregants’ concerns.
– idea discussed in re “corona cash” and video for ask.
– discussing N’s offer to be cut 20% of salary. Mutual invite.
– 6 weeks to figure out how to make Rev Nancy’s schedule work.

8:28 Delegates: have yet to assign 2 delegates, cost $150.

8:32 Electronic document storage.

8:36 Next meeting? Yes. April 30. So declared by Rob Strong.

8:40 Review of motions and actions.

8:42 Process report.

8:48 Closing words.

Minutes - March 19, 2020

In attendance: Robert Strong, Jim Rumbaugh, Ram Kakarala, Greg Smith, Jenn Castro, Susie Idzik, Ray Kiddy, Rev. Nancy Palmer Jones
Guests: Jan Theiss-Guffey, Linda Yépiz
Absent: [open directorship]

Start 7:03

2nd and 4th Tuesday is POC meeting. Ray can attend.

7:04 Jan raised a question of whether the Board could attend one or both of the POC meetings in April that deal with the budget. She will check with the POC to see how they feel about it.

7:05 start

7:15 approved the all previous minutes: Sep.t, Oct, Nov, Jan and Feb

7:17 approved agenda

7:20 Discussed pledges and amounts.

Rev Nancy mentions “stewardship salons” from UUA, Jan is going to
send email to people in UUA for information.

Jim will analyze gaps in pledging.

7:40 Hiring for DFF

Committee discussed offer to go to Jo Moser.

No action is required of the Board. Rob Strong commends the hiring committee for their work.

7:50 Treasurer’s Report

Rental income will flatten. 10-12k may be lost. Expenses are down also.
Pledge receipts through beginning of March are $316K out of $385K budgeted.
The amount of “almost certain” payments would bring us to $350k.
Likely payments are $372k.
Budget could have a deficit of about $10k.
Lisa is coming in for work, seems safe to do so. Bob Redfern said receiving could happen every other week and they could do the deposit.
Effects of coronavirus: casual donations lost, in-service donations lost, rentals gone.
We may lose pledges.
We are reducing the pledge yield in calculations from 96% to 90%.

8:00 COVID-19 and meeting plans

8:24 Discussed congregational meeting

Will be using surveymonkey and help from: Rob Strong, Rev Nancy.

8:30 A vote is needed for adding Karen Conratto as delegate to GA. Moved and Seconded. Passed.

Delegates will be John Burk, Karen Conratto, and Jenny Cressman.

8:35 Minister’s Report

8:37 Process report

Minutes - February 20, 2020

In attendance: Robert Strong, Jim Rumbaugh, Ram Kakarala, Greg Smith, Jenn Castro, ex officio: Rev. Nancy Palmer Jones
Guests: Susie Idzik, Madeline Morrow, Jan Theiss-Guffey (by phone for her report)
Absent: Ray Kiddy, [open directorship]

Action Items:
Madeline to send draft on building rental.
Greg to attend 2/25 POC.
Robert to send minutes on to Ray for publication with the rest of the Minutes. Notify delegates. Send out (confidential) list of possible candidates for Watkins Award.

Consent Agenda
Agenda: added a few minutes to discuss allocation of last year’s surplus, then approved the agenda. Several sets of past minutes are yet to be approved 10/17, 11/21, 1/16 …

Staying in the Loop

  • In progress: Active Shooter Protocol – either 4/4 or 4/11 with Police Department
  • Common Read – Study Group Mistakes and Miracles
  • Elements of a Policy on Building Use by Outside Groups – POC
  • Policy on staff assistance – (FinCom)
  • Security & Building updates
  • S&B&C March 8 (Budget Process)
  • Cong. Elections March 22
  • Celebration Sunday March 1
  • Popcorn Theology this Sat evening & Leadership Dinner this Sun evening

POC Connection: Greg Smith has volunteered to attend the Feb. 25th meeting.

Treasurer’s Report: Contribution reports were sent out this past Monday. No new financial info this month yet. Contributions are running about $20K below projection . The audit committee is about to start its work. Lisa, the new bookkeeper, is very good at identifying strange problems and tracking down their source.

Leadership Partnering: Individuals reported their conversations with POC partners have been enlightening.

Hiring for Faith Formation: There have been 10 inquiries, resulting in 2 acceptable candidates. Interviews are being lined up with Rev. Nancy for these.

Path to Engagement: Madeline reported that the Path for Engagement will launch in March/April with a “bingo card” activity: A list of 6 different types of activities, each with 6 or more specifics that people could choose to perform sometime during the 6 months until September. Some prize would be promised if at least one from each type was performed during that time.

Delegate applications: Applications to serve as delegates at General Assembly (GA, in June) have been received from John Burke and from Jenny Cressman, and both are approved by vote of the Board. John also applied to be a delegate for Regional Assembly and was approved … although it is not yet announced when RA will occur. FUCSJ, with 220 members, is entitled to 5 delegates at GA.

Minister’s Report: Rev. Nancy gave an overview of her work-in-progress: hiring for Director of Faith Formation, Stewardship planning, Faith in Action, creating worship services & Celebration Sunday, Active Shooter Protocol.

Please recall we also are with the POC to read the intro and first chapter of “How to Lead when You Don’t Know Where You Are Going”.

Physical Security Updates
: Jan reported via phone on progress towards securing the basement exits from the building. Concerns have arisen about homeless using the spaces for shelter and living and rubbish. The back gate has been secured with a padlock, and more substantial fencing is yet being investigated with the Capital Club. The Capital Club rents the parking lot behind us for their staff’s use, and provides them with the combo. Our emergency egress is all towards 3rd Street; egress via the back gates are not required by the evacuation plan approved by the fire marshal.

Allocation of Surplus from last year: Susie initiated a discussion as to whether the surplus from the last financial year could, in light of the increased pledge revenue in response to last year’s ((post budget cycle)) appeal, could be recommended to the POC to be spent upon the refurbishment of the upstairs Youth Room. The discussion resulted in encouragement to pursue the issue by normal channels beginning with the POC. The POC has capability & initial responsibility for operational Budget adjustments.

Watkins Award consideration: Robert will send separately a (confidential) list of possible Watkins Award recipients (developed in this section of this meeting). Also, a special volunteer project recognition.

Process Monitor Report

Adjourned at 9:15 pm

Minutes - January 16, 2020

In attendance: Robert Strong, Susie Idzik, Nancy Palmer Jones, Jim Rumbaugh, Ram Kakarala, Greg Smith, Jenn Castro

Absent: Ray Kiddy, [open directorship]

Consent Agenda

Agenda approved. Several sets of past minutes yet to come …

Staying in the Loop

Active Shooter Protocal: meeting of us (& other leaders) with Police rep. tentatively set for 2/8 morning.

POC Connection

Ray Kiddy attended a January POC meeting, and Greg Smith has volunteered to attend the Feb. 25th meeting.

Treasurer’s Report

Jim reported that the membership has fallen from 248 to 220, which shifts us off being on the boundary of Small/Midsize to inside of small.

The financial team is calling for budget requests now (a month earlier than last year) to be able to better prepare the congregation.

The accounting reports have been revised to be less confusing: In-and-out item are separated from those for which there are budget constraints, and the building value is no longer listed among assets.

Due to constraints on matching grants from corporations, we are revising our accounting to separate out non-religious purposes from religious purposes: PACT Third StreeT, homeless concerns, food banks. This will open up new possibilities for direct service.

A bank error concerning withdrawls on 3rd Wednesdays resulted in missed automatic withdrawls of $3900 … some donors have written replacement checks.

Cash flow is a bit behind expectation, 5%, may be dure to the preceding combined with a couple of large donors not yet received.

There is a question around Book Proceeds Income.

Leadership Partnering

Jenn Castro reminded us of our Leadership Partnering, and a few of us reported that their meetings with their counterparts have been productive. Others are encouraged to followup.

Hiring for Faith Formation

Susie reported that the job was posted in November, and a revised posting will go up before our next meeting.

Policy: Financial Assistance to Staff

We are expecting that the POC will draft a proposal for a policy on Financial Assistance to Staff in the next couple of months.

Followup on the Soup & Bread & Conversation

Robert Strong presented a condensation of the feedback we received on the Activities in support of the Vision 2020. There were 82 comments collected, 20 suggested accomplishments that had not been mentioned, 20 that dealt with suggestions as to how to better accomplish connection, 12 that mentioned improvements to the building, 8 that suggested expansion of adult religious education, 6 that suggested changes to wording of our Vision, 5 that suggested ways to improve our finances, 5 that suggested ways to improve our visibility, 2 that suggested improvements to our worship, 1 that suggested and expansion of our musical capabilities, and 3 that stated in effect “Wow! I appreciate that we have been able to accomplish so much towards our Vision!”. The details will be reported in the February Circular and forwarded to the appropriate committees by Rob.

Minister’s Report
The Leadership Dinner (ahead of the Celebration Sunday March 1st) will be at 6pm on February 23rd. Expect names for personal calls to be distributed.

The Book Study of M&M (Mistakes & Miracles) begins Feb 2nd, the fist of eight sessions.

The Social Justice wants to reform the display of our leadership in the narthex, and use the existing folding panel box in HPH for Social Justice.

Please recall we also are with the POC to read the intro and first chapter of “How to Lead when You Don’t Know Where You Are Going”.

Staying in the Loop

Jenn Castro expressed a desire for a “shared experience” for the Board, such as “Just Mercy” or the “UU the Vote” seminar. She will find something to propose to the Board.

Process Monitor Report

Adjourned at 9:00 pm

Minutes - December 19, 2019 (CANCELLED)

Minutes - November 21, 2019

Present: Greg Smith, Jim Rumbaugh, Rob Strong, Jenn Castro, Susie Idzik, Rev Nancy Palmer Jones

Announced that Kristin is resigning from the Board.

7:15 finished opening, Rev Nancy

7:20 discussed minutes. Sept and Oct minutes to be distributed electronically.

7:25 Active Shooter – we need to create appointment with San Jose Police Dept. Will be sending out invites.

7:30 Web progress report, Common Read, Path to Volunteer Engagement discussed.

7:32 Finance Report – Hand-off to new bookkeeper going well. Audit committee starting well, on task. Final FY 2019/2018 report done, final funds transferred. “Bread, Soup, and Conversation” finance discussion occurred, nobody staying after to discuss. Reported on “new pot” to be set up where funds from Benevity (eg Apple and Google employee-match donations) can be held and used for non-religious purposes (those being PACT, homeless concerns, hunger campaigns, other Social Justice issues). [The “non-religious” purpose will be vetted by the Finance committee. – jr] No estimate of this year’s potential income.

JR propose to replace Monty Low with Dina Dickesnson on Audit committee. Passed.

Action: RS to discuss RE surplus with POC.

7:54 Leadership Partnering reports: Jenn met with Ervin. Ray met with Jean. Greg met with Connie.

Action: Ray will attend 12/10 POC meeting. Board members to meet with POC counterparts.

8:03 Hiring for Faith Formation: report on first gathering of committee. Job listing is in process of being posted.

8:07 Expectations for the Board: Reading of covenants and commitment. Mutual invitation to discuss what we think we need to say about the Board.

8:25 Follow-up on Soup, Bread & Conversation.

Action: Board member with their packets.

8:35 Minister’s Report:

8:55: finis

Minutes - October 24, 2019


Jenn Castro
Rev Nancy Palmer Jones, senior minister
Ram Kakarala
Ray Kiddy, Board Secretary
Rob Strong, Board President
Susie Idzik, Interim DRE

Jim Rumbaugh, Board Treasurer
Kristen Rivers
Greg Smith

19:01 Call to Order

19:05 Welcome and reflections

19:40 Conversation on POC partnership…

The board endorses the proposition as presented for leader
partnership and ask Board members to initiate the process.
Moved by Rob Strong, Ram seconded, all votes yes.

20:00 Rev Nancy report

web page report – Jean Rivers to project manage

Active Shooter training – not so great
TSCC is waiting on us so we can define what we want
New members – how to include new members more quickly

PACT Beloved Community – police transparency
5:00 – 8:30 sat 10/26/2019 at Westminster Presbyterian
RSVP to harriet_wolf@yahoo.com
Two suggested books.

20:30 New member on POC
Jan for Stewardship role in POC – Ram moved, Ray seconded. All votes yes.

20:32 Outside Groups, initiated by Ram (MM in POC)
Had been voted on by POC, to allow use without payment, vote was 3 to 3.

example: Dances of Universal Peace – takes donations for carpet
what about groups not in our tradition, eg exclusive, etc?
Clause to deal with politics, exclusion,
Example: candidate forums might be good but not candidate advocacy

We want to be open but people have to maintain the facility. What is the balance
between open and risking?

Maxine Goulding – booking for bridals and ???

Leans (following Nancy’s example?) to an open church. Groups could be asked
to take up donations to help us with our facilities. A sponsor could be asked for from
Board or POC.

May be hard to find the language for the policy. But sponsorship could act as
policy direction.

Sympathetic to need to open church. Need rules.

UUA might have model policies.

Noon Arts – not free for us…

20:57 Cut short of “staying in the loop”

Minutes - September 19, 2019

Ram Kakarala
Ray Kiddy, Board Secretary
Rob Strong, Board President
Jim Rumbaugh, Board Treasurer
Jenn Castro
Greg Smith
Susie Idzik, Interim DRE
Rev Nancy Palmer Jones, senior minister

Kristen Rivers

The August minutes were approved.

The treasurer’s report required two motions, one to approve the signers, and the other to Approve the Audit Committee.   Both passed.

Colleen Cabot presented a Statement In Support of our Moral Positions on Rights of Nature and Racial Equity: Juristac (attached).  Passed.

Susie Idzik presented her Interim’s 6-month report and a brief update upon the Search process.

Ram reported that in the POC meeting he attended, there were concerns raised that indicate a policy on use of Church space is needed.  Among the concerns needing guidance raised were:

1) need to be compensated for both setup/cleanup and wear and tear

2) Social Justice use for meetings by groups supporting side in conflict: India/Pakistan or Israel/Palestine

3) groups that might make political endorsements

4) groups that charge admission

5) groups that are not Welcoming

6) groups that do not support our Board-enacted positions.

Minutes - August 15, 2019


Jim Rumbaugh, Board Treasurer
Jenn Castro
Kristen Rivers
Rev Nancy Palmer Jones, senior minister
Ram Kakarala
Ray Kiddy, Board Secretary
Rob Strong, Board President
Susie Idzik, Interim DRE

19:01 Call to Order

19:19 Consent Agenda

19:20 Staying in the Loop
Jim – Move new topic onto agenda, RE Hiring ProcessDiscussion, after Allocation item
Meeting is scheduled with SJPD in re Active Shooter – Aug 27
FUCSJ will be re-certified by the end of this church year (May 2020)
Web work – in progress, beginning and growable to be opened 9/8.
Pride – “unbranded” content sharing in tent, not church-specific.

19:32 Treasurer’s Report

19:34 2018-19 Surplus Allocation & Proposal

Motion made, Kristen moved, Ray seconded.

1. Transfer 6500 of the 2018-2019 Fiscal Budget Surplus into the Operating Reserve Fund.
2. Recommend the POC allocate said funds to raise the interim DRE’s hours from 28 to 32 hours.
3. Transfer the remainder of the surplus into the Capital Improvement Fund.


20:55 Motion made, Jenn moved, Jim seconded.

Move that we adopt this resolution as follows:

Whereas the First Unitarian Church of San José supports and is committed to dismantling
racism and white supremacy in our church culture and church institutions, the Board of
Directors therefore and hereby approves, endorses, and supports FUCSJ Beloved Conversations
to begin its work to make FUCSJ’s commitment to racial justice visible and accountable in
all FUCSJ structures and institutions.


21:05 Action Item

Ram will send us information on a potential Board Policy on access to our spaces for outside groups.

21:10 Adjourn

Minutes - July 18, 2019

Greg Smith
Jim Rumbaugh, Board Treasurer
Kristen Rivers
Ram Kakarala
Ray Kiddy, Board Secretary
Rob Strong, Board President
Susie Idzik, Interim DRE

19:03 Call to order

19:04 Connection

19:20 Consent Agenda

19:20 Financial Report
have surplus of $22,087.27
Jim – offers suggestion to move to Capital Fund
other suggestions made that our previous statements suggest
we would fund some salaries or program
motion tabled – committee to examine: Kristin, Jim, Ray
group heard of at GA can help with funding campaigns:
name: Stewardship for Us
website: stewardshipforus.com

19:54 Participation in Pride – Rob presented, group discussed.

20:11 Staying in the Loop
Susie – presented on Recertification of Welcoming Congregation
Susie – contacting person at SJPD for Active Shooter presentation
Ram – attending PoC meeting for Board

20:20 Board Policy collection to construct – Jim, Rob

20:20 Web Report – Ray

20:30 How can the Board support the RE vision?

20:45 Review, Process Check, Checkout