November Newsletter

Cover of Our Church Circular April 2022

The cover of the December issue of Our Church Circular has an image of a fresh green wreath, with red holly berries, on the center. The image is surrounded by a thick green border.

The cover of Our Church Circular with a photo of 17 congregants sitting around a picnic table. The photo was taken at the 2021 all-church campout.

Bright orange cover of the July 2021 issue of Our Church Circular. The title is "Circling 'Round for Justice, Healing, Courage." There is a photograph of our Wayside Pulpit, which states, "OUR BLDG'S CLOSED BUT WE'RE OPEN! JOIN US ON SUNDAYS @11AM" along with the Zoom link for online services.

A photo of two single pink roses and their leaves growing out of the earth, against a red background. Written on the cover is "June Theme, What Does it Mean to be a People of Play?"

A screenshot of Jo Mosher, our Director of Faith Formation, leading worship service. Jo is smiling, and holding both hands over his heart. Printed on the cover is, "What Does it Mean to be a People of Thresholds?" against a blue background.

A small headshot photo of Jo Mosher, our Director of Faith Formation, surrounded by other headshots of (clockwise) a "Scientist," an "Elected Official," an "Artist, Writer, Activist," someone in the "Military," a "Musician," a "Truck Driver," and a "Teacher." The issue's title, "April Theme / What Does it Mean to be a People of Becoming?" is printed against a deep teal-green background.

Green background surrounding a photo of yellow daffodils. The theme of the month is printed in white across the top of the publication, " What Does It Mean To Be A People of Commitment?"

Salmon colored cover of Our Church Circular, with a black and white image of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and screenshots of staff and congregants during our Zoom worship.

Blue cover of Our Church Circular with golden sunrays passing through forest trees.

Cover of our monthly church circular.

Cover of our November 2020 church circular.

Cover of monthly newsletter, October 2020

Our Church Circular, September, 2020



Our Church Circular Feb 2020


January 2020 Cover