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Nika Cardriche

Nika Cardriche is our Office Manager who came on board with us in April 2022. She comes from a more corporate environment with positions varying from Sales to property management but was eager for a change. She is a Mother of 2, and a Sister … read more.

Welcome to the Month of Belonging

You hardly knew
how hungry you were
to be gathered in,
to receive the welcome
that invited you to enter
You began to breathe again…
You learned to sing.
But the deal with this blessing
is that it will not leave you alone,
will … read more.

Rev. Dr. Xolani Kacela

Dr. Xolani’s professional ministry began in 1996 when he was ordained as a member of the United Methodist Church (UMC) clergy of Dallas. His UU ministry began in 2006. During his UU ministry, he has served as Minister of Pastoral Care at the First Unitarian … read more.

Welcoming Our New Minister

Reverend Xolani “xk” Kacela, Ph.D. has served the Unitarian Universalist movement since 2006. He was awarded Full Fellowship in 2012. He was ordained by the United Methodist Church in 2001. Prior to San Jose, he served congregations in NM, NC, and TX. He serves as … read more.