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11:00 a.m. Worship Services

Transformational Theme-Based Ministry at FUCSJ - 2016-2017

At First Unitarian, a three-year cycle of spiritual and religious themes encourages us to ask the timeless questions about who we humans are and how we are to live, and then apply what we discover to this very moment. This year, as we move through some of the revised themes below for the second time, we spiral deeper into what they mean for us in this time and place. Take a look at these topics, and let them begin to play in your mind and heart. Then look for the online Worship Survey in September. There you can offer your brief reflections on these themes and help set the course for First Unitarian in the coming year, as we live, learn, and grow together.

September 2016: Change
October 2016: Living with Our Fears
November 2016: Integrity
December 2016: Earth
January 2017: Stages of Life
February 2017: Kinship and Friendship
March 2017: Understanding “the Other”
April 2017: The Boundaries That Harm and That Heal Us
May 2017: Forgiveness


August 2016

Sunday, August 7, 2016, 11 a.m.

Learning to Receive

Many of us are happy to give and help, but struggle to receive and acknowledge when we need assistance. There are virtues to be learned in times of dependence and interdependence from vulnerability and humility to grace and gratitude that can enhance our connections and open us to deeper, more whole relationships with each other.

Worship Leader: Christy Baker
Worship Associate
: Marnie Singer

Domingo, Agosto 7 11 am

Aprendiendo a Recibir.

Muchos de nosotros estamos encantados de dar y ayudar, pero luchamos para recibir y reconocer cuando nosotros necesitamos ayuda. Hay virtudes que son aprendidas en tiempos de dependencia e interdependencia de la vulnerabilidad y humildad con gracia y gratitud que pueden mejorar nuestras conexiones y nos abre a relaciones más profundas y más completas con otros.

Dirige: Christy Baker
Asociada de Culta
: Marnie Singer

Sunday, August 14 11 am

Jazz: Can you dig it?

Our annual jazz service timed for the weekend of the San Jose Summer Jazz Festival focuses on active listening. The audience can become part of the creative act with the musician if we practice a kind of open, empathetic listening that also serves us in other aspects of our lives. Come hear jazz musicians from our congregation and youth from San Jose Jazz perform. Bring your checkbooks. We will have a special collection supporting the San Jose Jazz youth program.

Worship organizers: Steve Madden, Neil Kelly, Tariq Tayab, Deb Fenzel-Alexander and Rick Merritt

Domingo, 14 de agosto 11 am

Jazz: ¿Pueden Ustedes Averiguarlo?

Nuestro servicio anual de jazz programado para el fin de semana del Festival de Jazz del verano de San José se centra en la escuchar en forma activa. El público puede convertirse en parte del acto creativo con el músico si practicamos una especie de escucha abierta y empática que también nos sirve en otros aspectos de nuestras vidas. Venga oír a los músicos de jazz de nuestra congregación y la presentación de los jóvenes de San José Jazz. Traigan sus chequeras. Tenemos una colección especial para apoyar el programa juvenil de Jazz de San José.

Dirigen: Steve Madden, Neil Kelly, Tariq Tayab, Deb Fenzel-Alexander and Rick Merritt

Sunday, August 21 11 am

The Spiritual Practice of Serious Joy and Disarming Delight

The seriousness of our times—and the trauma of our losses near and far this summer—ask us to double down on the spiritual practices that keep us grounded and glad to be alive! This Sunday, we share reflections on the practices that bring us “serious joy” and that disarm us with delight. Let’s “#staywoke” to both joy and pain, bringing the full strength of our humanity to this beautiful, hurting world!

Worship Leaders: the Rev. Nancy Palmer Jones and the Rev. Geoff Rimositis;
Worship Associate
: Ben West

La Práctica Espiritual de la Alegría Seria y las Delicias del Desarme

¡La seriedad de nuestros tiempos—y del trauma de nuestras pérdidas cercanas y lejanas este verano—nos pide hasta el doble en las prácticas espirituales que nos mantienen conectados a la tierra y contentos de estar vivos! Este domingo, compartimos reflexiones sobre las prácticas que nos traen “importantes alegrías” y que nos desarma con deleite. ¡Vamos a “#staywoke” ambos, la alegría y el dolor, trayendo toda la fuerza de nuestra humanidad a este bello, dañando mundo!

Dirige: Christy Baker
Asociado de Culto
: Ben West

Sunday, August 28 11 am

Let’s Play With Story

Come hear stories told by members of Olga Loya’s storytelling workshop. Olga is a nationally-known professional storyteller. She has taught the craft of storytelling to members of our church over the past two weekends, and they will share the results with you!

Worship Leader: Olga Loya;
Worship Associate
: Susan Miller

DOMINGO, 28 de Agosto 11 AM

Jugaremos con Historias

Vengan a escuchar historias contadas por los miembros del taller de narración de cuentos de Olga Loya. Olga es una cuenta cuentos profesional nacionalmente conocida. Ella ha enseñado el arte de contar cuentos a los miembros de nuestra iglesia en los dos últimos fines de semana y compartirán los resultados con usted.

Dirige: Olga Loya;
Asociada de Culto
: Susan Miller