May 24 2017

June Journal: Forgiveness and Our Families

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Forgiveness and Our Families:

Taking the Ritual of Forgiveness Home


In worship on Mother’s Day this year, we shared an all-ages Ritual of Forgiveness. So many people found it meaningful that we want to share it with you here. Maybe this ritual can become part of your regular spiritual practices at home, on your own or with your family.


The Ritual

We all make mistakes—big ones and little ones and everything in between. Maybe, just maybe, you’ve experienced this in your family, too. Parents, grandparents, caregivers, children, youth, young adults—our families are great places for practicing the art of asking for, and offering, FORGIVENESS.

In this Ritual of Forgiveness, we use the word parent to represent anyone who has cared for you or is caring for you now. This could be a grandparent, a foster parent, another adult, an older sibling, your mom or moms or dad or dads …

We invite you to go as deep with this as you feel ready, or you can keep it really simple.

After a moment of quiet meditation, write down on a slip of paper your answers to one or more of these prompts. You can share these slips with your family—or burn them mindfully to release them into the gentle air.

  • A mistake or problem for which you are ready to forgive your parent
  • A mistake you made as a child—either now, or earlier in your life—that you’d like to ask forgiveness for from your parent
  • A mistake or problem you made for which you hope your children or the next generation will forgive you
  • A mistake or problem for which you are ready to forgive yourself in your parenting and caregiving

May this Ritual of Forgiveness offer you strength, hope, and guidance on your journey toward wholeness!


With gratitude for how we grow together,
Rev. Nancy

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