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Feb 26 2016

March Theme: Refilling the Well

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We Are Enough: How Healing Begins

by Rev. Nancy Palmer Jones

Please: Stop for a moment.



For these few minutes, watching the words scroll across your screen or holding this journal in your hand, you do not need to “do” anything more than open yourself to this instant. Let the words roll or tumble or stroll into your mind and heart. If something interests or inspires you, that’s lovely. If not, that’s OK, too.

These moments of rest are yours. A time to remember that we—all of us—already are enough. Sure, we all want to continue to grow—at least, I hope we do! Yet who we are right now, just as we are—that’s good. That’s enough.

No need to beat ourselves up for mistakes we have made or for what we have yet to do.

No reason at all to believe the great lie that you may have heard someplace—that you are not as beautiful, loving, and lovable as you truly are.

Right here and now, see yourself as a sponge, soaking up these words, these true words:

You, I, we are enough.

We are enough.



Let a smile play across your lips.

Or not.

We are enough.

We humans—especially we humans living in this valley—harm ourselves when we absorb the messages of our larger society, messages that say we are not enough. Sometimes we ourselves double-down on the harm of not-enoughness—by working ourselves into the ground, or by pumping up our ego in compensation, or by hurting our relationships through lack of care, understanding, and simple presence. Sometimes it’s our situation that double-downs on the harm, such as when a lack of resources or unjust and oppressive systems make it impossible for us to rest if we hope to keep ourselves and our loved ones housed and fed.

We need to understand these harms and their sources in order to reconnect with our deepest, most abiding sources of replenishment.

Our congregants’ range of responses to this month’s theme of “Refilling the Well” offer suggestions for healing. You can see many of these responses in “In Our Own Voices” in this issue. I confess: I’m the one who writes, “I know all too well those moments when my spiritual and emotional well runs dry. Would it be possible to keep my water jugs fairly full all the time, or am I destined to lurch from oasis to oasis, gulping thirstily at the things that replenish me?” Would my stores of spiritual water run low if I really had the assurance—which Unitarian Universalism offers—that I am already enough?

Some congregants’ responses refer to literal water. In our drought-stricken state (multiple meanings intended), the longing for cool, refreshing, clean water in abundant quantities lies just below the surface of our conscious thoughts and feelings—except when it bubbles over into active anxiety.

We are afraid that there isn’t enough.

“It’s interesting to think of the literal meaning of ‘refilling the well,’” one congregant writes. “A well is not like a glass or a reservoir that needs to be refilled. A well is presumably refilled by the Earth if humans haven’t drawn too much from the aquifer. Following that view of the phrase, you could talk about stopping whatever harmful things we’re doing and then allowing the well to refill (or heal) naturally. Would it help if we used that as a metaphor for other aspects of our life?”

This month at First Unitarian we offer abundant spiritual offerings for refilling the well, from the range of worship services and small groups, to the all-church party on March 13, to Easter’s Flower Communion featuring the folk duo emma’s revolution! This month, may our natural healing begin, as we take in this assurance of our faith:

We are enough.

We are enough.

We are enough!

With love and faith,

Rev. Nancy

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