What is happening in the development of our website?

First, if you want to be involved in any way, please let us create an account for you. Send an e-mail to Ray Kiddy with a “Subject” that includes something like “UU Web User” and add the following information in the message:

  • Your Full Name:
  • Your Preferred Username:
  • Your Email Address:
  • Any questions or concerns you might have.

You should receive an e-mail from the system when your account is created.

What pages are we creating?

As of now, I am creating pages in a structure very similar to the old web site. For example, these same pages are under the “About Us” menu:

  • Newcomers
  • Directions
  • Fundraising
  • Services in Spanish
  • Leadership
  • Governance
  • History
  • Facilities & Rentals

Some of these pages say “TBD”, but some have content. If you want to see a page fleshed out, see above to see how to get an account so that you can contribute. Editing is very simple. Ray Kiddy will be setting up an editing/contributing tutorial soon (last September or early October, 2019).

There is one difference we will have to deal with. In our old system, “About Us” was a page and we had pages under it. In the new menu system, a parent menu cannot itself be clickable, so the content on the old “About Us” page must go somewhere. We could have an “About Us” page at the top of the list, above the “Newcomers” page, but that seems lame. So, probably not. Ideas?

How can we keep track of calendars?

I do not know the answer to this yet, but I do know that we do not want to do the wrong thing. One has ideas, but they must be checked. More info to come. If you have any ideas, please do not be shy.

Is this us, in the California Historical Register?


If so, we can fix the link on the History page, and we might be able to add more info to the CHR page.

What are “Roles” on the web site?

A user on the website can have one of several roles.

  • Subscriber
  • Contributor
  • Author
  • Editor
  • Administrator

Each role can do different things. More information on these is forthcoming. But, just FYI, it is easy to switch someone’s role. Doing so is much easier than getting someone to log in for the first time. So, we may not have to figure out the roles first thing. Most people are, as of now, being added as a Contributor.

Anything Else?