Trello houses the task list:

Legacy tasks list below:
Task 001: Have a system for tracking tasks, not just e-mails. (RRK) Complete – moved to Trello 1/5/20 (JR)

Task 001a: Do we want to use a page on the new site for tracking some issues? (RRK) Complete – Site issues are tracked on Trello 1/20/20 (JR)

Task 002: The page section names need to come out of the front page. (RRK)  Completed 12/26/19(JR)

Task 003: We need to figure out what Rev Nancy would want for “ready”. Complete – The longer we try to run both sites at once, the worse it will be. (RRK) 10 items have been identified as the items to have ready for the website to go live.  These items were identified at POC and confirmed in person with Rev. NPJ. 12/10/19 (JR)

Task 004: Review plugins. Are all needed? For example, I removed the “Hello Dolly” plugin, which is a do-nothing, joke plugin. Are others needed? For example, JetPack is huge. I know it _can_ do a lot for the site, but are we using it? If not, why have it? See (RRK) Staffer removed. does not function without PHP update in child template. 1/3/20 (JR) This task has been moved to Trello 1/6/20

Task 005: Why can I not figure out how to use a template that does not include all of the extra site stuff? I specified “full-width” and “no extras” in the template and I still have all of the extras. (RRK)This task has been moved to Trello 1/6/20