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Our Annual Mystery Comedy Musical
Every year, The Titanic Players put on a show to raise funds to help First Unitarian pay its due to People Acting in Community Together (PACT), and important social justice partnership for the community.

The group's name comes from the first show, a mystery dinner staged in 2010, "The Picasso on the Ocean Floor," which was set on the Titanic. The shows became musical mystery comedies starting in 2013 with "Ticket to Ride," based on "When Prophesy Fails" by Leon Festinger about a UFO cult. The 2014 show (video below) was "Starship Kelvin," a Star Trek parody. The 2015 show (video below) was "Ultimate Idol," a parody of TV talent shows. The 2016 show (video below) was called "Last Chance Lounge" and was set in a restaurant piano bar.

The 2017 show was "The Tremendous Old West," set in a tent revival that has come to the town of Blessed, Texas in 1893. The twist? It’s a Unitarian revival. In addition to that headache and troubles at home, the sherrif has heard that the town’s most notorious criminal — a wealthy real estate developer with a tremendous way of speaking — has been freed from prison and will arrive on the noon train. A lot of people in town are looking forward to his arrival for reasons of their own. Many of them sing and make jokes about it.

2014: Starship Kelvin

2015: Ultimate Idol


2016: The Last Chance Lounge


2017: The Tremendous Old West