Our Church Circular / Nuestro Periódico de la Iglesia / October 1, 2008 / 1 de Octubre 2008

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Save the Dates


Religious Education - Job Opening for RE Assistant


As we build the beloved community …


Articulating Our Unitarian Universalist Faith


Elections and FUCSJ


Housing for One


Ready to Become a New Member of the First Unitarian Church of San José?


Volunteer Opportunities


Circling Around


Comment on our Principles


Spotlight on Social Justice


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The Ministers Are In! / Board and Staff Contact Information

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Servicios de Domingo


Mientras construimos nuestra querida comunidad …


¿Listo para ser un Nuevo Miembro de la Primera Iglesia Unitaria de San José?


Aquí estan los Ministros!

9:30 a.m.
Servicios en español/Translation into English

5 de Octubre–9:30 a.m.

Cambios externos e internos
Que difícil y doloroso es el tener que de cambiar algo en nuestras vidas, aunque los cambios nos traigan una renovación del espíritu y la mente.

Dirige: Roberto Padilla; Asociados/as de Culto: Miembros de SSM.

External and internal changes
How difficult and painful it is to change something in our lives, even though the change will bring a renovation to our spirit and mind.

Worship Leader: Roberto Padilla; Worship Associates: Members of SSM

11:00 a.m.
Services in English

October 5–11:00 a.m.

The Spirituality of the labyrinth
We have in the middle of our sanctuary a labyrinth that is a smaller version of the labyrinth found at The Cathedral of Chartres in France built around the year 1220. Why a labyrinth? The great need of our times is for people to be connected to spirit. The labyrinth is an archetype and a metaphor for the spiritual journey. There is only one way in and one way out of both the labyrinth and of life. It is the symbol of the divine feminine that emphasizes flow not force, cooperation not competition. Patrick Smiley will grace us by playing the harp and we will hear from the many voices that have found peace and awakening walking the labyrinth.

Worship Leader: the Rev. Geoff Rimositis

More about labyrinths… bonus article

“The labyrinth is an ancient pattern found in many cultures around the world. Labyrinth designs were found on pottery, tablets and tiles date as far back as 4000 years. Many patterns are based on spirals from nature. In Native American culture it is called the Medicine Wheel and Man in the Maze. The Celts described it as the Never Ending Circle. It is also called the Kabala in mystical Judaism. One feature they all share is that they have one path which winds in a circuitous way to the center. The labyrinth has only one path so there are no tricks to it and no dead ends. The path winds throughout and becomes a mirror for where we are in our lives. It touches our sorrows and releases our joys. Walk it with an open mind and an open heart.” (The Rev. Lauren Artress of Grace Cathedral in San Francisco [gracecathedral.org/labyrinth])

“We are taking the sacred back into our lives. The swing is from transcendence to immanence. The most vital movement of our era involves making the sacred immanent again. I see it happening in every spiritual tradition – in the Jewish Renewal movement, in Creation Spirituality, in women’s spirituality, and in the resurgence of Wicca, and the teachings of ancient indigenous peoples. We are reawakening to the sacredness of life itself, in the soil and air and water, in our brothers and sisters of other species, and in our own bodies.” (Joanna Macy, The Great Turning)

The Labyrinth is an archetype, a divine imprint, found in all religious traditions in various forms around the world. By walking a replica of the Chartres labyrinth, laid in the floor of Chartres Cathedral in France around 1220, we are rediscovering a long-forgotten mystical tradition that is insisting to be reborn.

12 de Octubre — 9:30 am

Afirmación I: El amor es la doctrina de esta iglesia
Hoy es domingo de asociación, un servicio anual que nos liga a todas las congregaciones Unitarias Universalistas de la Asociación de Unitaria Universalista, y el tema relativo a este año es “Creciendo su espíritu.” Es tan particularmente apropiado que en este domingo emprenderemos una serie a través del año de servicios de nuestra afirmación, comenzando con la primera línea. ¿Cómo puede el “amor” ser la “doctrina” de esta iglesia? ¿Qué hace esto particularmente una idea UU? ¿Cómo lo ponemos en práctica? ¿Qué nos estamos prometiendo el uno al otro cuando decimos estas palabras cada domingo?

Los nuevos miembros son bienvenidos a nuestra congregación cada segundo domingo del mes a partir de octubre hasta mayo. ¡Si usted quisiera unirse a la FUCSJ este domingo, por favor, entre en contacto con el Rev. Geoff o con la Rev. Nancy a la mayor brevedad posible!

Dirige: la Rev. Nancy Palmer; Asociados de Culto: Miembros de SSM.

October 12 — 11:00 am

Affirmation I: Love is the doctrine of this church
Today is Association Sunday, an annual service that links us to all Unitarian Universalist congregations in the Unitarian Universalist Association, and this year’s theme is “Growing Your Spirit.” So it’s particularly appropriate that on this Sunday we launch a yearlong series of worship services on our Affirmation, beginning with the very first line. How can “love” be the “doctrine” of this church? What makes this a particularly UU idea? How do we put it into practice? Just what are we promising one another when we speak these words each Sunday?

New members are welcomed into our congregation on every second Sunday of the month from October through May. If you would like to join FUCSJ on this Sunday, please contact Rev. Geoff or Rev. Nancy ASAP!

Worship Leader: the Rev. Nancy Palmer Jones; Worship Associate: Bruce Halen.

19 de Octubre — 9:30 am

Viviendo en Nuestra Torre de Babel I: La familia
Todos hemos vivido la brecha generacional en nuestras vidas y en nuestras familias. ¿Cómo podemos como individuos y como comunidad amorosa para construir un puente para disminuir la brecha generacional?

Dirige: Roberto Padilla; Asociados de Culto: Miembros de SSM.

Living in Our Tower of Babel I: The family
We have all lived the generational breach in our lives and our families. How can we, as individuals and as a loving community, build a bridge to diminish the generational breach?

Worship Leader: Roberto Padilla; Worship Associates: Members of SSM.

October 19 — 11:00 am

To Mentor and be Mentored
Who are the mentors that have made a difference in your life? Who has inspired you to use your gifts and claim your power? And who have you taken under your wing to share your wisdom and experience? We know that we can’t be successful in this life without the help and guidance of trusted friends and confidantes. We all need someone to believe in us and be with us as we come into the full blossoming of our spirit. This Sunday we will be joined by youth from six different Unitarian Universalist congregations who are participating in the first retreat of this year’s Coming of Age Program. We will also hear from City Year Silicon Valley, the Americorp program where youth give a year of service to the community.

Worship Leader: the Rev. Geoff Rimositis.

De Guia y Ser Guiado
¿Quiénes son los mentores que han hecho la diferencia en su vida? ¿Quién le ha inspirado a que utilice sus dones y reclame su energía? ¿Y quién le ha tomado bajo su sombra para compartir su sabiduría y experiencia? Sabemos que no podemos ser exitosos en esta vida sin la ayuda y la dirección de amigos y confidentes. Todos necesitamos de alguien que crea en nosotros y este con nosotros cuando florezca totalmente nuestro espíritu. Este domingo nos reuniremos con jóvenes de seis congregaciones Unitarias Universalistas diferentes quienes participaran en el primer retiro de la mayoría de edad de este año. También oiremos acerca de City Year Silicon Valley, el programa de Americorp en donde los jóvenes dan año de servicio a la comunidad.

Dirige: el Rev. Geoff Rimositis.


Save the Dates

  • October 2, November 6, Thursday, Women’s Alliance at Jean von Kaenel’s home. For more info contact Nancy Coleman at 984-5778 or nbcoleman@gmail.com
  • October 3-5, 2008 All-Church Retreat, Monte Toyon Conference Center
  • October 10, Thursday, “Share the Magic” Third Street Community Center Fund-Raiser, 6:00 pm, Tech Museum
  • October 12 and November 2, Sunday, UU Band of Writers, Downstairs, 12:20 pm
  • October 17-19, 12th Annual PCD Men’s Retreat, Westminster Center, Alamo
  • October 20, Sunday, Election Forum in Hattie Porter Hall after 11:00 am service
  • November 1, Saturday, 5:00 pm, Exhibition of the Altars, Hattie Porter Hall
  • December 14, Sunday, Fireside Gift Faire, Hattie Porter Hall

Religious Education

Sunday Morning Class Calendar

Nusery -- Birth through 4 Years
Nursery, Lower Level]

We provide a safe, clean environment in which to support each child in initiating play activities at the developmental level they manifest. Each week our paid staff, Stacey Vinyard and Stephanie Andaya Vallejo, provide a loving presence as they engage children in games, stories, and crafts with seasonal and holiday themes throughout the year.

K-Second Grades
Church’s lower level, Rooms 2-3

Special Times

October 5
A Time for Worship: Shabbat and Sabbath
Theme: To learn the importance in both Judaism and Christianity of a day of rest and worship.

October 12
A Time for the Year to Begin Again
Theme: To learn about the autumn celebration of the Jewish New Year.

October 19
A Time for Forgiveness
Theme: To learn that we should say, “I’m sorry” and try to make amends for our wrongs.

Third-Fifth Grades
Church’s lower level, Rooms 4-6

A stepping stone year

September 21
Introduction to Beginning Myths

Theme: To make children feel welcome and introduce them to the “beginnings theme.

September 28
A Story from the Kalahari Bushmen

Theme: To present and discuss a creation story from another culture.

October 5
A Story from the Miwok Indians Of California

Theme: To foster the children’s appreciation of the diversity of human thought and imagination.

Sixth-Eighth Grades;
Church’s lower level, Conference Room

Building Assets Together

October 5 Theme to be announced

October 12 Theme to be announced

October 19 No Class—Youth stay for service

9th-12th Grades; Youth Room
(Balcony level above Hattie Porter Hall)

Senior High Youth Group
The youth group meets every Sunday after the first part of the service. The youth group provides a safe place for personal sharing and discussion of diverse issues effecting society and youth today. The group will be using the curriculum Real Stories by teens making choices and keeping it real.

8th-10th Grades
Church’s lower level, Room 4-6

Coming of age

October 12, 10:30-Noon
Blossom Hill Crafts, Los Gatos (Making bowls for Second Harvest Food Bank fund-raiser)

October 17-19
PCD Threshold Retreat, First Unitarian Church of San José

Youth Group Activities
Staff: the Rev. Geoff Rimositis; Advisors: Mike Williamson, Cordelia Willis, Richard Gould. To participate in junior or senior high youth group activities, contact the Rev. Geoff Rimositis, GRimositis@sanjoseuu.org, 292-3858, 25.

Young Religious Unitarian Universalists (YRUU)
The youth groups are designed to empower youth in leadership positions within the group to plan and lead activities that include: conducting service projects in the church and community, participating in Young Religious Unitarian Universalists’ Youth Conferences in the San Francisco Bay Area, and organizing social events such as wilderness experiences, overnights, ski weekends, and movie outings.

If you are interested in participating in junior or senior high youth group activities, please contact the Rev. Geoff Rimositis, GRimositis@sanjoseuu.org, 292-3858, 25.

Religious Education Registration On Line
To register for children and youth programs at http://sanjoseuu.org/RE/br.html, just click the button that says registration. All information is sent only to the Rev. Geoff Rimositis.

Job opening – Religious Education Assistant

6 hours per week @ $13 per hour

The Religious Education Assistant (REA) under the supervision of the Associate Minister for Religious Education provides assistance to the children and youth ministries of the First Unitarian Church of San Jose.

The duties of the REA include:

  • Greeting new families on Sunday mornings, answering their questions about the church’s Religious Education Programs, giving out brochures, showing new families where the classes are located and when possible introducing new children to their teachers.
  • Teaching or assisting occasionally in the Sunday morning classes.
  • Keeping a list of youth from 1st-12th grades and each week recruiting two youth to be a chalice reader and lighter for the 11 a.m. service. If the children are new at being lighters or readers, s/he will meet with them in the sanctuary at 10:40 a.m. to practice lighting or reading.
  • Arriving at the church by 10:15 a.m. on Sunday mornings to set up classrooms. set out class containers and teacher evaluation forms, and then at the end of classes at 12:30 p.m. put containers away. The REA reviews the teacher forms and fills requests for supplies. The REA keeps track of class attendance numbers and fills them in weekly on the bulletin board in the Associate Minster’s office. The REA leaves completed teacher forms with the Associate Minister for review.
  • Maintaining the supply cabinets and ordering supplies. 
  • Keeping track of new registrations, putting new families in the church database and updating registration and class lists.
  • Making occasional phone calls for recruitment or event notification.
  • Providing other assistance for the religious education program.

The REA must be at least 18 years of age and willing to fill out an application form, supply references and agree to have a fingerprint scan done at the Sheriff’s Office. The First Unitarian Church of San Jose is an equal opportunity employer.

Interested applicants can obtain an application form by contacting the Rev. Geoff Rimositis at 292-3858, x25, GRimositis@sanjoseuu.org


As we build the beloved community...

by the Rev. Nancy Palmer Jones

Mientras construimos nuestra querida comunidad …

Para la Rev. Nancy Palmer Jones.

Rumi-omancy, or Finding Space “Between the Layers of Baklava”

At our Committee on Ministries meeting, chair Michael Payne-Alex launched our gathering by opening the Tao Te Ching at random and reading a passage. I confess, I don’t remember what the passage said (sorry, Michael; sorry, Tao), but I do remember my delight at this reminder of the practice called “bibliomancy.”

Bibliomancy—it means “divination by interpretation of a passage chosen at random from a book.” The word first shows up in the mid-18th century, but the practice goes way back. You may have heard about people using the Bible in this way: letting the Bible fall open where it will, then expecting to find in the passages on that page hints about the future or some special guidance for their life. In even earlier days, folks used the classical poets Homer and Virgil in just the same way.

What is valuable about this history for us Unitarian Universalists? Simply this: that throughout time we human beings have craved more insight into the future; we have longed for inspiration and affirmation. We may go about it differently now, but we are all connected, through time, in these human longings. And that’s a good thing.

I certainly don’t believe that these random passages, whatever their source, can predict our future. But I do find that when my mind and heart need a spiritual lift, this game of opening at random to a page from a well-loved source can provide something to puzzle over, can send my thoughts off in a new direction, or can simply give me a good laugh. Those are good things, too!

The other night, I thought I’d give it a try. So I picked up The Soul of Rumi: A New Collection of Ecstatic Poems, translated by Coleman Barks, and opened it at random. This is what I found—this poem called “The Taste”:

A walnut kernel shaken against its shell makes a delicate sound, but

the walnut taste and the sweet oil inside makes unstruck music. Mystics

call the shell rattling talk; the other, the taste of silence. We’ve been speaking

poetry and opening so-called secrets of soul growth long enough. After

days of feasting, fast; after days of sleeping, stay awake one night; after these

times of bitter storytelling, joking, and serious considerations, we should

give ourselves two days between layers of baklava in the quiet seclusion where

soul sweetens and thrives more than with language.

After all we’ve been doing, let’s remember to give ourselves time “between layers of baklava” for a change. After all the talk, a silence. After all the worry, hope. After all the doing, being…. Those are good things, too!

With my love,


Rumi-mancia, o encontrar el espacio “entre las capas de baklava”

En nuestra junta del Comité sobre los Ministerios, Michael Payne-Alex inició nuestra reunión abriendo el Tao Te Ching al azar y leyendo un pasaje. Confieso, que no recuerdo lo que el pasaje decía (perdón, Michael; perdón, Tao), pero yo recuerdo mi placer en este recordatorio de la práctica llamada “bibliomancia.”

Bibliomancia significa “la adivinación por la interpretación de un pasaje elegido al azar de un libro.” Esta palabra fue usada primeramente a mediados del siglo XVII, pero la práctica viene de mucho más atrás. Usted pudo haber oído hablar de la gente que usa la Biblia en esta manera: dejar caer la Biblia para que se abra en donde sea, entonces esperar encontrar en los pasajes de esa página la pista acerca del futuro o una cierta dirección especial para su vida. Incluso en los primeros días, la gente utilizó a poetas clásicos como Homero y Virgilio de la misma manera.

¿Que valor tiene esta historia para nosotros los Unitarios Universalistas? Simplemente esto: que a través de tiempo los seres humanos hemos anhelado percibir más el futuro; hemos deseado la inspiración y la afirmación. Ahora podemos encontrar estas respuestas en diferentes maneras, pero todos estamos conectados, a través del tiempo, en estos anhelos humanos. Y eso es una cosa buena.

No creo ciertamente que estos pasos al azar, sin importar su fuente, puedan predecir nuestro futuro. Pero encuentro que cuando mi mente y corazón necesitan una elevación espiritual, este juego de abrirse al azar en una página de una bien amada fuente, puede proporcionar algo para tratar de resolver o entender algo, puede enviar mis pensamientos en una nueva dirección, o puede simplemente darme una buena risa. ¡Ésas son buenas cosas, también!

La otra noche, pensé que haría un intento. Tomé El Alma de Rumi: Una Nueva Colección de Poemas Estáticos, traducida por Coleman Barks, y lo abrí al azar. Esto es lo que encontré-este poema llamado “El Gusto”:

Una nuez sacudida contra su cáscara hace un sonido delicado,

pero el sabor de la nuez y el dulce aceite del interior hacen una música aparte.

Los místicos lo llaman la charla de la cáscara; el otro, el gusto del silencio. Hemos estado hablando de poesía y tan abiertos –llamados secretos del alma que crecen lo suficientemente largos.

Después de los días de festín, ayunar; después de días de dormir, estar despierto una noche; después de estas épocas de amarga narración, de bromear y de consideraciones serias, debemos darnos dos días entre las capas de baklava en el tranquilo aislamiento donde el alma endulza y prospera más que con el lenguaje.

Después de todo lo que hemos estado haciendo, déjenos recordar traer tiempo a nuestras vidas “entre las capas de baklava” para un cambio. Después de toda la charla, un silencio. Después de todas las preocupaciones, esperanza. Después de todo el hacer, ser…. ¡Ésas son buenas cosas, también!

Con mi cariño,



Articulating Our Unitarian Universalist Faith

By the Rev. Geoff Rimositis

“There are only two lasting bequests we can hope to give our children. One of these is roots and the other is wings.”

-Hodding Carter (1907-72) American journalist and news publisher

First Unitarian children and youth enjoy parachute games at St. James Park. 9-21-08

What do we want for our children?

We want them to be happy. We want them to know that they are precious to us.

We want them to know that it is our mission as a Unitarian Universalist congregation to provide experiences that they can sink their roots into and be nurtured by our rich tradition. We don’t want them to stand on the sidelines but to get into the game—of life and into the work of transforming the world. They too have wisdom to share and a contribution to make.

We give them their wings so they can fly high and take in the big picture of our blue boat home. With wings they come to see how deeply connected we are to each other and to the fabric of existence. With wings they discover the strength within them to create beauty, restore harmony and bring healing and justice wherever it is needed. With wings they celebrate the joy of living and the bounty of friends who accept them for who they are and who together walk hand-in-hand to face whatever life may bring their way.

Roots and wings are the gifts of Unitarian Universalism.


Elections and FUCSJ

by the Rev. Nancy Palmer Jones

In order to maintain our nonprofit status as a congregation--and our own economics demand that we do--we need to comply with the law about how religious organizations can and cannot engage in the current elections.

Here’s the short form of the rule for religious organizations like ours: We can’t support candidates or political parties in our sanctuary or when we are visibly representing our congregation. Our ministers and elected leaders cannot endorse a candidate or political party when they are appearing in their official role. Issue advocacy is fine for faith organizations and faith leaders.

On Sunday, October 26, in 11:00 am worship, we’ll take up some of the issues that will influence how we vote in these elections, from a Unitarian Universalist point of view. Be sure to join us--and then stay for the Election Forum following worship, where a number of the more controversial or difficult propositions will be discussed.

Answers to your questions:

  1. Is it OK for us to have “No on Prop 8” yard signs in front of our church? Yes, because we can legally take a stand as a religious organization on issues--and because our FUCSJ by-laws demand that in order to take such a stand as a congregation, we take a vote, and we have done so. So, FUCSJ can plant “No on Prop 8” yard signs in our planters out front, and we can host “No on Prop 8” phone banking every Thursday evening until the election, because this congregation has voted numerous times to support marriage equality (most recently, when we voted to sign the Amicus Brief that is part of the CA Supreme Court decision affirming the right of same-sex couples to marry). We may not all agree 100% on this issue--but we have stayed true to our democratic principles and our by-laws.
  2. Are we Unitarian Universalists all agreed on what and whom to vote for? Do we all belong to the same political party? No, and no! I invite us to wrestle with our First Principle--affirming and promoting the inherent worth and dignity of every person--as we talk about these elections within our community, recognizing that “we don’t have to think alike to love alike,” that there is more diversity among us than may at first be apparent, and that we want to welcome a wide range of visitors. Let’s leave space for diversity of opinions and allegiances. My challenge to all of us: No matter where we stand or whom we’re voting for, can we articulate how our UU faith has led us to the positions we hold? I heartily believe that there should be a connection between our UU faith--our ethics, our values--and our politics; can we name it?

These elections are enormously important, and our passions are rightly running high. We don’t want to dampen that energy! Here’s a suggestion: Anyone who would like to discuss the elections, please grab your cup of coffee during Social Hour following the 11:00 am service, and then meet in the Fireside Room for informal “fireside chats.” Look for members of the Social Justice Council and JUUst Peace group to join you, but there’s no need for an official “moderator.” Just remember to “embody our Unitarian Universalist principles” in the way we speak, and to help each other become, through these conversations and others, “agents for spiritual growth, healing, social justice, compassion, and joy”!

Housing for One

34-year-old female UU seminarian and office manager seeks non-smoking, cat-tolerant roommate to share two-bedroom duplex in West San Jose. Share kitchen, bathroom, living room, small garage, washer/dryer. Rent is $500 per month. Contact Kathleen at kathleenbardin@yahoo.com or (408) 529-3478 if you are interested.


Ready to Become a New Member of the First Unitarian Church of San José?

Membership means you have found your spiritual home in Unitarian Universalism and here at FUCSJ; it means you feel called to offer your time, talent, and treasure to help build this Beloved Community. We welcome you!

Please set up a meeting with Rev. Nancy, revnpj@yahoo.com, and then plan to participate in the next New-Member In-gathering!

¿Listo para ser un Nuevo Miembro de la Primera Iglesia Unitaria de San José?

Membresía significa que tú has encontrado tu hogar espiritual en el Unitario Universalismo y aquí en la FUCSJ; significa que tú has sentido el llamado de ofrecer tu tiempo, talento y tesoro para ayudar a construir a esta amada comunidad. ¡Le damos la bienvenida!

Por favor, tenga una reunión con la Rev. Nancy revnpj@yahoo.com y entonces planee participar en el siguiente Reunión de Nuevos Miembros.

Ways to share your time and talent

These are the volunteer positions most urgently in need of filling. Please take a moment to see if any of these service opportunities are right for you.

  • COFFEE HOUR HOST: set out snacks, drinks before service; clean up after; 1 Sun. a mo.; 1 yr. term
  • LABYRINTH HOST: set up table & music and be present, 11:30-1:00; serve according to availability; 1 yr. term
  • WORSHIP HOST: greet & welcome people coming to Sun. service, collect offering; 1 Sun. a mo.; 1 yr. term
  • SOUND SYSTEM OPERATOR: operate sound system during 9:30 & 11:00 services;1 Sun. a mo.; 1 yr. term
  • TAPE DUPLICATOR: make & provide tapes of services in HPH after church for 1 ½ hrs.; 1 yr. term
  • NEWCOMER TABLE HOST: welcome newcomers, ask to fill out card, give info.;1 Sun. a mo.; 1 yr. term

    Call Ed at (408) 712-4157.


    Circling Around

    Torchy Hunter will take over as the new Circling Around correspondant in the next edition.


    Comment on our Principles

    By Tracy Avent, Board President

    The UUA Committee on Appraisal has publicized a draft document that describes the denomination principles and general thrust of their priorities. The document is available for comment through 10/12/08 in two different formats at this website:

    http://www.uua.org/documents/coa/articleii/080915_articleii.rtf Check it out! ●

    Spotlight on Social Justice

    By Carol Stephenson, Social Justice Coordinator, socialjustice@sanjoseuu.org (408) 292-3858 x27

    Third Street Community Center Annual Share the Magic Fundraiser, Friday, October 10 at the Tech!

    Third Street Community Center’s annual Share the Magic fundraiser is just two weeks from this Friday! On October 10 from 6:00-8:00 pm we will once again gather at the Tech Museum to celebrate the growing programs of the nonprofit created by the members and friends of First Unitarian. Our continued support of Third Street is critical not only for its success, but also so that our congregation maintains these powerful connections to our neighborhood.

    Tickets are still available! Individual tickets to the event are $75 each but anyone who is able to donate beyond the $75 ticket purchase price can make it possible for other congregants to attend. Anyone who wants to contribute to a table, even if you can’t attend, will make it possible for other leaders to show up and witness to our support. Any connections to local businesses that might contribute, let us know! For more information or to buy a ticket, contact Carol at socialjustice@sanjoseuu.org or 292-3858 x27. Please consider being a part of this year’s Share the Magic!

    Save the Date! Election Discussion October 26
    Let’s learn about the election! Social Justice Council invites you to learn and discuss the propositions and measures on this November ballot. We are still developing the format of this event, and help is requested! If you can be a part of the planning committee contact John Burk at mus6@aceweb.com. If you have expertise on an issue (Propositions and Measures only) contact Carol at socialjustice@sanjoseuu.org.

    Dia de Los Muertos; in the Spirit of Human Rights Exhibition on November 1
    One of the most anticipated days of the year in our congregation is just around the corner. The Dia de los Muertos altars will be available for viewing starting October 31 through November 10. On November 1, we celebrate the tradition with Third Street Community Center at the second annual Exhibition of Altars. At 5:00 pm, come with children for activities and crafts. From 6:00-8:00 pm, the reception features Mexican bread and hot chocolate, and includes a short documentary on Day of the Dead as celebrated in Janitzio, Mexico. At 7:00, the Crosscultural Community Services Center sponsors a Calaveras show in the Sanctuary. This year’s Day of the Dead honors individuals who gave or dedicated their lives to protect our human rights. Built by local agencies working to ensure these rights, this year’s collection of altars will depict how one person can make a difference and how we as a society can be a part of this change.

    Build Community, Build an Altar!
    As part of our No on 8 work, congregants are needed to build an altar about rights in the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender community. Can you create an altar about UN Human Rights Declaration Article 16: “Men and women of full age, without any limitation due to race, nationality or religion, have the right to marry and to found a family. They are entitled equal rights as to marriage, during marriage and at its dissolution.” Include Article #1, that “all human being are born free and equal”) and don’t forget Article 2, against all kinds of discrimination. Can you see it? Lots of rainbows! Also possibly a photo of Del Martin and/or Gwen Aruajo. There could even be a “Vow to Vote No” opportunity with a glass jar for people to have an interaction with the altar. Most important: YOUR ideas and creativity! Contact Carol right away at socialjustice@sanjoseuu.org.

    No on 8 Phone Bank Still Needs You!
    Who is that fun, friendly, politically savvy and super-cool group of folks being inspired every Thursday night in our classrooms? It’s the No on 8 phone bankers and we are getting involved in this critical effort to make sure that everyone continues to have the right to marry in California. Join us any Thursday now until the election from 6:30 to 9:30pm for training, coaching and camaraderie. Can’t make it but want to be in on the fun? Bring us some food! We come from work and we are hungry! Contact Carol to sign up for either socialjustice@sanjoseuu.org

    Social Justice Calendar

    • Every Thursday until the Election, Classrooms, 6:30-9:30 pm, No on 8 Phone Bank
    • Friday, October 10, Tech Museum, 6:00-8:00 pm, Share the Magic
    • Sunday, October 26, Fireside Room/Sanctuary, 1:00 pm, Election Discussion
    • Saturday, November 1, Sanctuary and Hattie Porter Hall, Dia de los Muertos ­Exhibition

    Upcoming Events

    Friday, October 10
    Third Street Community Center Share the Magic

    The event that you have long been waiting for! TSCC’s Annual Share the Magic fundraiser returns to the Tech Museum on Friday, October 10. Buy a ticket, buy a table, but be sure to come support the non-profit that FUCSJ founded in our basement. TSCC keeps on growing, and we are all still invested in its continued success! More information is available at www.3street.org or from Rosemary at (408) 295-8722. Friday, October 10 at 6:00 p.m.

    September 8-October 20
    Council of Churches Offers “Faithful Citizens Go to the Polls” Fall Film Series in Palo Alto

    The Council of Churches of Santa Clara County and Mutlifaith Voices for Justice and Peace are sponsoring a series of timely and informative films. War, climate change, immigration, and globalization will be explored from diverse faith perspectives in this interfaith series to be held in Palo Alto. The series began during the week of September 8. Watch for details and/or visit www.councilofchurches-scc.org for more information.

    • “Immigration” - Thursday, Oct. 2, 7:00 pm, First Congregational Church, 1985 Louis Road (at Embarcadero), Palo Alto
    • “Globalization” featuring keynote address by Raj Patel, author of “Stuffed and Starved” - Monday, Oct. 20, 7:00 pm, First United Methodist Church, 625 Hamilton Avenue, Palo Alto

    October 3-5
    Time to Sign Up for Our All-Church Retreat!

    By Diana Wirt

    The All-Church Retreat will be October 3-5 this year. Watch for information and sign-up forms at tables in Hattie Porter Hall during August and early September. All members and friends of the church are invited to attend this relaxed, fun weekend. In addition, members of the Mission Peak UU Congregation in Fremont and the UU Fellowship of Los Gatos will join us this year. What better way to get to know your fellow church members than sharing delicious food, playing games, doing crafts, hiking, and talking with them. Sign up this Sunday!

    October 17-19
    12th Annual PCD Men’s Retreat: It’s All About Showing Up!

    Come join men from all around the Pacific Central District for a weekend of fun, community building, kinship, singing, workshops and more! We will be gathering once again at the Westminster Center in Alamo (10 miles south of Walnut Creek) Friday-Sunday, October 17th-19th.

    Our theme this year is “It’s All About Showing Up.” Through experiential workshops and kinship groups, we will explore the importance of showing up at the retreat and showing up and being fully present in our lives. There will also be free time on Saturday afternoon and the always-popular No-Talent Show on Saturday night.

    The cost for the weekend is $225. Scholarships are available. For more information and to register, go to http://pcd-uua.org/men/frames.htm or contact Harry J. Mersmann at 209-955-0291 or pcdmensretreat@gmail.com

    Woman’s Alliance Location Change

    Join us the first Thursday of each month for Rise Up and Call Her Name, an exploration of female spirituality through the centuries! Next meeting is Thursday, October 2 from 7:15 to 9:15 pm. Please note the monthly meetings of the Women’s Alliance have moved to the home of Jean von Kaenel in Los Gatos. Please contact Nancy Coleman for information at nbcoleman@gmail.com or 408 985 5778.

    “Soldiers of Conscience” Film and Discussion with Associate Producer

    Don’t miss the San Jose screening of this award winning documentary followed by Q&A with the Associate Producer on Wednesday, October 1, at St. Paul’s United Methodist Church, 405 S. 10th St. (at San Salvador), beginning at 7:00 pm.

    Their country asked them to kill. Their hearts asked them to stop.

    From West Point grads to drill sergeants, from Abu Ghraib interrogators to reservist-mechanics; soldiers in the US Army today reveal their deepest moral concern: is it ever OK to kill another human being? Interviewing several conscientious objectors as well as a West Point professor on the morality of war, the film provides a thoughtful exploration of war, peace and the human conscience.

    Associate producer Ian Slattery will lead the discussion following the film. A suggested donation of $5-15 requested, but no one will be turned away for lack of funds. Students are invited to attend free of charge.

    Made with official permission from the US Army, filmed in state-of-the-art High Definition video, Soldiers of Conscience includes never-before-seen footage of basic training and the war in Iraq.

    Don’t miss this unique opportunity to see this film (to be aired by PBS National Broadcast on October 16--check local listings), and engage in discussion with Associate Producer Ian Slattery and other community members.

    This showing is sponsored by the Council of Churches of Santa Clara County. Cosponsors include San Jose Peace & Justice Center, Friday Peace Vigil, Multifaith Voices for Peace & Justice, Our Developing World, and the Women’s International League for Peace & Freedom.

    Visit www.councilofchurches-scc.org or call (408) 297-2660 for more information.

    Are You Looking for UUthful Spirits?

    UUthful Spirits is an inclusive group for fun and fellowship for young adults and the young at heart. Activities include:

    • Game night, every 3rd Friday.
    • Sunday brunches, bimonthly on 2nd and 4th Sunday. Meet in Hattie Porter Hall about 12:45 p.m.
    • Happy hour, every 1st Friday of the month at Tied House at 5:30 p.m.

    Come join the fun. For more information, contact John Burk at mus6@aceweb.com or group at uuthful_spirits-owner@yahoogroups.com.

    UU Hikers & Friends

    by Joyce Miller

    Here is the October hiking schedule. As usual, please call if you want to hike, so I will know to look for you at the car pool spot. If you are a regular (and you know who you are) you don’t need to call unless you are not coming, so we won’t wait for you if you are late. You can call me on my home phone from 6:30 until 7:30 am when I leave. After 7:30, call my cell phone. If you want to email me that you are coming, that is fine. I try to remember to check my email the morning of the hike.

    My phone numbers are: 408 730-1052 (home) and 408 507-7052 (cell). In case of rain I frequently change the venue to the Stanford Dish, which is paved and solves the mud problem. I will cancel if we have a big wind and rain storm. If you wonder what decision has been made, give me a call the morning of the hike.

    See you on the trails!

    Wednesday, October 1

    Purisima State Park 6 miles, moderate. This is a shuttle hike. Meet at Page Mill/280 Park and Ride at 8:30 am.

    Saturday, October 4

    No hike planned. Several of us will be at a church retreat.

    Wednesday, October 8

    Huddart County Park, 8 miles, moderate. We will do the longer hike up to Skyline. Meet at Page Mill/280 Park and Ride at 8:30 am.

    Saturday, October 11

    Almaden Quicksilver, 6 miles, moderate. Mockingbird Hill entrance. Meet at Bed, Bath & Beyond parking lot at Almaden Plaza shopping center at 8:00 am.

    Wednesday, October 15

    Castle Rock State Park. 5 miles, moderate. Meet at Downey Bank parking lot in Saratoga at 8:30 am.

    Saturday, October 18

    Santa Teresa County Park, 6-7 miles, moderate. Meet at Bed, Bath & Beyond Parking lot at Almaden Plaza shopping center at 8:00 am.

    Wednesday, October 22

    Stevens Creek/Fremont Older, 6 miles, moderate. Meet at parking lot at Stevens Creek Park at 8:30 am. Directions: from 280 take Foothill Expressway as though you were going to Rancho San Antonio, but go straight on Foothill, which becomes Stevens Canyon Road at McClellan. Continue about a mile to entrance of park, which is on the left. Parking fee is $6.

    Saturday, October 25

    Sierra Azul Open Space Preserve, 6-7 miles, moderate. This is a new hike. We will be doing a hike in the Mt. Umunhum area. Details are still being figured out. Meet at Bed, Bath & Beyond parking lot at Almaden Plaza shopping center at 8:00 am.

    Wednesday, October 29

    Foothill Park, 7 miles, moderate. Meet at Page Mill/280 Park and Ride at 8:30 am. ●

  • 1001-14

    For Pastoral Care

    Our community strives to offer compassion, companionship, healing, and joy to all its members. Our pastoral care coordinators can help you find the listening ear or helping hands that you may need in difficult times.

    • For pastoral care in English, please contact our lay Pastoral Associate Coordinator, Rev. Donna Lenahan: (home) 408-354-9024; (cell) 408-204-6565; e-mail: djlenahan@aol.com.
    • For pastoral care in Spanish, please contact our Spanish-Speaking Ministries Coordinator, Roberto Padilla: 408-292-3858 ext. 24; e-mail: paor69@yahoo.com.

    Contacting the Ministers

    Rev. Nancy Palmer Jones and Rev. Geoff Rimositis feel honored to serve this congregation, and we cherish your trust! Here is how reach us:

    Cuidado Pastoral

    Nuestra comunidad se esfuerza en ofrecer la compasión,el compañerismo curativo, y la alegría a todos susmiembros. Nuestros coordinadores en cuidado pastoral pueden ayudarle a encontrar un oído que escucha, o lasmanos que ayudan cuando ustedes lo pudieran necesitaren épocas difíciles. Para el cuidado pastoral en inglés, por favor, comuníquese con nuestro Coordinador Asociado Laico en Cuidado Pastoral, la Rev. Donna Lenahan: (casa) 408-354-9024; (celular) 408-204-6565; e-mail: djlenahan@aol.com. Para el cuidado pastoral en español, por favor comuníquese con nuestro Coordinador de los Ministeriosen Español, Roberto Padilla: 408-292-3858 ext. 24; e-mail: paor69@yahoo.com.

    Contactando a los Ministros

    La Rev. Nancy Palmer Jones y El Rev. Geoff Rimositis se sienten honrados por servir a esta congregación, y nosotros apreciamos su confianza! Aquí nosotros estamos a su alcance:


    Tracy Avent, darkmuzik@yahoo.com

    Bob Redfern, rredfern@charter.net

    Bob Howd, BHowd@aol.com

    Joyce Miller, j408miller@sbcglobal.net

    Julia Rodriguez, quixoposto@ix.netcom.com

    Christopher Frey, cjfrey@cjfrey@alum.berkeley.edu

    Cheri Goodman, cheri.goodman@sbcglobal.net
    Rick Merritt, rbmerrit@cmp.com
    Michael Payne-Alex, michaelpaynealex@yahoo.com
    Marla Scharf, marla.scharf@gmail.com

    Church Staff

    Senior Minister, Ext. 23
     The Rev. Nancy Palmer Jones, revnpj@yahoo.com

    Assoc. Minister For Religious Education, Ext. 25
     The Rev. Geoff Rimositis , Grimositis@Sanjoseuu.org

    Office Administrator, Ext. 10
     Iris Gonzalez, fucsj@sanjoseuu.org

    Coordinator of Spanish Speaking Ministries, Ext. 24
     Roberto Padilla

    Social Justice Coordinator, Ext. 27
     Carol Stephenson, socialjustice@sanjoseuu.org

    Bookkeeper / Pam Garcia

    Sexton / Edgar Cruz

    R.E. Assistant / Alecia Baker

    Nursery Teacher / Stacey Vinyard

    Church Office
    : (408) 292-3858
    Fax: (408) 292-4744
    E-mail             fucsj@sanjoseuu.org
    URL                http://www.sanjoseuu.org

    Thank you to our volunteers!
    Our Church Circular is published on the first and third Wednesdays of each month. Circulation is about 500.

    Editors: Catherine Leeson Pelizzari; Sherry Howd, and Shirley Worth; Circular.Editors@gmail.com
    Sherry and/or Shirley will be editors for the October 15 issue. Catherine will be editor for the October 1 and November 5 issues.

    Translator: Roberto Padilla

    Layout: Henry Ruddle 408-234-3670 henry_L@ruddle.com (www.ruddle.com)

    Assembly Coordinators: Gretchen Leavitt and Genie Bernardini; Assembly Crew: Lloyd Eater

    Mailing: Libby Codd

    Thanks for all the work you do and care you put into the newsletter.

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    To receive the newsletter on paper, fill out the form at this link:

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