Our Church Circular / Nuestro Periódico de la Iglesia / July 4, 2007 / 4 de Julio 2007

Inside This Issue:

704-1 Services This Sunday (July 8)
- 9:30 a.m.
Choices That Matter: Experiences from Portland
- 11:00 a.m.
Choices That Matter: Experiences from Portland
704-13 Upcoming Services - July 15 and July 22
704-2 Call for Photos - more photos needed of events in Sanctuary
704-3 Save the Dates
704-4 Religious Education - Sunday Programs, Youth Activities, Special Summer Programs
704-5 Sunday Teacher Needed ($11/hour)
704-6 Nancy's Column - Where are we now?
704-7 Bylaw Changes Proposed
704-8 Joy Through Service: Julia Rodriguez—Her Spirit Inspires
704-9 Volunteer Classified Ads for Our Spiritual Cooperative -- Live Your Values!
704-10 Spotlight on Social Justice: This is our Cry. This is our Prayer.
704-11 Upcoming Events -- Low Stress Camping July 18-22, Holiday Wanderers Registration Deadline August 15, UU Hikers and Friends mn
704-12 Circling Around -- Kelly does GA; Judge Katherine Lucero drug treatment program
704-14 The Ministers Are In! / Board and Staff Contact Information
En Español
704-1 Servicios de Domingo (24 de Junio)
- 9:30 a.m. Opciones que importan: Experiencias de Portland
- 11:00 a.m. Opciones que importan: Experiencias de Portland
704-13 15 de Julio y 22 de Julio Servicios
704-6 Columna de Nancy -- ¿Dónde Nos Encontramos Ahora?


Aquí estan los Ministros!




8 de Julio — 9:30 a.m.

Opciones que importan:
Experiencias de Portland
¿Cuáles fueron las “opciones que importan” en la Asamblea General de la Asociación de Unitaria Universalista este año? ¿Qué descubrieron nuestros miembros y que creamos juntándonos con millares de UUs alrededor del país y del mundo en Portland, Oregon a finales de junio? ¿Y cómo pudieron estas decisiones y experiencias afectar nuestra vida junta en San José en el año que viene? Ven a compartir las riquezas y regalos que nuestros asistentes de la Asamblea General han traído al hogar de nuestra querida comunidad. ¡Es bueno estar de regreso!

Dirige: la Rev. Nancy Palmer Jones; Asociados de Culto: Carol Stephenson y otros que asistieron a la Asamblea General 2007

July 8 — 9:30 a.m.

Choices That Matter:
Experiences from Portland
What were the “Choices That Matter” at the Unitarian Universalist Association’s General Assembly this year? What did our members discover and what did we create by meeting with thousands of UUs from around the country and the world in Portland, Oregon, at the end of June? And how might these decisions and experiences affect our life together in San José in the year to come? Come share the riches and the gifts that our General Assembly attendees have brought home to our Beloved Community. It’s good to be back!

Worship Leader: the Rev. Nancy Palmer Jones; Worship Associates: Carol Stephenson and other attendees of General Assembly 2007

July 8 — 11 a.m.

Choices That Matter:
Experiences from Portland
What were the “Choices That Matter” at the Unitarian Universalist Association’s General Assembly this year? What did our members discover and what did we create by meeting with thousands of UUs from around the country and the world in Portland, Oregon, at the end of June? And how might these decisions and experiences affect our life together in San José in the year to come? Come share the riches and the gifts that our General Assembly attendees have brought home to our Beloved Community. It’s good to be back!

Worship Leader: the Rev. Nancy Palmer Jones; Worship Associates: Carol Stephenson and other attendees of General Assembly 2007

8 de Julio— 11 a.m.

Opciones que importan:
Experiencias de Portland
¿Cuáles fueron las “opciones que importan” en la Asamblea General de la Asociación de Unitaria Universalista este año? ¿Qué descubrieron nuestros miembros y que creamos juntándonos con millares de UUs alrededor del país y del mundo en Portland, Oregon a finales de junio? ¿Y cómo pudieron estas decisiones y experiencias afectar nuestra vida junta en San José en el año que viene? Ven a compartir las riquezas y regalos que nuestros asistentes de la Asamblea General han traído al hogar de nuestra querida comunidad. ¡Es bueno estar de regreso!

Dirige: la Rev. Nancy Palmer Jones; Asociados de Culto: Carol Stephenson y otros que asistieron a la Asamblea General 2007


Call for Photos

The photo archive has grown a lot over the past couple of weeks because several members chose to send in their own photo collections or sent photos they took at recent events. The church’s website, newsletter and other communications still need more, particularly for events in the sanctuary such as special worship services, weddings/commitment ceremonies and community meetings. If you have or plan to take such photos, please e-mail digital images to uusanjose@gmail.com. Please also let us know by e-mail if you have prints instead. We can scan them and return the originals.


Save the Dates

  • July 8, Sunday, UU Band of Writers, 9:00 am —NEW TIME—place TBD
  • July 8, Sunday, 1:00 pm in the Sanctuary; “Bagdad ER,” a presentation by Dr. Dean Winslow
  • July 15, Sunday, last recycle pick-up day
  • July 15, Sunday, Concert with Vukani Mawethu at 4:00 pm, dinner to follow; sponsored by the South African Travelers
  • July 18-22, Wednesday-Sunday, All-Church Campout at the Atkinson Estate. For information, contact Alec MacLean at calecm@aol.com
  • July 21-27, Pacific Central District Leadership School, Alamo, CA
  • July 22-25, First Unitarian Church of San Jose Jr. High High-Sierra Backpack Trip
  • August 3, Friday, Dances of Universal Peace, 8:00 pm, in the Sanctuary
  • October 5-7, All-Church Retreat at Monte Toyon
  • Friday, August 24, Social Justice Open Mic; 7:00pm; Sanctuary and HPH

Religious Education

Religious Growth and Learning Program

Nursery (birth-5 years) - Church’s Lower Level
We provide a safe, clean environment in which to support all children in initiating play activities at the developmental level they manifest. Structured activities, games, stories, and crafts are a part of the nursery experience.

Youth Group Activities

·   Chalice Club (Elementary Age Youth Group, K-5th)

·   Junior High (6th-7th-8th Grades)

·   Senior High (9th -12th Grades)

Advisors: Diana Chung, Mike Williamson, Cordelia Willis.

If you are interested in participating in chalice club, junior or senior high youth group activities, please contact the Rev. Geoff Rimositis , 292-3858, ext.25 or GRimositis@sanjoseuu.org

Religious Education Registration On Line
To register for children and youth programs at http://sanjoseuu.org/RE/br.html, just click the button that says registration. All information is sent only to the Rev. Geoff Rimositis .

Special Summer Programs

“UU Super Heroes”
A special summer program for children in 1st-5th grades

Theme and Description
Unitarian Universalist (UU) Super Heroes is a values-based Unitarian Universalist identity curriculum that encourages children to explore the lives of famous people who were Unitarians, Universalists or Unitarian Universalists.

Goals for Participants

  • To introduce children to the stories of Unitarians, Universalists and Unitarian Universalists;
  • To show how the lives of these people confirm the principles that Unitarian Universalists strive to promote;
  • To learn some of the traditions of both our Unitarian Universalist faith movement and our individual congregations;
  • To encourage the children to live their own lives fully and to use their own positive “super powers” to grow both spiritually and ethically.
June 24  KING JOHN SIGISMUND: the Only Unitarian King Promises Religious Freedom To All His People
July 1 LEWIS LATIMER: A Bright Idea
July 8 BEATRIX POTTER: The Tale of Beatrix Potter
July 15  CHRISTOPHER REEVE: Superman Becomes a Super Hero
July 22  JOSEPH PRIESTLY: Thank You, Joseph
July 29 CLARA BARTON: A Shy Little Girl Becomes A Brave Woman
August 5 MALVINA REYNOLDS: Love is Like A Magic Penny
August 12 P.T. BARNUM: Advertising Yourself
August 19 P.T. BARNUM: The Greatest Show On Earth!
August 26 Celebrating Ourselves As Super Heroes

“You the Creator”
A special summer program for children in 6th-8th grades

Theme and Description
Junior high youth and leaders explore together the power that everyone's creativity has to shape the world.

Goals for Participants

  • To be empowered creatively
  • To see themselves as creators
  • To connect with universal creative powers
  • To generate new ideas
  • To enjoy new experiences
  • To experience the happiness that comes with being in touch with one's creativity.
June 24  But Is It Any Good?
July 1 Don’t Know What To Make?
July 8 Yes, You Can Think Creatively
July 15  The Stuff of Creations
July 22  Controls on Creation
July 29 The Weird and Wonderful
August 5 Creativity Poles
August 12 Short Lived Creations
August 19 Humor
August 26 Food and Fun


Sunday Morning Teacher Needed

A responsible adult, 18 years or older is needed to work with a mixed-age group of children in Kindergarten-5th grade on Sunday mornings. The lead teacher works from a prepared curriculum and will have the assistance of another adult or youth. There is one hour of class time and two hours of prep for 3 hours a week for $11/hr. The summer session goes through the end of August.

A lead teacher is needed to start Sunday, July 1. Application and a background check is required. Please contact Rev. Geoff Rimositis at: GRimositis@sanjoseuu.org, 292-3858, x25



by the Rev. Nancy Palmer Jones

As We Build the Beloved Community...

Where Are We Now?

More Thoughts, Questions, and Possibilities on the New Sanctuary Movement

My dear congregants and friends, let me tackle the daunting task of bringing you up to date on our most recent conversations and meetings regarding the New Sanctuary Movement. We are in the middle of a long-term process of education, action, and reflection on the complex issues surrounding immigration. These issues have and will continue to have a real impact on us all for a long time to come, but they can seem overwhelming if we try to take them all in at once. Let’s take it piece by piece. Here, as I see it, is where we are now:

What Happened at the Congrega-tional Meeting on June 17?
On Sunday, June 17, we held a congregational meeting to discuss and vote on a resolution that would support the New Sanctuary Movement and make certain commitments for our congregation. (The resolution appeared in our June 6 newsletter, available at http://www.ruddle. com/uusj/ourchurchcircular(june6). html.) We achieved a quorum—quite an accomplishment since it was Father’s Day. Our thanks to all who were able to attend!

The discussion was lively and deeply respectful; I can’t do justice here to all the views expressed, and I will almost certainly make mistakes in the way I phrase things. Still, to encourage us all to dig deeper into these topics, I will lift up a few main perspectives:

1. Some attendees disagreed with parts of the New Sanctuary Movement’s “pledge,” which is included in the resolution we voted on. What exactly should be the rights of immigrants who have broken laws to enter this country? Could we join the New Sanctuary Movement without wholeheartedly endorsing its pledge? (It turns out that the answer to the latter question is “yes”—the pledge is not a required element.)

2. Some attendees felt that our congregation’s history in supporting a variety of immigrant groups and our mission to work for justice call us to stand with the New Sanctuary Movement. Some stressed the urgency of joining with a movement that is striving to change the perception of immigrants.

3. Roberto Padilla, our Spanish-Speaking Ministries Coordinator, reported on a poll of our Spanish-speaking members. What did they think of our resolution and of the New Sanctuary Movement? He reached twenty members and friends of our congregation; all expressed fear about immigration raids, the uncertainty of the ever-shifting landscape of immigration laws, and the possible negative outcomes of drawing attention to ourselves through participating in the New Sanctuary Movement. Yet nineteen out of twenty expressed support for our resolution and gratitude that the congregation is taking up this issue.

The vote was 26 to 11 for the resolution, with several abstentions. What does this mean? Please read on!

What Did We Covenant to Do?
First, we agreed to the promises that the New Sanctuary Movement proposes:

  • To take a public, moral stand for immigrants’ rights;
  • To reveal to our members and the larger community, through education and advocacy, the actual suffering of immigrant workers and families under current and proposed legislation;
  • To join other faith communities in campaigns to reduce hate, workplace discrimination, and unjust deportation of immigrants.

And we added our own particular promise:

  • To provide educational opportunities to our members and the larger community regarding issues related to immigration, workers rights, and economic impacts of immigration and proposed legislation.

In short, we promised to educate, advocate, and work with others.

It’s important to note that we did not promise to host an immigrant family in our church or in our homes (the local New Sanctuary Movement needs Ally Congregations more than Host Congregations, as they look for a few families whose plight they will publicize). Nor did we promise as a congregation to offer material support (food, money, legal advice), although individuals may wish to do so.

Now What Do We Do?
The Program and Operations Council—the leadership group that makes practical decisions about how to implement our congregation’s goals—came up with this list of action steps:

1. Continue to send a member or members of our congregation to the local meetings of the New Sanctuary Movement and to keep the congregation informed. Julia Rodríguez, Bob Miess, and Carol Stephenson have tried to make all these meetings. With summer here we need more volunteers to attend meetings. Contact Rev. Carol Been, at carol@atwork.org, to receive notices about meeting times.

2. Offer a speaker series in the fall on immigration issues, seeking professional, scholarly input. Dena Dickinson, Joyce Miller, and Carol Stephenson plan to coordinate this series, which would be open to the wider community. If you are interested in this series, please contact Dena at dickiden@comcast.net.

3. Check out the conversation in our new on-line discussion group. Read a diversity of opinions and more thoughts on the movement and its pledge. E-mail uusj-discuss-subscribe@yahoogroups.com to be added to the list; you can access the conversation by e-mailing uusj-discuss@yahoogroups.com.

4. If an on-line discussion group is not your cup of tea, send suggestions about how you would like to share in the education, action, and reflection process to Dena Dickinson at dickiden@comcast.net.

Thank you for your interest and care! The diversity of our perspectives promises a richer view and a healthier engagement … as we build the Beloved Community!



A Medida que Construimos Nuestra Comunidad de Amor...

por la Rev. Nancy Palmer Jones

¿Dónde Nos Encontramos Ahora?

Más Ideas, Preguntas y Posibilidades sobre el Nuevo Movimiento Santuario

Mis queridos congregantes y amigos, permítanme abordar la retadora tarea de actualizarles la información sobre nuestras más recientes conversaciones y reuniones relacionadas con el Nuevo Movimiento Santuario. Estamos en medio de un proceso a largo plazo de educación, acción y reflexión sobre los complejos asuntos concernientes a la inmigración. Estos asuntos tienen y continuarán teniendo un impacto real en nuestras vidas por mucho tiempo en el futuro, pero pueden parecer apabullantes si tratamos de absorberlos todos como un conjunto. Vayamos parte por parte. Según yo lo veo, aquí es donde nos encontramos actualmente.

¿Qué Sucedió en la Reunión Congregacional del 17 de Junio?
El 17 de Junio, tuvimos una reunión congregacional para discutir y votar sobre una resolución que apoyaría el Nuevo Movimiento Santuario y se harían ciertos compromisos para la congregación. (Pueden tener acceso a esta resolución leyendo nuestro boletín del 6 de Junio. Ese boletín también está disponible en www.ruddle. com/uusj/ourchurchcircular(june6).html). Obtuvimos quorum, lo cual es un gran logro, puesto que los miembros dedicaron parte de su Día del Padre para esta reunión. ¡Agradecemos a todos los que pudieron asistir!

La discusión estuvo animada y muy respetuosa; no puedo hacerle justicia aquí a todas las opiniones expresadas, y probablemente cometeré errores en la forma de expresarlo. Aún así, para animarnos a profundizar sobre estos temas, mencionaré algunas de las perspectivas principales.

1. Algunos de los presentes, no estaban de acuerdo con partes de la “promesa” del Nuevo Movimiento Santuario, incluida en la resolución sobre la que votamos. ¿Cuáles exactamente deberían ser los derechos de los inmigrantes que han violado las leyes para entrar a este país? ¿Podríamos unirnos al Nuevo Movimiento Santuario sin respaldar completamente su promesa? (Resulta que la respuesta a esta última pregunta es “sí”—la promesa no es un elemento requerido.)

2. Algunos de los presentes sentían que la historia de nuestra congregación en cuanto a apoyar una variedad de grupos inmigrantes y nuestra misión de trabajar por la justicia, nos llama a ponernos del lado del Nuevo Movimiento Santuario. Algunos subrayaron la urgencia de unirnos a un movimiento que busca cambiar la percepción de los inmigrantes en este país.

3. Roberto Padilla, nuestro Coordinador de los Ministerios en Español, reportó los resultados de una encuesta entre nuestros miembros de habla hispana. ¿Qué piensan de nuestra resolución y del Nuevo Movimiento Santuario? Él pudo hablar con 20 miembros y amigos de nuestra congregación; todos expresaron temor por las redadas de inmigración, por la incertidumbre del siempre cambiante panorama de las leyes de inmigración, y los posibles resultados negativos de llamar demasiada atención hacia nuestra congregación si participáramos en el Nuevo Movimiento Santuario. Sin embargo, diecinueve de las veinte personas expresaron su apoyo en favor de nuestra resolución y su gratitud porque la congregación está abordando este asunto.

El voto fue de 26 a 11 en favor de la resolución, con algunas abstenciones. ¿Qué quiere decir esto? Por favor sigan leyendo!

Qué Convenimos en Hacer?
Primero, estuvimos de acuerdo con las promesas que el Nuevo Movimiento Santuario Propone:

  • Tomar una posición pública a favor de los derechos de los inmigrantes;
  • Revelar a nuestros miembros y a la comunidad en general, a través de la educación y el abogar, el sufrimiento actual de los trabajadores inmigrantes y sus familias bajo la actual legislación y la propuesta de legislación;
  • Unirnos a otras comunidades religiosas en campañas para reducir el odio, la discriminación en el lugar de trabajo y la deportación de los inmigrantes.

Y nosotros añadimos nuestra propia promesa particular:

  • Proveer oportunidades educativas a nuestros miembros y a la comunidad en general sobre asuntos relacionados a inmigración, derechos de los trabajadores, y el impacto de la inmigración y la legislación propuesta.

En pocas palabras, prometimos educar, abogar y trabajar con los demás.

Es importante hacer notar que no prometimos alojar ninguna familia inmigrante en nuestra iglesia o en nuestros hogares (el Nuevo Movimiento Santuario local necesita congregaciones aliadas más que congregaciones anfitrionas, mientras buscan algunas familias de inmigrantes cuyo sufrimiento publicarán). Ni prometimos como congregación ofrecer ayuda material (alimentos, dinero o consejo legal), aunque como individuos algunos de nosotros pudiéramos ofrecer esta ayuda.

¿Qué Hacemos Ahora?
El Consejo de Programas y operaciones—el grupo de liderazgo que toma decisiones prácticas sobre como implementar las metas de nuestra congregación—ofreció esta lista de pasos a seguir:

1. Continuar enviando miembros de nuestra congregación a las reuniones locales del Nuevo Movimiento Santuario y mantener a la congregación informada. Julia Rodríguez, Bob Miess, y Carol Stephenson han tratado de asistir a todas estas reuniones. Con la llegada de las vacaciones de verano necesitamos más voluntarios que asistan a estas reuniones. Favor de comunicarse con la Rev. Carol Been, en: carol@atwork.org, para recibir noticias sobre los horarios de las reuniones.

2. Ofrecer una serie de presentadores sobre inmigración en el otoño, para obtener opiniones profesionales y académicas. Dena Dickinson, Joyce Miller, y Carol Stephenson están interesadas en coordinar esta serie, la cual estaría abierta a la comunidad en general. Si está interesado/a en esta serie, comuníquese con Dena a dickiden@comcast.net.

3. Cheque usted la conversación en nuestro nuevo grupo de discusión en línea de internet. Allí podrá usted leer una diversidad de opiniones y más ideas sobre el Nuevo Movimiento Santuario y su promesa. Para suscribirse, simplemente envíe un mensaje electrónico (e-mail) a: uusj-discuss-subscribe@yahoogroups.com Para ser añadido a la lista y entrar a la conversación, envíe un e-mail a: uusj-discuss@yahoogroups.com.

4. Si esta idea del grupo de discusión electrónica no es de su preferencia, envíe sus sugerencias sobre cómo le gustaría participar en el proceso de educación, acción y reflexión a Dena Dickinson a dickiden@comcast.net.

Gracias por su interés y su cariño! La diversidad de nuestras perspectivas prometen una visión más rica y una participación más sana… mientras construimos ¡Nuestra Comunidad de Amor!



Bylaw Changes Proposed

By Bob Miess, Congregational President

During our recent review of the bylaws, some members identified some additional changes that seem advisable. Therefore the Board has decided to propose two minor, but significant, changes. These changes are being announced now so that they can be voted on at a special congregational meeting that we contemplate holding in the fall. Both changes are in ARTICLE IV: MEETINGS OF THE CONGREGATION.

The first change corrects an error in the current bylaws. Currently the bylaws reference the 75th edition of Roberts Rules of Order, which does not exist. The board recommends that we change the wording to be both more accurate and more flexible, so that when Robert’s Rules of Order changes in the future, our bylaws do not need to be changed to keep pace. The wording below is proposed. The strike-outs indicate deletions, and the bold words indicate insertions.

Sec. 6: Rules - Roberts Rules of Order, Revised 75th Edition, The current edition of Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised shall govern proceedings at congregational meetings, except as otherwise specified herein, unless a more recent edition is designated in the notice of the meeting by the President.

The second change follows through on our commitment to the democratic process. At every congregational meeting we are required to have a Parliamentarian. Often our Parliamentarian is a member of the congregation, who would normally be allowed to make motions, speak, and vote at a congregational meeting. But Robert’s Rules of Order and our current bylaws prohibit the Parliamentarian from participating in these ways. The change ensures that our Parliamentarian is not disenfranchised. The wording is also changed to correctly refer to “Robert’s Rules” rather than “Roberts Rules.” The wording below is proposed. The strike-outs indicate deletions, and the bold words indicate insertions.

Sec. 8: Parliamentarian - The President shall select a member or friend of the church to serve as Parliamentarian for each congregational meeting to interpret the rules. The Parliamentarian shall not vote on any matter, or discuss any matter on the floor. The Parliamentarian should be familiar with the church bylaws and with Robert’s Rules, and should advise the meeting and the President of the correct procedures to follow if the need arises. Contrary to Robert’s Rules of Order (10th ed.), p.451, l. 4-15, or the corresponding paragraph of any subsequent edition of the Robert’s Rules of Order, no member shall be denied the right to propose, speak to, or vote on any motion before the assembly solely on the basis of serving as Parliamentarian.

Comments and suggestions to the Board are welcome!


Julia Rodriguez—Her Spirit Inspires

Julia Rodriguez, presently church vice-president, came to our church looking for a place for she and Steve to get married and we’ve been blessed with her sparkle and spirit-lifting service ever since.

Our church president, Bob Meiss, in gratefulness for Julia says, “During her time on the Small Group Ministry Task Force meetings in 2001, Julia discovered something wonderful – if you listen closely, if you let spirit guide your efforts, doing volunteer work can bring you connectedness, joy, hope, and a deep appreciation for the wonder of life. You can even have more energy at the end of a meeting than when you went into it. Since that time, Julia has brought this sense of worshipful celebration into everything she does. Indeed, she sees all of life as a celebration of spirit. She always has an inspiring reading to share, and she sees Small Group Ministry “content” everywhere she goes.”

And Sandra Iwamoto says, “Whenever I’m given an opportunity to join Julia in doing something, whether it’s something obviously enjoyable, like being in a Small Group, or something potentially dry, like being on a committee, my immediate reaction is to say “Yes!” Julia exudes such a gentle, loving, joyous spirit that she’s a pleasure to work with and be around.” Sandra wanted to say more, but knew others would want to say something about Julia.

Mary Martin, who suggested recognizing Julia’s extraordinary service says, “Inspiring” is just one of the positive words I’d use to describe Julia in her leadership role on the Small Group Ministry (SGM) content team. Despite her many other church responsibilities, past and present, Julia is always focused on the business at hand—creating a worshipful meeting environment for the writing team, generating excellent content for all our SGM groups, and putting it on the church website, which she maintains in general. Also, Julia is now chair—the first one—of the new Program Council.”

Julia’s other big volunteer service involved the search process for Senior Minister in 2004-05 and here’s what Steve Stein says about her, “Julia Rodriguez is one who always cares about listening, sharing and uplifting. Even in the days of “heavy lifting” during the search process, Julia was always ready to tackle the work at hand and cheerful about our tasks. It is a joy to share our community with her!”

Joyce Miller comments, “When I think of Julia, the first thing that comes to my mind is her deep commitment to this church and its programs. She has a vision for its future and will do whatever she can to support it. She is a quietly effective leader. I loved working with her on the Search Committee.”

Many more who have volunteered with Julia had heartfelt words to say. We all want to say “Thank you, Julia, for your generosity with your many talents that you contribute to our church.” Genie Bernardini says, “This beautiful lady, with one of the sweetest smiles and sweetest souls around, does not like to eat sweets, not even chocolate! Remarkable!”

Which of our fellow congregants “floats your boat” (as Meg might express it)? Email Ellie White at elejeff@finestplanet.com or phone 408-729-0420.


Classified Ads for Our Spiritual Cooperative

Let’s Get Ready for the Newcomers Who Will Be Responding to Our Marketing Campaign!

These are the volunteer positions most urgently in need of filling. Please take a moment to see if any of these service opportunities are right for you.

  • WORSHIP HOST: greet & welcome people coming to Sun. service, collect offering; 1 Sun. a mo.; 1-yr. term
  • NEWCOMER TABLE HOST: welcome newcomers, ask to fill out card, give info.; 1 Sun. a mo.; 1-yr. term
  • SOUND SYSTEM OPERATOR: operate sound system during 9:30 & 11:00 services ; 1 Sun. a mo.; 1-yr. term
  • CHANCEL DECORATOR: use creative talents to decorate chancel, using flowers, fabric, etc.; when available; 1-yr. term
  • LABYRINTH HOST: set up table & music and be present, 11:30-1:00; serve according to availability; 1-yr. term
  • GET ACQUAINTED DINNER COMMITTEE MEMBER: help send out invitations; arrange for potluck; welcome newcomers at event; only 3 times a yr.
  • COFFEE HOUR HOST: set out snacks, drinks before service; clean up after; 1 Sun. a mo.; 1-yr. term
  • MONEY COUNTER: count offering for 1 hr. after service, 1 Sun. a mo.; 1-yr. term
  • ORDER OF SERVICE ASSEMBLER: fold and assemble Order of Service Fri. morn.; much appreciated by office manager; 1-yr. term
  • MEMBERSHIP COUNCIL MEMBER: join in exciting plans to receive influx of new members; work with outstanding people; time TBD; 1-yr. term
  • NEWSLETTER ASSEMBLER: fold, staple and stamp newsletters with amiable team; 1st or 3rd Tues. afternoon; 1-yr. term
  • COOK: for Julian St. Inn or Cecil White Center & help serve meal, if desired; JSI the 2nd Sun. of every mo.; CWC the 3rd Sun. every other mo.; 1-yr. term


Call Genie at (408)997-6292 or Lloyd at (408)289-1217.

Spotlight on Social Justice

By Carol Stephenson, Social Justice Coordinator, socialjustice@sanjoseuu.org (408) 292-3858 x27

This is our Cry. This is our Prayer.

We told you the story of Sadako in this newsletter way back in January, when the RE youth started us on our quest to fold 1,000 origami cranes. Sadako was a 2-year-old living in Hiroshima when the US dropped the atom bomb and who, ten years later, developed leukemia. As she fought her disease those many months in the hospital, she folded origami cranes because if she could fold 1,000 cranes then she would get a wish. With each crane she folded Sadako made a wish to get well again. Sadly, Sadako only reached 644 folded origami cranes before she died, but her friends finished the last 366 cranes in honor of her memory. Their wish, however, was one for peace, so that children would no longer have to suffer the devastation of war as Sadako had. At the bottom of the statue of Sadako in the Hiroshima Peace Park is the wish her friends made on her behalf:

“This is our cry. This is our prayer. For building peace in this world.”

Well, we’ve been folding those cranes at coffee hour, with Third Street Community Center students and in RE for months now so that we can add to the millions of wishes for peace that have been sent to the Peace Park.

We haven’t reached 1,000, a far more difficult task than we realized when we set out. But consider this, we are now in the position of Sadako’s friends, an enormous pile of cranes have been folded, hundreds of them. But not enough for our wish to be granted. They picked up where Sadako left off, and ended up building a monument to mourn all children who died in the bombing. Folding these cranes, like working for peace, is something we will keep working toward, a gesture towards hope. Step by step, crane by crane, we are building a more peaceful world. We never know where our efforts will take us but we will stay on this path. Look for Jaime Smith, Lori Zink and me at Coffee Hours so we can continue our prayers for building peace in this world.

An opportunity to be educated about the importance of peace comes our way on Sunday, July 8 at 1:00 pm. On that afternoon, Dr. Dean Winslow will speak to our congregation about his recent experiences as an emergency room doctor in Bagdad. Part of our work must be to learn about what is happening in our world, and here is your opportunity to hear a different perspective on life in Iraq.

Social Justice Calendar

  • Sunday, July 8, Bagdad ER; 1:00pm-Sanctuary; light lunch provided
  • Friday, August 24, Social Justice Open Mic; 7:00pm; Sanctuary and HPH

Upcoming Events

Low-Stress Camping, July 18-22

It’s summer, and time to go camping! On July 18 - 22 we will return to the Atkinson Estate, just up the hill from Morgan Hill, for five days of -- well, ask someone who’s been to one! The kids make friends, the adults make friends. The village raises the children. It is truly low-stress camping. We eat, sleep, hike, read, snooze, play Boggle, play in the creek, talk, listen, count stars, watch birds, share chores, s’mores and snores, and we wish life were always like this.

For more information, send an email to Alec MacLean at calecm@aol.com, and we’ll send you some more information. We are limited in the number of people we can take, so don’t wait until the last minute.

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!
Unitarian Artisans & Craftspeople!!!

Share your creativity at the Fireside Gift Faire on Sunday Dec. 10 after the church service! This sixth annual event, formerly known as Holiday Wanderers, is a fundraiser for First Unitarian. Artistic and crafty people can rent tables to sell their handmade goods, with a portion of profits donated to the church. Let your creative mind go! Registration deadline for new vendors is August 15, 2007. California Seller’s Permit is required. It’s free and easy to get by visiting www.boe.ca.gov. For the Fireside Gift Faire registration form and further information, please contact Cecilia Deck at (408) 729-5586 or email ceciliadeck@sbcglobal.net.

UU Hikers and Friends

For times and places for hikes (Wednesday and Saturday mornings) during the first half of July, call me (Joyce Miller) at (408) 730-1052 or email me at j408miller@sbcglobal.net. The hiking schedule for the second half of July will appear in the July 18 newsletter. Please let me know if you are coming on a hike so I can look for you at the car pool spot or trailhead. You can call me the morning of the hike any time after 6:30 am. See you on the trails!


Circling Around

by Kelly Burnett

Many of us are back from General Assembly, which was held in Portland, Oregon. Our church had the second largest number in attendance. Yeah, FUCSJ!!

We saw many people there who had been part of our congregation and had moved away, and reunion was wonderful. For me, personally, seeing Lilia was amazing. She seems so happy but says she misses us as much as we miss her. There were several dinners where bunches of us broke bread and shared fellowship.

I rode up and back with Mary McGuinness, Joyce Miller, and Diana Wirt, all wonderfully intelligent, charming, and hugely funny women. It was a blessing to be with them. We did, of course, solve the world’s problems, so if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

I ran into Kevin Smith, much to my amazement. I had a wonderful but brief time with him. He, too, is smart and funny and oh so charming.

Marla Scharf, one of our Board members, went to GA with an injured ankle, having suffered a fall the week before we left. She was a real trooper and stayed ‘til the bitter end. You rock, Marla!

Joy Ellen Lipsky was a presenter and she held a workshop on ”Walking the UU path With Mystical Feet.” If you’d like to learn more about this topic, you should soon be able to access Joy-Ellen’s presentation on www.uumystics.org.

I focused on workshops dealing with web sites and breakthrough congregations, both of which interest me. All were good, some spectacular. It was a wonderful and uplifting experience. Hopefully, others who attended will be sharing their news as well.

Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge Katherine Lucero, a member of our congregation, was the author of an article that recently appeared in the San Jose Mercury News about the successful Santa Clara County Dependency Drug Treatment program. This is an intensive drug, alcohol and mental health intervention program for mothers who have their children taken because they are drug addicts. A recently published study shows that those who participate in the Santa Clara County Dependency Drug Treatment Court have a 76 percent chance of getting their children returned to them vs. a 44 percent chance if they are not in that program. “This innovative approach to family reunification is one where everybody wins,” she reports.

Please send Kelly Burnett your honors, joys, plans, and any other news that needs to be shared with our community so that she can keep us all informed. Her email address is kelly@kellybur.com. Her telephone number is 408-810-3182, but she’d prefer to receive your news by email, if possible.




15 de Julio — 9:30 a.m.

La Incredulidad, Una Gran Virtud

Los tiempos que estamos viviendo el día de hoy, son tiempos difíciles. Las cosas ya no son como lo eran como cuando éramos niños, ya que las cosas no parecen funcionar igual que antes. Mucho de los que una vez pareció cierto, ahora se ha vuelto dudoso, por lo cual nos sentimos inseguros y amenazados. Ven y compartamos en comunidad nuestras angustias y aciertos, reflexionemos como podemos encontrar nuevamente la tranquilidad.

Dirige: Roberto Padilla; Asociados de Servicio: Miembros de SSM.

July 15 — 9:30 a.m.

Disbelief, a Great Virtue
We are living in difficult times today. Things are no longer as they once were when we were children, since things do not seem to work as before. Much of what was once certain has now become doubtful, thus we feel uncertain and threatened. Come and share with our community your heartaches and successes, as we reflect on how we can find tranquility again.

Worship Leader: Roberto Padilla; Worship Associates: Members of SSM.

July 15 — 11 a.m.

A Service for Marriage Equality
Join us as we look at some historical and contemporary cultural phenomena related to marriage equality. This service will explore ways in which we can cross the cultural divide and embody our faith in bold and loving ways.

Worship Leader: Kathleen Soboleska; Worship Associate: TBA.

15 de Julio — 11 a.m.

Un Servicio Para la Igualdad en el Matrimonio
Unámonos a mirar algunos fenómenos culturales, históricos y contemporáneos relacionados con la igualdad en el matrimonio. Este servicio explorará las maneras de cómo podemos cruzar la división cultural y cultural e incorporarlo a nuestra fe de maneras audaces y cariñosas.

Dirige: Kathleen Soboleska; Asociada de Servicio: ASA.




22 de Julio — 9:30 a.m.

La enfermedad mental
La enfermedad mental no es un malestar físico u orgánico, es una actitud mental. Si, es una enfermedad de nuestra alma. También nuestra alma necesita atención, para limpiarla de todas las cosas negativas cotidianas con las que nos topamos cada día: el odio, la frustración, la enemistad, la discriminación, los resentimientos, la sumisión. “Debido a la domesticación, la mente está tan herida y llena de veneno, que todos creemos que ese estado es el normal. Sin embargo, te aseguro que no lo es.”

Dirige: Leticia Elicea; Asociados de Servicio: Miembros de SSM.

July 22 — 9:30 a.m.

Mental Illness
Mental illness is not a physical or organic malaise; it is a mental attitude. Yes, it is a disease of our soul. Also our soul needs attention, to clean it of all the negative things that we run into every day: the hatred, the frustration, the enmity, the discrimination, the resentments, the submission. “Due to domestication, the mind is so wounded and full of poison, that all we think that this state is the normal one. Nevertheless, I assure to you that it is not.”

Worship Leader: Leticia Elicea; Worship Associates: Members of SSM.

July 22 — 11 a.m.

Are There Christians Among Us?
In describing who we are as a church community, many of us would be quick to say that we are not Christians, but what relationship would we say that we have with our undeniably Christian roots? Having distanced ourselves from this heritage, have we ever considered what might we be losing? Are we all comfortable with the idea that Christians often feel unwelcome in many of our church communities? Today we will explore what place Christianity and Christians have in our church community and consider whether the voice of our rich Christian heritage has been marginalized as we have embraced a wide diversity of additional beliefs, “unbeliefs” and practices.

Worship Leader: Suzanne Marsh; Worship Associate: Luther Jackson.

22 de Julio — 11 a.m.

¿Son Cristianos entre Nosotros?
Describiendo quiénes somos como comunidad religiosa, muchos de nosotros estaríamos prestos a decir que nosotros no somos cristianos, ¿pero qué relación diríamos que tenemos con nuestras innegables raíces cristianas? ¿Estamos del todo cómodos con la idea de que los cristianos se sientan a menudo incómodos en muchas de nuestras comunidades religiosas? Exploraremos hoy qué lugar tiene el Cristianismo y los Cristianos en nuestra comunidad religiosa y consideremos si la voz de nuestra rica herencia cristiana ha sido marginalizada cuando hemos abrazado una amplia diversidad de creencias, “incredulidades” y prácticas.

Dirige: Suzanne Marsh; Asociado de Servicio: Luther Jackson.


For Pastoral Care

Our community strives to offer compassion, companionship, healing, and joy to all its members. Our pastoral care coordinators can help you find the listening ear or helping hands that you may need in difficult times. For pastoral care in English, please contact our lay Pastoral Associate Coordinator, Rev. Donna Lenahan: (home) 408-354-9024; (cell) 408-204-6565; e-mail: djlenahan@aol.com. For pastoral care in Spanish, please contact our Spanish-Speaking Ministries Coordinator, Roberto Padilla: (cell) 408-841-1011; e-mail: paor69@yahoo.com.

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Rev. Nancy Palmer Jones and Rev. Geoff Rimositis feel honored to serve this congregation, and we cherish your trust! Here is how reach us: Nancy: (408) 292-3858, ext. 23 Mon.-Thurs.; (cell) 408-952-9418; e-mail: revnpj@yahoo.com. Geoff: (408) 292-3858, ext. 25 Mon.-Thurs.; e-mail: grimositis@sanjoseuu.org.

Cuidado Pastoral

Nuestra comunidad se esfuerza en ofrecer la compasión,el compañerismo curativo, y la alegría a todos susmiembros. Nuestros coordinadores en cuidado pastoral pueden ayudarle a encontrar un oído que escucha, o lasmanos que ayudan cuando ustedes lo pudieran necesitaren épocas difíciles. Para el cuidado pastoral en inglés, por favor, comuníquese con nuestro Coordinador Asociado Laico en Cuidado Pastoral, la Rev. Donna Lenahan: (casa) 408-354-9024; (celular) 408-204-6565; e-mail: djlenahan@aol.com. Para el cuidado pastoral en español, por favor comuníquese con nuestro Coordinador de los Ministeriosen Español, Roberto Padilla: (cell) 408-841-1011; e-mail: paor69@yahoo.com.

Contactando a los Ministros

La Rev. Nancy Palmer Jones y El Rev. Geoff Rimositis se sienten honrados por servir a esta congregación, y nosotros apreciamos su confianza! Aquí nosotros estamos a su alcance: Nancy: (408) 292-3858, ext. 23 de Lunes a Jueves; (celular) 408-952-9418; e-mail: revnpj@yahoo.com Geoff: (408) 292-3858, ext. 25 de Lunes a Jueves; e-mail: grimositis@sanjoseuu.org.


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