Our Church Circular / Nuestro Periódico de la Iglesia / September 19, 2007 / 19 de Septiembre 2007

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919-1 Sunday Services
919-2 Save the Dates, Social Justice Calendar
919-3 Religious Education
919-4 Newsletter Summary for Board Meetings in June, July and August, 2007
919-5 Sign Up or Renew for eScrip -- Effortless Fundraising

Choir Notes: Calling all singers for the "Keep the Diversity; Seek the Harmony" interfaith event on October 2nd


Newsletter Editors Need Understudy -- Now!


Deficit Budget? YIKES!

919-9 Volunteer Classified Ads for Our Spiritual Cooperative -- Live Your Values!
919-10 Spotlight on Social Justice: California, Here I Come
919-11 Recycling Marches On! in support of the newsletter
919-12 Joy Through Service: Lucy and Dave Proulx: Fulfilled in The Spirit
919-14 UU Hikers and Friends
919-15 Upcoming Events -- Cakes is Back!, Fall Church Retreat, Keep the Diversity
919-16 Circling Around -- The world's newest Unitarian Universalist Fundamentalist Christian, sad news for Rev. Geoff
919-17 The Ministers Are In! / Board and Staff Contact Information
En Español
919-1 Servicios de Domingo
919-8 Déficit del Prosupuesto? YIKES!


Aquí estan los Ministros!

23 SEPT.


SEPT. 23

En nuestra comunidad Unitaria Universalista, nos juntamos las mañanas de domingo para la música, la reflexión, la comodidad, el desafío, y el compañerismo; nos unimos para buscar la verdad y el significado, para compartir nuestras vidas, y animarnos los unos a los otros para crecer. Cada servicio religioso es único, preparado por los líderes y los asociados de culto para conectarnos con las principales preguntas de nuestras vidas. Tu puedes leer los sermones pasados en www.sanjoseuu.org ... ¡esperamos verte ahí! In our Unitarian Universalist community, we gather on Sunday mornings for music, reflection, comfort, challenge, and companionship; we gather to seek truth and meaning, to share our lives, and to encourage each other to grow. Each worship service is unique, prepared by worship leaders and associates to engage with the major questions of our lives. Read past sermons on-line at www.sanjoseuu.org... We hope to see you there!
9:30 a.m.
Servicios en español/Translation into English

23 de Septiembre— 9:30 a.m.

El Poder del Hambre
Dirige: Saúl Verduzco; Asociados de Culto: Miembros de SSM.

The Power of Hunger
Worship Leader: Saúl Verduzco; Worship Associates: Members of SSM.

11:00 a.m.
Services in English

September 23 — 11 a.m.

Lessons on Faith & Unitarian-Universalism: The Romanian and South Aftrica Pilgrimages
Worship Leader: the Rev. Geoff Rimositis.

Lecciones de fe Unitario Universalista en los peregrinajes a Transilvania y Sudáfrica
Dirige: el Rev. Geoff Rimositis.

30 de Septiembre -- 9:30 y 11 a.m.

Practicando el Perdón: Bendiciones de la Imperfección
Dirige: la Rev. Nancy Palmer Jones;
Asociados de Culto: Miembros de SSM (9:30), Suzanne Marsh (11:00)

September 30 -- 9:30 and 11 a.m.

Practicing Forgiveness: The Blessings of Imperfection
Worship Leader: the Rev. Nancy Palmer Jones;
Worship Associates: Members of SSM (9:30), Suzanne Marsh (11:00)

7 de Octubre -- 9:30 y 11 a.m.

Portada y los Valores Unitarios Universalistas
Dirige: la Rev. Nancy Palmer Jones

October 7 -- 9:30 and 11 a.m.

Front-Page News and Unitarian Universalist Values
Worship Leader: the Rev. Nancy Palmer Jones


Save the Dates

  • September 28-30, All-Church Retreat at Monte Toyon; registration now. Contact Carol Low (408) 246-2859 or email fucsjretreat@comcast.net.
  • October 4, Thursday, Women’s Alliance meeting: Cakes for the Queen of Heaven; 7:15 to 9:15 pm; Fireside Room.
  • October 5, Friday, Dances of Universal Peace, 8:00, Sanctuary
  • October 7, Sunday, UU Band of Writers, 12:20 pm, in Youth Room.
  • November 17, Saturday, all-church work party called "Service is our Prayer" Day, 9:00 am to 2:00 pm at the church
  • December 9, Sunday, Fireside Gift Faire (formerly Holiday Wanderers) after the church service in Hattie Porter Hall.
  • Social Justice Calendar

    • September 21, Friday, International Day of Peace
    • October 2, Tuesday, Circle of Palms Interfaith Reunion, 6:00 pm
    • October 14, Sunday, Julian St. Inn, prepare and serve evening meal
    • November 2, Friday, Hattie Porter Hall Day of the Dead Social & Cultural Exhibition

Religious Education

Religious Growth and Learning Program Starts Sunday, September 23

Sunday Morning Class Calendar

Nusery -- Birth through 4 Years [Nursery, Lower Level]

We provide a safe, clean environment in which to support each child in initiating play activities at the developmental level they manifest. Structured activities, games, stories and crafts are a part of the nursery experience.

Child Care Workers:  Stacey Vinyard & Mary Qúeñones

K-2nd Grades: Treasure Hunting [Lower Level, Rooms 2-3]

Sept. 23   Hooray for Differences
Theme: Unitarian Universalists treasure the ways people are different and people are the same.

Sept. 30   Each Person Is a Treasure
Theme: Unitarian Universalists believe that each person is a treasure to many other people.

Oct. 7       The Power of Our Hearts and Minds
Theme: Unitarian Universalists treasure the power of our hearts and minds.

3rd-4th Grades: Spirit of Adventure [Lower Level, Room 4-5]

Sept. 23     Sports—What is your favorite sport?
Theme: Getting to know each other by sharing our favorite sports and then playing some games together. We will talk about good sportsmanship as it relates to our Unitarian Universalist Principles.

Sept. 30     Sports—Lessons for life
Theme: We will think about the lessons we learn from playing sports.

Oct. 7         Sports—In the Congregation
Theme: Just like life, sports have a good side, in good sportsmanship and a bad side, in violence, racism, crudity, drug abuse and other issues. Today we will discuss the balance of good and bad in sports.

5th Grade: Neighboring Faiths [Lower Level, Room 6]

Sept. 23     Session 1

Sept. 30     Session 2

Oct. 7         Judaism Introduction/Guest

6th-7th-8th Grades: Traditions with a Wink [Office Conference Room]

Sept. 23     Opening Sunday

Sept. 30     Hymn #38 Morning Has Broken

Oct. 7         You!

Youth Group Activities

Junior High (6th-7th-8th Grades)

  • Junior high overnight at the church -- 7 pm Friday, October 5 through 10 am Saturday, October 6
  • Staff: Rev. Geoff Rimositis

Senior High (9th-12 Grades)

  • Senior high overnight at the church -- 7 pm Friday, October 26 through 10 am Saturday, October 27
  • Advisors: Diana Chung, Mike Williamson, Pamela Gehrke, Cordelia Willis, Richard Gould

Note: The Chalice Club is not functioning at this time.

If you are interested in participating in junior or senior high youth group activities, please contact the Rev. Geoff Rimositis, 292-3858, ext.25 or GRimositis@sanjoseuu.org

Religious Education Registration On Line
To register for children and youth programs at http://sanjoseuu.org/RE/br.html, just click the button that says registration. All information is sent only to the Rev. Geoff Rimositis .


Newsletter Summary for Board Meetings in June, July and August, 2007

by Bob Redfern, Secretary

I apologize for not keeping the San Jose UU Community informed for the last couple months about what the Church Board is doing, and I will not belabor my activities, particularly with regards to procrastination.

We had a Congregational meeting on June 17 about the New Sanctuary movement, three weeks after a presentation by the Rev. Carol Been, who is a local program leader. Regrettably, the number of attendees was just a quorum (15% of the membership), so many members missed out on a very lively and intense discussion by people offering many opinions and insights about the immigration issue. At the June 27th meeting, the board clarified that the vote taken June 17 was not a “Public Stand on Behalf of the Congregation,” but a statement of support. It does not authorize anyone to take a public stand on behalf of the congregation on behalf of the New Sanctuary movement. (Such authorization would require a 75% plurality.) The need for further dialogue and education on the issue will be part of our Social Justice activities over the next several months.

Numerous items also came up at the June 27 Board Meeting

  • We needed a Membership Lead Person! (Since then the Membership Council has formed!)
  • Association Sunday is tentatively scheduled for October 14. Included would be a special offering for a UUA nationwide marketing campaign. The Bay Area Marketing Campaign started September 10. Did anyone else hear the first announcement on KQED radio at 6:00 am?
  • The Endowment Committee is organizing (Christopher Frey, Bob Owen, Bob Howd, Jean Von Kaenel and Gordon Smith). The Board is reviewing its Endowment Policies to fit the “Limitations” language we agreed to use last year. The major topic discussed at the July 25th meeting was the Endowment policies, with considerable effort put into the schedule for disbursing funds. There must be a maximum disbursement rate, which may be exceeded only under extraordinary circumstances. If less than the maximum is disbursed, in later years the carry-over would increase the maximum disbursement.

The Board also discussed a ballot issued to us for the purpose of voting on a City of San Jose Property-based Improvement District. No decision was made because we felt that we might have been issued the ballot in error, and we were unable to find out which “Zone” we are in. There was consensus that the board was unenthusiastic about any “Improvement” plan that would treat homeless people unfairly.

At the board’s August 22nd meeting, Frank Bosche joined us on behalf of the Committee on Ministry and presented a request from Jennifer DeBusk, an active SJUU member from 2001- 2005, to have her ordination at a future date in our sanctuary. The Congregation will be asked to vote on her request at a future Congregational meeting. A Committee is already forming to deal with the meeting and planning the event. Jennifer entered Starr King with the Board’s endorsement in 2005, and was affirmed by the UUA ministerial Fellowship Committee as worthy of UU Ministry following her graduation from Starr King earlier this year. She is pursuing a Community Ministry in the Seattle area.

Both Revs Geoff and Nancy were totally jazzed by the Transylvania trip and the work and learning that took place there. Nancy presented a new motto she developed after returning – “Allow others to grow into their own Ministries.”

Geoff told the Board that a Starr King student, Pamela Garry, has volunteered to work with our RE program.

The Board continued its discussion of Endowment Policy and concluded the meeting by studying three very different “Ends Policies” (policies about what the congregation wishes to accomplish) that President Bob gathered from Dallas, Oakland and Berkeley.

Finally, the Board retreated on August 18 – 19.

Three items stuck in my mind as priorities afterwards:

  • Repair and maintenance of our building (1st place -- front entry handrails)
  • Engage the Congregation in the Pilgrimage Experience (See jazzed above.)
  • Make the most of the Bay Area Marketing Campaign, which began on September 10

Rev Nancy participated in all the activities. She and began and closed the retreat by stating her priority of:

“Building the World We Dream about.”

Thank you for your patience while I overcame Writers Block.


Sign Up or Renew for eScrip -- Effortless Fundraising

Time to renew your eScrip Safeway card. Safeway requires that participants "renew" their cards with the eScrip program every Sept-Oct, or they drop your card on Nov 1. It is very easy to renew. Just go to www.escrip.com before Nov 1, and click on the "renew now" button under the Safeway logo. That's it. Last year all but 2 of our participants renewed before the deadline.

Thank you to all who have been participating! We made $1500 for the church in 2006, effortlessly via eScrip. If you are not already participating in eScrip, you can register your credit cards and Safeway card at www.escrip.com, and with no further effort start making money for the church off your purchases. If you were participating through your kid's school, but your kid is gone to college, you can change your receiving organization to the church. See Diana Wirt (408) 993-1003 if you want more info.


Choir Notes

Calling all singers for the "Keep the Diversity; Seek the Harmony" interfaith event on October 2nd

by Joy-Ellen Lipsky, CCP

Our church choir needs 6 additional singers for the October 2nd “Keep the Diversity; Seek the Harmony” event (6-7pm) at the Circle of Palms (between the Fairmont and the SJ Museum.)  The choir will be singing The Twenty-third Psalm (to my Mother) by Bobby McFerrin.  We're looking for people who have sung (or could sing) this piece with no more than one rehearsal.  Choir practices are Wednesday evenings in the Sanctuary. Doors open at 7, with singing by 7:30.  Contact Dan Zulevic (chs@netmagic.net) or Liz Owen (lowen@data-time.com) if you are interested in participating.


Newsletter Editors Need Understudy -- Now!

Another newsletter editor volunteer is needed to coordinate some newsletter issues -- the first being the November 21 issue. Volunteer soon to shadow and help the editors so you can put out an issue.

Our Church Circular is distributed the first and third Wednesday of every month.

To handle the editing tasks, you need reliable email, computer software to read Microsoft Word documents, and writing or editing experience.

Briefly, the editor sends out reminders to principal contributors; coordinates and edits the material received; and sends off the text to Henry Ruddle, a marketing material designer, who provides the professional-level art and formatting, and returns the proof to the editor for distribution.

For more information or to volunteer, please contact either Sherry Howd at s_howd@msn.com or (408) 257-6844, or Catherine Pelizzari at caleeson@aol.com or (408) 945-9848.

Deficit Budget?
Déficit del Prosupuesto?
This year’s Annual Giving Campaign came up $21,000 short. Can you help?

If 100 members contribute $200 to the “YIKES Fund,” or 200 members contribute $100, or—well, you get the idea—then we won’t have to make budget cuts.

Can you help? Please make out your check, in any amount you can afford, to FUCSJ, with “YIKES Fund” in the memo line and send or deliver to the office: 160 N. 3rd St., San Jose, CA 95112.

Thanks in advance!

Este año la Campaña Annual de Contribucíones tuvo una falta de $21,000 para completer nuestra meta. Nos puedes ayudar?

Si 100 miembros contribuyes con $200 a la fundación “Fondó Yikes” ó si 200 miembros contribuyen con $100 ó –bueno, tu tienes ya una idea- entonces nosotros no tendremos que hacer recortes en el prosupuesto.

Nos puedes ayudar? Por favor as tu cheque por cualquier cantidad que tu puedas proporcionar a FUCSJ con “YIKES Fund” escrito en la linea de memorandum y mandalo ó entregalo a la oficina: 160 N. 3rd St., San Jose, CA 95112.

Gracias por adelantado!


Classified Ads for Our Spiritual Cooperative

Which Would You Like to Try?

These are the volunteer positions most urgently in need of filling. Please take a moment to see if any of these service opportunities are right for you.

  • CHOIR MEMBER: no exp. nec., practice Wed. 7-9 p.m., perform Sun. lowen@data-time.com
  • TAPE DUPLICATOR: make & provide tapes of services 1 Sun. a mo. in HPH after the service for 1½ hrs.; 1 yr. term
  • COFFEE HOUR HOST: set out snacks, drinks before service; clean up after; 1 Sun. a mo.; 1 yr. term
  • LABYRINTH HOST: set up table & music and be present, 11:30-1:00; serve according to availability; 1 yr. term
  • NEWSLETTER ASSEMBLER: fold, staple and stamp newsletters with amiable team; 1st or 3rd Tues. afternoon; 1 yr. term
  • WORSHIP HOST: greet & welcome people coming to Sun. service, collect offering; 1 Sun. a mo.; 1 yr. term
  • SOUND SYSTEM OPERATOR: operate sound system during 9:30 & 11:00 services ;
    1 Sun. a mo.; 1 yr. term
  • CHANCEL DECORATOR: use creative talents to decorate chancel, using flowers, fabric, etc.; serve when available; 1 yr. term
  • ORDER OF SERVICE ASSEMBLER: fold and assemble Order of Service Fri. morn.; much appreciated by Office Manager; I yr. term
  • NEWCOMER TABLE HOST: welcome newcomers, ask to fill out card, give info.; 1 Sun. a mo.; 1 yr. term
  • NEWSLETTER COPIER: copy newsletter on risograph machine for assemblers; 1st or 3rd Tues. of mon.; 1 yr. term
  • R.E. TEACHER or ASSISTANT: lead Sun. morn. sessions, using prepared curriculum; 2 hr. a mon.; I yr. term


Call Genie at (408)997-6292 or Lloyd at (408)289-1217.

Spotlight on Social Justice

By Carol Stephenson, Social Justice Coordinator, socialjustice@sanjoseuu.org (408) 292-3858 x27

California, Here I Come

I admit it, I have an unreasonable grudge against the Donner Party. It is certainly something learned, because why would anyone begrudge a decent family lost in the woods in the wintertime? It’s not so much what happened to them, but that they are so very famous for it. You see, the Donners were not the first to undertake that path through the Sierras as a wagon train, that was actually my great-great-great grandfamily. And as they crossed from Missiouri to California, my ancestors gathered for meetings to address the difficult decisions that came their way. So, they generally made good choices and, because my great-great grandmother was born en route, they finished their migration with more people in their party than when they started. But apparently when naming that particular mountain pass, tragedy figured more favorably than chronology and so the Donners will forever be remembered as the early pioneers of I 80. Because I will bet my long lost cousin that you have never heard of the Murphy-Stephens Party, the first overland wagon train to cross the Sierra Nevada. Did I mention there’s a lake named after the Donners, too?

This immigrant journey is the one most often repeated in my family. The Murphys came from Ireland, searching first in Canada, then Missouri, until finally settling in the Santa Clara Valley for Catholic country and schools for both their boys and girls. They became Mexican citizens and were part of the Rancho culture in the valley just before California was acquired by the United States.

What is now left for the descendants are good stories and some local geography: Murphy Street, Mathilda and Maude Avenues in Sunnyvale, Bellomy Street in Santa Clara, Bernal (that Bernal was a brother), Castro (okay, by marriage) and one tiny Martin Murphy, Jr. Park. Sometimes I think it has nothing to do with me because I can’t claim the courage and tenacity of the generations that came before. It was nothing I did, I don’t even know if I would. But still, the story provides something that I can turn to when I wonder who I am. I know what they cared about and what they were willing to endure. I can feel responsible to carry on what they held dear.

As immigrants, immigrant families and immigrant descendants, we carry immigrant stories in our blood. We can feel proud whether we were the immigrant ourself or one of the ones who came after. There is no dull immigrant tale to tell. We want to hear those accounty, to share and learn from each other. Opportunities will continue to arise, so be thinking of the heart of your immigrant story.

Social Justice Calendar

  • September 21, Friday, International Day of Peace
  • October 2, Tuesday, Circle of Palms Interfaith Reunion, 6:00 pm
  • October 14, Sunday, Julian St. Inn, prepare and serve evening meal
  • November 2, Friday, Hattie Porter Hall Day of the Dead Social & Cultural Exhibition

Recycling Marches On!

Our church did so well with the recycling project to help the South Africa and Transylvania pilgrims while helping the environment that we decided to keep it going! Your continued contribution of cans and bottles and other recyclables will contribute to continuing to have our newsletter printed professionally. This great-looking newsletter will be especially important in the fall as we greet the visitors who will hear about us through the Media Publicity Project.

To support our newsletter and other welcoming projects, please continue to bring in aluminum, glass, and plastic containers that have Cash Redemption Value (CRV) printed on the label or on the container. They shouldn’t be crushed. You can bring them to church, bagged or boxed, and put them on the right side of the door of the Third Street Community Center (not the church office). This door is in the lower fenced area on the right side of the church. Please do not block the doorway. Someone will pick them up every Sunday and take them to the recycling center. Thanks for your help!


by Ellie White and You UUs
Lucy and Dave Proulx: Fulfilled in The Spirit

We spotlight here the legendary volunteer service of Lucy and David Proulx, who met through their work with our beloved community and married within it.

About ten years ago, I participated in an evening hike led by Lucy at Quicksilver Park where we lay on our backs to look at the moonrise. While hiking, Lucy taught us this little Sufi song that started something like: “If we people lived our lives as if it were a song for singing forth the light---” This is just one example of how I—and many, many others I’m sure—have experienced Lucy as extraordinary in sharing her sense of awe of nature, our planet and our cosmos. I see Lucy as “singing forth the light.”

Jean Embree writes, “Lucy Proulx has been my good friend through many years of child raising, name changes, and much volunteering for worthy causes. Lucy has always opened her home to gatherings for any good reason. Whether she taught with me years ago or joined me in such programs as Cakes for the Queen of Heaven (first edition!), or more recently encouraged us to get more involved in national politics (again a very worthy cause just now!), I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. We have many interests in common from Tarot cards and fantasy to business letter writing and all practical aspects of life in these tumultuous times. May more people be inspired by her example to get and give the most out of life!”

Lucy sang in the choir for a lot of years, used to lead the all-church campout—even coordinated a couple campouts with the Los Gatos and Sunnyvale churches back in the 80s; she also coordinated a retreat at Monte Toyon and did the web page for that retreat for several years. She helped with the publicity for our "sanctuary movement" for the refugees from Central America, taught Sunday school, as did Dave, and she was on the committee that got Lindi hired, putting together the package to entice her to come be our minister. Also Lucy has recently co-led a small group ministry.

Lucy says, “Gee, we used to put on pancake breakfasts as fundraisers, and then there were all the social events like photos with Santa, sleepovers for the kids in the basement of the church, pizza and games nights, and just plain pitching in where pitching in was needed at that moment. I've participated in singing at memorial services, the Dances of Peace, Meditation Group, Buddhist study group, Deep Ecology, Dreams, Red Hat Ladies, and other groups. Even took some Spanish from Ervin.”

In relation to Dave’s extensive service Steve Carr emailed, “I had the privilege of serving on the canvass committee with Dave about 10 years ago. As the "data" person on the team, Dave showed me how he created Pledge Unit Profiles in Microsoft Access, accessing data from our church membership database.

Dave also inspired me to get more deeply involved both with the church database and the church's annual giving campaign. Serving on the Board for the six challenging years after we had the fire, Dave was our church's treasurer/financial officer for about four of those years and created the program that generates our pledge statements. Dave continued to support the church's computer network and email systems up until recently.”

Lucy’s and Dave’s service together included coordinating and serving meals to those in need and doing a “socks drive” to benefit those they served. Lloyd Eater says of this work, “I am blessed to have served for years at Julian Street Inn with Lucy, Dave and Frank. They are great organizers, helpful leaders and true blue dependable. Always laughing and kind, they are a pleasure to be around.”

On behalf of our parishioners, we thank you, Lucy and Dave, for your inspirational service to our church and to the greater community. Our hearts are with you at this extremely difficult time for you and your family.

Whose service seems to emanate from joy and/or who feeds our spirit through his/her volunteer spirit? You just need to start the ball rolling and let others carry the ball from there. Email Ellie White at elejeff@finestplanet.com or phone (408) 729-0420.


UU Hikers and Friends

by Joyce Miller

Here is the September hiking schedule. If you have any question about whether a hike is on of off just give me a call. I rarely cancel but sometimes I change the venue if muddy trails seem likely. The backup hike is the Stanford Dish.

And as usual be sure to let me know if you are planning to hike so I know to look for you. You can call me at home at (408) 730-1052 any time after 6:30 am or email me the day before. I turn on my cell phone when I leave the house the day of the hike so you can contact me if you get delayed or your plans change. My cell phone is (408) 507-7052. See you on the trails!

Saturday, September 22
No hike planned. My sister will be visiting.

Wednesday, September 26
Huddart County Park. 7-8 miles. We will do the longer hike up to Skyline. Meet at Page Mill/280 Park and Ride at 8:00 am.

Saturday, September 29
This is our All-Church Retreat. Some of us will be hiking there.


Upcoming Events

Friday-Sunday, Sept. 28-30
Fall Church Retreat: The Stranger

This year’s Fall Church Retreat promises to be a really good one, so save the dates and make your reservations early! Fitting with the Bay Area Marketing Campaign, an upcoming anti-racism/anti-oppression series called “Building the World We Dream About,” and the work we are doing to understand immigration issues more deeply, we will focus on our relationship with “the stranger” — the person we may not yet know. This person, who might even seem “strange” to us, is part of the interdependent web of which we all are a part and is a person whose inherent worth and dignity we affirm.

The keynote workshop will be offered by the Rev. Cathleen Cox-Burneo. Also, we’ll have a reprise of the “Coffee, Tea and Small Talk: The Art of Mingling (and Meaningful Conversation)” workshop recently presented by Bob Miess and much more! Of course, there will be plenty of opportunity to sing, play, hike, and relax, in between the delicious, fresh meals. Coffee, tea, and conversation are available all day long, as well as games, beading, and time for solitude. We’re booking a new massage therapist as well. The retreat offers a wonderful opportunity to renew your spirit and refresh yourself for the fall, in the company of our beloved community. Church members and friends of all ages are welcome.

Make your reservation in Hattie Porter Hall. Contact Carol Low (408) 246-2859 or email fucsjretreat@comcast.net.

Rev. Cathleen Cox-Burneo
The keynote workshop will be offered by Rev. Cathleen Cox-Burneo. Also, we’ll have a reprise of the “Coffee, Tea and Small Talk: The Art of Mingling (and Meaningful Conversation)” workshop recently presented by Bob Miess and much more! Of course, there will be plenty of opportunity to sing, play, hike, and relax.

Make your reservation in Hattie Porter Hall starting Sept. 2. Contact Carol Low 408-246-2859 or email fucsjretreat@comcast.net.

Tuesday, October 2
Keep the Diversity; Seek the Harmony

On Tuesday, October 2, 2007, 6:00-7:00 pm, in San Jose, the third Annual South Bay Interfaith gathering will feature prayers and music from the diverse religious communities of the South Bay, as well as time to meet your neighbors and share in breaking bread together.

The First Unitarian Church of San José is a sponsoring organization and its choir will perform and represent Unitarian Universalism. Join us for this FREE event at the Circle of Palms (between the Fairmont Hotel and the Art Museum) in downtown San José . This event is sponsored by South Bay Interfaith Steering Committee www.southbayinterfaith.org

Women’s Alliance

It's not too late to get your "Cakes"!

Many Unitarian Universalists were introduced to the ancient religions of the goddess through the Cakes from the Queen of Heaven curriculum since its introduction twenty years ago.

Now a newly revised edition is out, and you can find out what you missed or revisit this fascinating look at women's spirituality through the ages.

Join the Women's Alliance meeting in the Fireside Room on the first Thursday of each month from 7:15 to 9:15 pm. Contact Nancy Coleman at nancybcoleman@mac.com or (408) 985-5778 for more information. Next meeting is October 4


Circling Around

by Kelly Burnett

Congratulations to Henry and Michelle Ruddle on the birth of their new son, Jefferson Tyler Ruddle, who was born on September 7, 2007 at 1:08 p.m., 9 lbs. 5 oz., 21.5 inches. Henry wrote, "Lily, Mariah, Kristina and Mercediez were all in the room during the delivery. The three older girls actually watched every (or nearly every) gory detail, while Lily watched some of it. We had Michael stay home with Zach.

"Michelle and Jefferson were discharged from Kaiser Santa Teresa at about 5:30 pm on September 8 and are now at home, healthy and (mostly) happy. All of his vitals are good, he has filled several diapers and has been passed around more than the pigskin during a college football game. So far the only cloud in Jefferson’s young life is that Zachariah has resolutely announced that “the baby is not going to play with any of my toys.”

With great sadness, Rev. Geoff reports the recent death of his father-in-law, Patty Eaton's father, Benjamin M. Eaton, Sr. We extend our deepest sympathy to Patty and Geoff.

Please send Kelly Burnett your honors, joys, plans, and any other news that needs to be shared with our community so that she can keep us all informed. Her email address is kelly@kellybur.com. Her telephone number is 408-810-3182, but she’d prefer to receive your news by email, if possible.


For Pastoral Care

Our community strives to offer compassion, companionship, healing, and joy to all its members. Our pastoral care coordinators can help you find the listening ear or helping hands that you may need in difficult times.

  • For pastoral care in English, please contact our lay Pastoral Associate Coordinator, Rev. Donna Lenahan: (home) 408-354-9024; (cell) 408-204-6565; e-mail: djlenahan@aol.com.
  • For pastoral care in Spanish, please contact our Spanish-Speaking Ministries Coordinator, Roberto Padilla: (cell) 408-841-1011; e-mail: paor69@yahoo.com.

Contacting the Ministers

Rev. Nancy Palmer Jones and Rev. Geoff Rimositis feel honored to serve this congregation, and we cherish your trust! Here is how reach us:

Cuidado Pastoral

Nuestra comunidad se esfuerza en ofrecer la compasión,el compañerismo curativo, y la alegría a todos susmiembros. Nuestros coordinadores en cuidado pastoral pueden ayudarle a encontrar un oído que escucha, o lasmanos que ayudan cuando ustedes lo pudieran necesitaren épocas difíciles. Para el cuidado pastoral en inglés, por favor, comuníquese con nuestro Coordinador Asociado Laico en Cuidado Pastoral, la Rev. Donna Lenahan: (casa) 408-354-9024; (celular) 408-204-6565; e-mail: djlenahan@aol.com. Para el cuidado pastoral en español, por favor comuníquese con nuestro Coordinador de los Ministeriosen Español, Roberto Padilla: (cell) 408-841-1011; e-mail: paor69@yahoo.com.

Contactando a los Ministros

La Rev. Nancy Palmer Jones y El Rev. Geoff Rimositis se sienten honrados por servir a esta congregación, y nosotros apreciamos su confianza! Aquí nosotros estamos a su alcance:


Bob Miess, bob@creating-context.com

Vice President (Planning/Personnel)
Joyce Miller,

Vice President (Programs)
Julia Rodriguez, quixoposto@ix.netcom.com

Bob Redfern, rredfern@charter.net

David Tucker, cheverly@earthlink.net

Financial Officer
Christopher Frey, cjfrey@alum.berkeley.edu


Debra Fenzel-Alexander, sdsalex@comcast.net

Mary Mary Feldman, mm@feldmo.com

Marla Scharf, marla.scharf@gmail.com

Diana Wirt, diwirt@sbcglobal.net  

Church Staff

Senior Minister .............................................. Ext. 23
 The Rev. Nancy Palmer Jones, revnpj@yahoo.com

Assoc. Minister For Religious Education................. Ext. 25
 The Rev. Geoff Rimositis , Grimositis@Sanjoseuu.org

Office Manager ..............................................  Ext. 21
 Iris Gonzalez, fucsj@sanjoseuu.org

Coordinator of Spanish Speaking Ministries................. Ext. 24
 Roberto Padilla

Social Justice Coordinator .....................................  Ext. 27
 Carol Stephenson, socialjustice@sanjoseuu.org

Bookkeeper..................................................... Pam Garcia

Sexton.......................................................... Edgar Cruz

Acting R.E. Assistant  ………………………………Elena Clifford

Nursery Teacher......................................... Stacey Vinyard

Church Office
: (408) 292-3858           Fax: (408) 292-4744
E-mail             fucsj@sanjoseuu.org
URL                http://www.sanjoseuu.org

Sherry Howd
, 257-6844, s_howd@msn.com
Sherry for the October 17 issue, and TBD for the November 21 issue.

Catherine Leeson Pelizzari, 945-9848, caleeson@aol.com
Catherine will be editor for the October 3 and November 7 issues.

Thank you to our volunteers!
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