Our Church Circular / Nuestro Periódico de la Iglesia / November 21, 2007 / 21 de Noviembre 2007

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1121-1 Sunday Services
1121-2 Save the Dates
1121-3 Religious Education; Children's holiday play; Intensive Adult Class on UU
1121-4 Articulating our UU Faith

Wanted! Worship Associates!


Joy Through Service -- Jean vonKaenel, 80 Years That Count


Third Street Community Center Service Opportunities with Children and Adults


Thank-You Note from Third Street Community Center

1121-9 Volunteer Classified Ads for Our Spiritual Cooperative -- Live Your Values!
1121-10 Spotlight on Social Justice: Not Ready

Read to Feed is Coming to First Unitarian!

1121-12 Memories of Day of the Day / Dia De Los Muertos
1121-13 Upcoming Events -- Fireside Gift Faire

Circling Around

1121-15 The Ministers Are In! / Board and Staff Contact Information
En Español
1121-1 Servicios de Domingo
1121-12 Dia De Los Muertos


Aquí estan los Ministros!




9:30 a.m.
Servicios en español/Translation into English

25 de Noviembre — 9:30 a.m.

Tomando Decisiones
Dirige: Roberto Padilla; Associados de Servicio: Miembros de SSM.

Making Decisions
Worship Leader: Roberto Padilla; Worship Associates: Members of SSM.

11:00 a.m.
Services in English

November 25 — 11:00 a.m.

Anger and the Spirituality of Imperfection

The holidays can be a wonderful time to reconnect with family and a minefield of dysfunction, uncovering old wounds and slipping into destructive communication patterns. What can spirituality teach us about how to deal effectively with anger?

Worship Leader: the Rev. Geoff Rimositis; Worship Associate: Donna Lenahan.

El Enojo y la Espiritualidad de la Imperfección

Los días de fiesta pueden ser un tiempo maravilloso de volver a conectarse con la familia y un campo de minas de la disfunción, destapando viejas heridas y deslizándose en patrones destructivos de comunicación. ¿Como puede la espiritualidad enseñarnos acerca de cómo manejar eficazmente el enojo?

Dirige: el Rev. Geoff Rimositis; Asociada de Servicio: Donna Lenahan.

2 de Diciembre—9:30 y 11 a.m.

Adviento I—Fe: ¿Qué Significamos?
¿En una religión que es sobre “hechos, no credos,” podemos los Unitarios Universalistas hablar de la “fe” de una manera significativa e inclusiva, encontrando esperanza y la dirección en una perspectiva compartida de la vida?

Dirige: la Rev. Nancy Palmer Jones; Asociados de Servicio: Miembros de SSM.

December 2 — 9:30 and 11:00 a.m.

Advent I—Faith: What Do We Mean?

In a religion that is about “deeds not creeds,” can we Unitarian Universalists talk about “faith” in a meaningful and inclusive way, finding hope and guidance in a shared outlook on life?

Worship Leader: the Rev. Nancy Palmer Jones; Worship Associate: Luther Jackson.

Combined Service/Servicio Combinado 10:00 AM

9 de Diciembre — 10 a.m.

Adviento II—Esperanza: Velas en la Oscuridad
Además: Sabado de Nuevos Miembros

¿Cuándo las noticias del día nos lastiman o cuándo nos estamos esforzando en curar un corazón roto, qué alumbra nuestro camino y nos trae esperanza otra vez? ¡Ven a compartir en este reflexivo servicio una calurosa bienvenida a nuestros nuevos miembros y posteriormente puedes hacer algunas compras navideñas en el “Fireside Gift Faire”!

Dirige: la Rev. Nancy Palmer Jones; Asociada de Servicio: Mary Martin.

December 9 — 10 a.m.

Advent II—Hope: Candles in the Dark
Plus: New-Member Sunday!
When we are battered by the news of the day or when we are striving to heal a broken heart, what lights our path and brings us hope again? Come share in this reflective service, heartily welcome our new members, and stay to shop at the Fireside Gift Faire!

Worship Leader: the Rev. Nancy Palmer Jones; Worship Associate: Mary Martin.


Save the Dates

  • December 2, Sunday, UU Band of Writers, 12:20 pm, Youth Room
  • December 7, Friday, Dances of Universal Peace, 8:00 pm in the Sanctuary
  • December 8, Saturday, Intensive on Unitarian Universalism, Youth Room, 9:00 am to 2:00 pm. RSVP to Rev. Geoff at grimositis@sanjoseuu.org
  • December 9, Sunday, Fireside Gift Faire (formerly Holiday Wanderers) after the Combined 10:00 am service in Hattie Porter Hall
  • December 16, Sunday, Children’s Holiday Play at the 11:00 am service

Religious Education

Sunday Morning Class Calendar

Nusery -- Birth through 4 Years [Nursery, Lower Level]

We provide a safe, clean environment in which to support each child in initiating play activities at the developmental level they manifest. Structured activities, games, stories and crafts are a part of the nursery experience.

Child Care Workers:  Stacey Vinyard & Mary Qúeñones

K-2nd Grades: Treasure Hunting [Lower Level, Rooms 2-3]

Nov. 25 Social Justice Sunday, Part II (Interclass activities: Hunger Banquet and Read to Feed Programs)

Dec. 2 Making Peace With Our Worries

Dec. 9 Laughter is Good Medicine

3rd-4th Grades: Spirit of Adventure [Lower Level, Room 4-5]

Nov. 25 Social Justice Sunday, Part II (Interclass activities: Hunger Banquet and Read to Feed Programs)

Dec. 2 Winter Solstice

Dec. 9 Hannukah

5th Grade: Neighboring Faiths [Lower Level, Room 6]

Nov. 25 Social Justice Sunday, Part II (Interclass activities: Hunger Banquet and Read to Feed Programs)

Dec. 2 Visit to the Antioch Baptist Church

Dec. 9 Integrating our Experience Attending the Antioch Baptist Church

6th-7th-8th Grades: Traditions with a Wink [Office Conference Room]

Nov. 25 Social Justice Sunday, Part II (Interclass activities: Hunger Banquet and Read to Feed Programs)

Dec. 2 Birth Legends

Dec. 9 Winter Solstice

9th-12th Grades, Upper Level, Youth Room

Film as Theology: Media That Matters Film Festival
This year we will look at short films--many made by youth--on social and ethical issues, and discuss how those films reflect and inform our beliefs as Unitarian Universalists.

Youth Group Activities

Junior High (6th-7th-8th Grades)

  • Staff: Rev. Geoff Rimositis

Senior High (9th-12 Grades)

  • Advisors: Diana Chung, Mike Williamson, Pamela Gehrke, Cordelia Willis, Richard Gould

If you are interested in participating in junior or senior high youth group activities, please contact the Rev. Geoff Rimositis, 292-3858, ext.25 or GRimositis@sanjoseuu.org

Religious Education Registration On Line
To register for children and youth programs at http://sanjoseuu.org/RE/br.html, just click the button that says registration. All information is sent only to the Rev. Geoff Rimositis .

Children’s Holiday Play
December 16, 11 AM

We are excited to announce that Dianne Saichek, our esteemed Sunday pianist, who has directed children’s plays and musicals in the South Bay, will be directing this year’s children’s holiday play on Sunday, December 16 at the 11:00 am service.

Children and youth in Kindergarten through high school are invited to participate.

We will sing! We will act! We will read!

All skills and abilities are invited to participate! Rehearsals will take place outside of regular class time from 9:30 - 10:45 am in the downstairs classrooms on the following days:

  • Sunday Nov. 25
  • Sunday Dec. 2
  • Sunday Dec. 9
  • Saturday, Dec. 15, 9:00 am–Noon (Dress Rehearsal in Sanctuary)

To RSVP, call the Rev. Geoff Rimositis, 292-3858, x25 or GRimositis@sanjoseuu.org

Intensive on Unitarian Universalism
Saturday, December 8 [note date change], 9 am to 3 pm
Lunch Provided / Child Care Available by Request

All are welcome (newcomers, friends, prospective and seasoned members) to spend a day in retreat at the First Unitarian Church of San José learning about the history, theology, and practices of Unitarian Universalism. Come and become acquainted or reintroduced to the rich historical legacy of our faith. Wrestle together with age-old questions that religions have sought answers to for a millennium. Spend time in meditation, prayer and quiet reflection listening for that “still small voice” within, guiding us to healing and renewal. Join like-minded seekers of truth and spiritual pilgrims as we get to know one another in deeper and more meaningful ways.

Leaders: the Rev. Geoff Rimositis and Bruce Halen

RSVP to Rev. Geoff at grimositis@sanjoseuu.org.

Articulating Our UU Faith

by the Rev. Geoff Rimositis

Rev. Geoff Goes On Sabbatical From January through June of 2008

Dear Friends,

I will be going on sabbatical from January to June 2008. As specified in our letters of agreement with the congregation, called ministers earn one month of sabbatical for each year of service. Sabbaticals are usually taken every six years. This will be my second sabbatical. I was granted my first one in 2001. I am excited about this opportunity for continuing education, research, travel, and weekends with my spouse, Patty.

In January I will be taking a week-long intensive at Starr King School for the Ministry in Berkeley titled Combating Oppression: Power Analysis through Anti-Ableist and Anti-Racist Lenses (http://www.sksm.edu/academics/intersession_2008.php). One of my ongoing personal and ministerial goals is to face the comfort of my own racial and class privilege and learn how I can be an ally to people of color and other marginalized groups as we create the beloved community in our congregation and the communities we serve. I want to see our church grow into the fullness of its mission of “fostering the process of becoming a diverse and multicultural congregation.” I want to do my part in helping to make that reality come true.

I will also be taking an intensive on spiritual direction in February at Wisdom University in Oakland, “Dreaming Our Dreams: Asleep and Awake.” Wisdom University was started by former Dominican priest Matthew Fox, who began a program of creation spirituality that draws from the wisdom of all traditions. I will be studying with Lauren Artress, an Episcopal priest from Grace Cathedral in San Francisco. Rev. Artress has singularly helped to inspire the resurgence of interest in the labyrinth as a spiritual tool. In the course I will be doing dream work and using the mandala.

The vision statement that we as a congregation crafted with the Rev. Fran Dew during the first year of interim ministry guides me in seeking out educational opportunities. “Our vision for The First Unitarian Church of San Jose in 2010: A church with a vibrant congregational life that reflects a supportive, joyful and diverse intergenerational community. A church that offers a wide variety of opportunities for spiritual expression and personal growth…”

I hope to bring back from my work with the Rev. Artress, Starr King School for the Ministry, and research on contemporary models of children and youth ministry ideas to enrich the offerings for spiritual growth that our congregation offers its members and friends.

And if all goes well, Patty and I will also be going on a couples’ retreat, seeing the Grand Canyon for the first time, and traveling to Prague, Czechoslovakia for our first European adventure.

I am deeply grateful to the congregation for this opportunity to focus on improving my ministerial skills and knowledge, deepening my spiritual life, and having some precious time with Patty to renew our marriage and have some fun together!

I wish all of us could have a sabbatical, a time for reflection and renewal. We all need now and then in our lives to stop and take stock of where we are and where we want to go to live a fuller life. I am unbelievably blessed to have this chance to do just that.

With deep gratitude and an exuberance beyond measure,


P.S. It is with great pleasure that I announce that Sonya Sukalski, graduate of Starr King School for the Ministry, will be serving as the Sabbatical Religious Educator during my absence. Sonya is currently completing her Pastoral Clinical Education as a hospice chaplain. Sonya completed an internship at the Unitarian Universalist Church in Livermore. She has extensive experience in Unitarian Universalist congregations and religious education. She has twin daughters! Sonya will fill you in with more details about herself in an upcoming newsletter in December. Suffice it to say, I am excited that Sonya will be ministering to and with us beginning in January through June of 2008. She will not only be helping us to maintain our programs but will bring her creative flair to enrich them.


Worship Associates!

The Worship Associate program provides an exciting opportunity for members of the First Unitarian Church of San José to help plan and present the Sunday-morning services that are at the heart of our Beloved Community. Worship Associates, who serve for one calendar year, work closely with the ministers on five or six services during that year. They also set up the worship space for another five or six Sundays. Ongoing training is provided in quarterly workshops.

In addition to making a vital contribution to congregational life, participation in Worship Associates is a wonderful way to deepen your understanding of Unitarian Universalism. And you get to know some super people!

This year’s application deadline is December 15. You’ll find details on the church website at http://www.sanjoseuu.org/OurWorshipLife/WorshipAssociates.html

Questions? Ask Rev. Nancy or Rev. Geoff, or phone Mary Martin at (408) 354-8878.


by Ellie White and You UUs

Note from Ellie White: I’ve experienced Jean vonKaenel’s spirit of warmth and kindness through our church’s long-standing Women’s Alliance meetings and our Red Hatters’ get-togethers of the recent past, but Jean Embree goes way back with her so I’m glad Jean E. wanted to honor her friend, Jean V., by narrating her service to our community.

Jean vonKaenel, 80 Years That Count

by Jean Embree

Looking around the church for Jean vonKaenel? Just keep an eye out for white hair, a ready smile, and the latest in colorful whimsical shoes, and you may see her around the corner in her wheel chair or walking up the aisle as she manages to keep busier than most of the rest of us.

In the early 1970s (about 1974), Jean V and I, both newly single parents of children in school (her 6 and my 4), discovered each other and the First Unitarian Church of San Jose. The Rev. Byrd Helligas and about 50 members welcomed us with open arms, and we both promptly jumped into the activities.

At this time, downtown San Jose was at its lowest ebb, with both the Mercury News and the City Hall deserting the increasingly dark city center. Our congregation was small but stubborn and insisted upon staying put, unlike some others, but we struggled with the maintenance of our beautiful building. Ever since then, Jean V has kept the problem in mind, continuing her service and currently serving on the Endowment Fund committee, focusing on finances as the downtown and our church slowly have rebounded.

During the 33 years since 1974, Jean has not only served on numerous committees but has also volunteered as one of the stellar hostesses for First U, frequently (such as during the recovery from the fire) holding meetings in her home of the Women’s Alliance, CUUPS, and other church groups, sometimes for years at a time. And she also has presided over major in-church activities—during our 100th Anniversary celebration, for example, and for raising church funds at the Transylvanian Tea. (And she cooks too—try her homemade breads!)

Her spirit and beautiful home together provide just hints of the woman within—giving, able, and full of fun. Every holiday and special occasion is celebrated with appropriate decorations and costume, down to the soles of her unique shoes. May we enjoy many more of her years to add to her 80th this November.

Postscript from Ellie White: Although many other of you deserve to be recognized in appreciation for your service to our church community, this is the last of the series of this column by me. If this column of “volunteer portraits” is still appreciated, I hope that one or more of you would be interested in carrying it on. If so, you can email me at elejeff@finestplanet.com or phone (408) 729-0420. I’ve learned a lot about those featured in this column and I’m joyously thankful that I had this opportunity to show what JOY THROUGH SERVICE is all about.


Third Street Community Center Service Opportunities with Children and Adults

By Rosemary Baez

ere is your chance to make a lasting impact on a child interested in the engineering or science fields or an adult who is interested in learning to speak English.

Over the past few months, TSCC has seen a dramatic increase in the number of adults enrolled in our ESL classes and we are in dire need of ESL instructors. Classes are taught in groups of 8-25 adults depending on level. Instructors play a key role in providing much-needed encouragement to motivate immigrants to practice their conversational skills and continue their learning beyond the first level. The commitment is as follows: 6 weeks of instruction, 1-2 nights per week depending on level, from 6:30 to 8:30 pm.

Our After School Academic Program is also in need of Tutors and Mentors who can participate during our program hours to help students with homework assignments and help them learn to read and write English. Tutors also assist in the preparation of daily nutritious snacks so children are not hungry and can focus on learning. Program hours are Monday through Thursday from 2:00 to 5:30 pm. Please contact Nalleli Sandoval at 408-295-8722 ext. 303, or at Nalleli@3street.org for details and start times.

Lastly, we are gearing up for the 2008 Robotics Program and are currently recruiting Tech Challenge Mentors who are interested in mentoring children in grades 5-8 as they prepare for the annual Tech Challenge competition. This is an enrichment program that can be very intensive yet extremely rewarding! As a mentor, you will help facilitate a team of 3-5 students using a participatory group process to solicit their input into a design of a device, help students learn project management skills, develop their presentation skills, and provide much-needed positive support and encouragement. Tech Challenge Mentors play a key role in helping students develop leadership skills while introducing them to future opportunities in the engineering fields. This program operates on Saturdays from January 26 to May 3. We have scheduled two orientation meetings for people interested in being a Tech Challenge Mentor. You have a choice of Saturday, January 12 or Saturday, January 19, from 9:00 to 10:30 am. Please email Rosemary Baez at rosemary@3street.org for details. l

Please note that a TB clearance is required in order to work with TSCC minors.


Thank-You Note from Third Street Community Center

Dear UUs,

Thank you very much for supporting and attending the Día de los Muertos Cultural and Social Awareness Exhibition on Nov. 2nd! It was wonderful to see our whole community come together to honor those who are no longer with us and awaken our collective passion for social justice. Día de los Muertos is a very rich and spiritual tradition that has no borders. I hope you enjoyed the inclusion of issues and themes that remind us why we need to continue fighting for justice, especially for those who do not have a voice or are not given an opportunity to be heard.

Again, thank your for your presence at this event. If you attended but did not have an opportunity to fill out a comment card, please feel free to send me any thoughts, ideas or feelings about your experience that may help us plan future events.




Classified Ads for Our Spiritual Cooperative

Which Would You Like to Try?

These are the volunteer positions most urgently in need of filling. Please take a moment to see if any of these service opportunities are right for you.

  • CHANCEL DECORATOR: use creative talents to decorate chancel, using flowers, fabric, etc. ; serve when available; 1 yr. term
  • COFFEE HOUR HOST: set out snacks, drinks before service; clean up after; 1 Sun. a mo.; 1 yr. term
  • LABYRINTH HOST: set up table & music and be present, 11:30-1:00; serve according to availability; 1 yr. term
  • NEWSLETTER ASSEMBLER fold, staple and stamp newsletters with amiable team; 1st or 3rd Tues. afternoon; 1 yr. term
  • WORSHIP HOST: greet & welcome people coming to Sun. service, collect offering; 1 Sun. a mo.; 1 yr. term
  • SOUND SYSTEM OPERATOR: operate sound system during 9:30 & 11:00 services;1 Sun. a mo.; 1 yr. term
  • TAPE DUPLICATOR: make & provide tapes of services in HPH after church for 1 ½ hrs.; 1 yr. term
  • ORDER OF SERVICE ASSEMBLER: fol d and assemble Order of Service Fri. morn.; much appreciated by Office Manager; I yr. term
  • NEWCOMER TABLE HOST: welcome newcomers, ask to fill out card, give info.;1 Sun. a mo.; 1 yr. term
  • NEWSLETTER COPIER: copy newsletter on risograph machine for assemblers; 1st or 3rd Tues. of mon.; 1 yr. term
  • CHOIR MEMBER: no exp. nec., practice Wed. 7-9 p.m., perform Sun. lowen@data-time.com
  • R.E. TEACHER or ASSISTANT: lead Sun. morn. sessions, using prepared curriculum; 2 hr. a mon.; I yr. term

    Call Genie at (408) 997-6292 or Ed at (408) 712-4157.

  • 1121-10
    Spotlight on Social Justice

    By Carol Stephenson, Social Justice Coordinator, socialjustice@sanjoseuu.org (408) 292-3858 x27

    Not Ready

    Could the holidays have come any sooner? Okay, I guess technically they could not have come sooner, because the first day of November was on a Thursday and... well, that’s not really my point. The point is that I am especially not ready even more than my usual not-readiness and I am outraged!

    Well, I am not actually outraged about that, because I have better things to be outraged about, like... world poverty, for example... human rights abuses.... oh, then there’s the children’s low literacy rates in urban areas and... and the homelessness I see every day. Ahh... but there is nothing we can do about those things! It is hopeless and futile and overwhelmingly sad to even mention them.

    But is it?

    Not at the First Unitarian Church of San José. You can contribute to alleviating these very pressing problems in the coming weeks in our congregation. Here’s how:

    • Heifer International (www.heifer.org) works with communities to end hunger and poverty by giving families a source of food rather than short-term relief. Through Heifer, we can purchase animals that are given directly to a family. Last year, FUCSJ families raised $1,290, which was enough to purchase a llama, a sheep, a heifer, a goat, a pig, a water buffalo, and a hive of honeybees. We are beginning the heifer “Read to Feed” program again this season in the RE program, so ask the students if you can sponsor them between now and January 6.
    • Unitarian Universalist Service Committee (www.uusc.org) promotes worker’s rights, advances the human right to water, defends civil liberties, and preserves the rights of those affected by humanitarian crises. At FUCSJ, we participate in UUSC’s Guest at Your Table program to raise money and awareness for UUSC programs. Look for the Guest at Your Table boxes that you can put on your own dinner table and deposit the day’s change. Turn the boxes back in on Sunday, January 6th to fight for human rights.
    • Third Street Community Center believes in a whole child, whole family, and whole community approach to promoting lifelong learning (www.3street.org). At Coffee Hour on December 16, you can select and purchase a special book for a child who attends the TSCC after school program to support that mission.
    • Julian Street Inn (www.innvision.org) provides 70 beds for men and women diagnosed with mental illness and provides mental health rehabilitation activities. Each month, a group from our congregation provides a meal at Julian Street Inn and at the December meal we bring gifts of warm hats, socks and blankets. You can help us purchase these items and, at Coffee Hour on December 2, we will wrap the gifts together. Email me at socialjustice@sanjoseuu.org to help prepare and serve the meal on December 9.

    Now I know what you are going to say. Giving money is just an easy way to turn our heads from the real suffering that each of these issues causes. My response is that it can help. And each of these organizations offers opportunities to get involved with people who are directly affected. Take the opportunity to get to know just one of these good groups and make this holiday season not a crazy hectic blur of activity, but a meaningful time of reflection. Ahh.. I’ll take that first deep breath, not worry about my not-readiness, and think about how I want to spend, both time and money, this season.


    Read to Feed is Coming to First Unitarian!

    “Give a man a fish and you have fed him for today. Teach a man to fish and you have fed him for a lifetime”

    We are very excited about introducing this creative program that allows children to change the world!

    Read to Feed is a reading incentive program that offers global education opportunities and will foster in children a love for reading, a passion to help others, and a way to help create a better world. Children get sponsors for time they spend reading between November 18 and January 20. The goal is to raise money to buy gifts of livestock for struggling families who have few resources and need an ongoing source of income. These gifts help families move away from poverty and toward self-sufficiency.

    We hope that the entire congregation will participate in this program! Children can read silently or aloud to others. Parents can read to their young children. Members of the congregation can sponsor our children or provide a one-time donation for this cause. We understand that some children may not be able to find sponsors at this time, but we hope that all the children will read and track their progress with us anyway. ALL children may read to earn stickers, bookmarks, and participation certificates. Together, we can improve the lives of hungry families around the world while encouraging our children to improve their own lives through reading!

    Our project kicks off on November 19 with Social Justice Sunday. Our children will receive their Read to Feed materials, participate in a small-scale hunger banquet, and find out which kinds of livestock THEY can choose to send to needy families. It promises to be a fun and exiting event for all! Please join us!

    For more information on the Read to Feed Program, and for excellent reading lists and learning materials, please visit: http://www.readtofeed.org.

    To learn how YOU can get involved with this project please contact Jaime Smith at jelsmith@gmail.com or 408 826-4500.

    Memories of Day of the Day / Dia De Los Muertos


    Upcoming Events

    Sunday, December 9, 11 a.m. - 3 p.m.
    Celebrate the Holidays at the Fireside Gift Faire

    On Sunday, December 9, after the Combined Service at 10:00 am, Hattie Porter Hall will become a holiday market place with more than 20 artisans selling wearable art, mosaics, holiday decor, jewelry, soap, candles, candy, gifts for the home, cards and more.

    And if you would like to support this gala event, which benefits our church, we’re looking for helpers to bake, wrap gifts, and donate new or gently used art pieces and handcrafted items.

    Gift Wrap: We’re looking for donations of wrapping paper, ribbons and bows with an artsy twist, e.g. hand-stamped newsprint, twine, cloth ribbon, raffia, or really weird things to wrap and tie gifts. Bring to the Fireside Gift Faire table in Hattie Porter Hall after services. Or if you would like to help wrap, e-mail Deb Fenzel-Alexander at sdsalex@comcast.net

    Artwork and tchotchkes: We’re looking for donations of arts and crafts AND new or like-new objets d’art such as paintings, ceramics, greeting cards, glass works for the “Orphans Table.” Bring items to the Fireside Gift Faire table in Hattie Porter Hall after services. For more information about contributions, e-mail Catherine Leeson Pelizzari at caleeson@aol.com.

    Bake Sale: Please contact Lori Zink at if you would like to help provide baked goods at lorizink@att.net

    We look forward to seeing you there!


    Circling Around

    by Kelly Burnett

    Louise Boyle, a talented artist who attended our church for a while before she moved to Colorado to be close to her daughter, passed away August 24. She was born in 1924 in Illinois, where she attended school, and later married. She was known for her sculptures in bronze and fiberglass, and had pieces in many museums and private collections. In Cleveland, where she and her husband and two daughters moved in 1953, she sang with the “Mastersingers”, directed by Robert Shaw, and was very active in musical, dramatic, and political life of the Unitarian Universalist Church in Shaker Heights. In later life, after she and her husband moved to California, she turned to painting. She had four grandchildren and two great grandchildren. She is greatly missed by all who knew her.

    No other news—apparently everyone is preparing for the holidays, Kelly reports. She hopes it is a joyous time for all and that we remember to try to live in gratitude, as suggested by Rev. Nancy.

    Please send Kelly Burnett your honors, joys, plans, and any other news that needs to be shared with our community so that she can keep us all informed. Her email address is kelly@kellybur.com. Her telephone number is 408-810-3182, but she’d prefer to receive your news by email, if possible.


    For Pastoral Care

    Our community strives to offer compassion, companionship, healing, and joy to all its members. Our pastoral care coordinators can help you find the listening ear or helping hands that you may need in difficult times.

    • For pastoral care in English, please contact our lay Pastoral Associate Coordinator, Rev. Donna Lenahan: (home) 408-354-9024; (cell) 408-204-6565; e-mail: djlenahan@aol.com.
    • For pastoral care in Spanish, please contact our Spanish-Speaking Ministries Coordinator, Roberto Padilla: (cell) 408-841-1011; e-mail: paor69@yahoo.com.

    Contacting the Ministers

    Rev. Nancy Palmer Jones and Rev. Geoff Rimositis feel honored to serve this congregation, and we cherish your trust! Here is how reach us:

    Cuidado Pastoral

    Nuestra comunidad se esfuerza en ofrecer la compasión,el compañerismo curativo, y la alegría a todos susmiembros. Nuestros coordinadores en cuidado pastoral pueden ayudarle a encontrar un oído que escucha, o lasmanos que ayudan cuando ustedes lo pudieran necesitaren épocas difíciles. Para el cuidado pastoral en inglés, por favor, comuníquese con nuestro Coordinador Asociado Laico en Cuidado Pastoral, la Rev. Donna Lenahan: (casa) 408-354-9024; (celular) 408-204-6565; e-mail: djlenahan@aol.com. Para el cuidado pastoral en español, por favor comuníquese con nuestro Coordinador de los Ministeriosen Español, Roberto Padilla: (cell) 408-841-1011; e-mail: paor69@yahoo.com.

    Contactando a los Ministros

    La Rev. Nancy Palmer Jones y El Rev. Geoff Rimositis se sienten honrados por servir a esta congregación, y nosotros apreciamos su confianza! Aquí nosotros estamos a su alcance:


    Bob Miess, bob@creating-context.com

    Vice President (Planning/Personnel)
    Joyce Miller,

    Vice President (Programs)
    Julia Rodriguez, quixoposto@ix.netcom.com

    Bob Redfern, rredfern@charter.net

    David Tucker, cheverly@earthlink.net

    Financial Officer
    Christopher Frey, cjfrey@alum.berkeley.edu


    Debra Fenzel-Alexander, sdsalex@comcast.net

    Mary Mary Feldman, mm@feldmo.com

    Marla Scharf, marla.scharf@gmail.com

    Diana Wirt, diwirt@sbcglobal.net  

    Church Staff

    Senior Minister .............................................. Ext. 23
     The Rev. Nancy Palmer Jones, revnpj@yahoo.com

    Assoc. Minister For Religious Education................. Ext. 25
     The Rev. Geoff Rimositis , Grimositis@Sanjoseuu.org

    Office Administrator ..............................................  Ext. 10
     Iris Gonzalez, fucsj@sanjoseuu.org

    Coordinator of Spanish Speaking Ministries................. Ext. 24
     Roberto Padilla

    Social Justice Coordinator .....................................  Ext. 27
     Carol Stephenson, socialjustice@sanjoseuu.org

    Bookkeeper..................................................... Pam Garcia

    Sexton.......................................................... Edgar Cruz

    Acting R.E. Assistant  ………………………………Elena Clifford

    Nursery Teacher......................................... Stacey Vinyard

    Church Office
    : (408) 292-3858           Fax: (408) 292-4744
    E-mail             fucsj@sanjoseuu.org
    URL                http://www.sanjoseuu.org

    NEWSLETTER Editors
    Sherry Howd
    , 257-6844, s_howd@msn.com
    Sherry will edit the Dec. 5 and Dec. 19 issues.

    Catherine Leeson Pelizzari, 945-9848, caleeson@aol.com
    Catherine will edit the Jan. 2 and Feb. 6 issues.

    Thank you to our volunteers!
    Our Church Circular is published on the first and third Wednesdays of each month. Circulation is about 500.

    Translator: Roberto Padilla

    Layout: Henry Ruddle 408-234-3670 henry_L@ruddle.com (www.ruddle.com)

    Assembly Coordinators: Gretchen Leavitt and Genie Bernardini; Assembly Crew: Gretchen Leavitt, Marge Schneider, Ellie White, and Lloyd Eater.

     Thanks for all the work you do and care you put into the newsletter.

    **Assembly starts at 4:30 pm - your help is very much welcome!**

    Mailing: Libby Codd

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    Next issue assembly: Tuesday, December 4, 2007

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