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Mar 28 2016

April Theme: Coming Home

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What We Long For

by Rev. Nancy Palmer Jones

What word or words describe what you most long for in your life this year? Another way to put it: What words describe your goals for yourself these days?

          And what words describe what you most long for in our congregational community? What goals would you set for this community in the days, weeks, months, and years to come?

          Since January, I have collected answers to these questions from members of our spiritual home. The range of answers demonstrates our rich diversity. The repetition of some words reveals some common threads. I have asked our newsletter editors to create “word clouds” out of these words—one for our personal longings, another for our longings for First Unitarian. In a word cloud, repeated words and ideas show up in a larger font.

          Yet every one of these words represents a “font” of longing and of wisdom. Where do you find your hopes and dreams for yourself, and for our beloved community, in these “clouds”?

How shall we ground these hopes and dreams—how shall we grow them—in this, our spiritual home?

It’s going to be a beautiful month at FUCSJ. I’ll see you in church!

For Ourselves:


For Our Community:



With you on the journey, with love,

Rev. Nancy

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