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Celebrating Blessings

Celebrating our amazing children and youth—what a great way to launch a month with the theme of “Celebrating Blessings”!! Rev. Nancy writes: “From my first interviews with FUCSJ’s Senior Minister Search Committee in spring 2005, the children and youth of this congregation have blown me … read more.

Save the Date! Let’s go camping! July 27-31, 2022 All Church Camp-Out!

Every summer except 2020, we have had the opportunity to go camping together!  Our annual church campout is appropriate and fun for everyone: families, couples, and singles. You don’t have to plan any meals or pack much equipment, other than your tent, sleeping bag, and basic necessities. We do … read more.

Tuesday Lunchtime Gathering

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We invite you to join a few FUCSJ people at noon for check-in and chat. Come every week, or just whenever it fits in your life. Let’s share how we’re all doing and remember that we are better together!
By phone:
+1 669 … read more.

How Do We Nurture Beauty?

How Do We Nurture Beauty?


This month’s theme—Nurturing Beauty—reminds us humans that we are more than just passive admirers or recipients of beauty. We have an active, mutual relationship with all that’s beautiful, whether the beauty lies in things, experiences, people, places, … read more.

Opening to Joy: Liquid Amber Trees

Opening to Joy:
Liquid Amber Trees
by the Rev. Nancy Palmer Jones

Today, during my weekly online Lunch with Rev. Nancy, Frey Leigh finishes up his check-in with the words: “Oh! And I have something for Show and Tell!”

He reaches off camera … read more.

Welcome to the Practice of Holding History: Two Essays

Welcome to the Practice of Holding History: Two Essays
from the writers at the Soul Matters Sharing Circle,
a Unitarian Universalist resource collaborative,
with an introductory note from Rev. Nancy

Before You Read—An Important Note from Rev. Nancy:

Beloveds, in the work of anti-oppression, we student-practitioners … read more.



Your Senior Minister’s Goals for the Congregational Year

by Rev. Nancy Palmer Jones

“What is mine to do?”

In my reflection from our August 22 worship service, printed elsewhere in this newsletter, I list this question as one of my great learnings … read more.