Our Church Circular / Nuestro Periódico de la Iglesia / January 16, 2008 / 16 de Enero 2008

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0116-1 Sunday Services
0116-2 Save the Dates
0116-3 Religious Education
0116-4 Mayor Reed Highlights Green City Plan Feb. 25 at FUCSJ;
Lyricists Arise — for a Greener San Jose

Sensing the Spirit with Sonya


To the End That… by Bob Miess


Annual Giving Campaign


Still Time for You to Join a Small Group!

0116-9 What an Opportunity — for Friendship, Growth and Service!

December 20, 2007 Board Meeting


Peninsula Cluster Group of Unitarian Universalist Churches Forming


Want to Organize a Church Fundraiser?

0116-13 Upcoming Events -- Multiculturalism Conference, UU Hikers & Friends

Circling Around

0116-15 Choir Notes
0116-16 Third Street Community Center Update: ESL Volunteers Needed!
0116-17 Want to be a Newsletter Editor?
0116-18 Spotlight on Social Justice: Boring Article About Calendar ... or is it?
0116-19 The Ministers Are In! / Board and Staff Contact Information
En Español
0116-1 Servicios de Domingo
0116-5 Percibiendo el Espiritu con Sonya
0116-13 Conduciendo a nuestras congregaciones hacia un futuro multirracial y Multicultural: ¡Ahora es el Tiempo!


Aquí estan los Ministros!



9:30 a.m.
Servicios en español/Translation into English

20 de Enero — 9:30 am

Buscando la Felicidad
Todos queremos ser felices, pero ¿donde la encontramos?, ¿Es posible ser eternamente felices? Acompáñenme y busquemos juntos la clave para la felicidad .

Dirige: Roberto Padilla; Asociados de Culto: Miembros de SSM 

Searching For Happiness
We all want to be happy, but where do we find it? It is possible to be eternally happy? Come join us as we search together for the key to happiness.  

Worship Leader: Roberto Padilla
Worship Associates: Members of SSM

11:00 a.m.
Services in English

January 20 — 11 am

Touching the Void
In the winter we try to appreciate the fallow time that the earth reminds us is a beneficial season to be attuned with. But sometimes when we slow down, we can find ourselves in a struggle with a void in our lives that we don’t know how to address or fill.

Worship Leader: the Rev. Sonya Sukalski;
Worship Associate: Kelly Burnett.

Tocando el Vacío
En el invierno intentamos apreciar el seguimiento del tiempo y la tierra nos recuerda que es una estación beneficiosa y que esta en armonía. Pero a veces, cuando nos desplomamos, podemos encontrarnos en una lucha de un vacío en nuestras vidas que no sabemos como tratar o llenar.

Dirige: la Rev. Sonya Sukalski; Asociada de Servicio: Kelly Burnett.

27 de Enero -- 9:30 a.m. y 11:00 a.m.

Dando Voz a la Justicia
Cantar solos en la ducha y cantar juntos en la iglesia pueden ser cada uno algo divertido, pero no es lo mismo. Al vivir los principios UU de justicia, la acción individual y el convenio congregacional son importantes. ¿Cómo pueden los ministerios de justicia UU llegar a ser espiritualmente más vivos, más sostenibles, más enfocados y efectivos? La Ministra huésped, la Rev. Lindi Ramsden, es la Directora Ejecutiva del ministerio legislativo UU, de CA, y anterior Ministra Decana de nuestra iglesia.

Dirige: la Rev. Lindi Ramsden: Asociados de Culto: (9:30) Roberto Padilla, (11:00) Suzanne Marsh y Luther Jackson

January 27 -- 9:30 and 11:00 a.m.

Giving Voice to Justice

Singing alone in the shower and singing together in church can each be fun, but they are not the same. When living out UU justice principles, both individual action and covenanted congregational engagement are important. How can UU justice ministries become more spiritually alive, sustainable, focused and effective? Guest minister, the Rev. Lindi Ramsden, is the Executive Director of the UU Legislative Ministry, CA, and former Senior Minister of our church.

Worship Leader: la Rev. Lindi Ramsden; Worship Associates: (9:30) Roberto Padilla, (11:00) Suzanne Marsh y Luther Jackson

3 de Febrero -- 9:30 y 11:00 a.m.

¿Estar en Paz -- Es Esto Suficientemente Poderoso?
En la visión de Mahatma Gandhi y del Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., el otorgamiento del poder y la no violencia van de la mano. ¿Qué podría significar esta relación para nosotros?

Dirige: la Rev. Nancy Palmer Jones; Asociado de Culto: Dena Dickinson

February 3 -- 9:30 and 11:00 a.m.

Being at Peace -- Is This Powerful Enough?
In the vision of Mahatma Gandhi and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., empowerment and nonviolence go hand in hand. What might this partnership mean for us?

Worship Leader: the Rev. Nancy Palmer Jones; Worship Associate: Dena Dickinson

10 de Febrero -- 9:30 y 11:00 a.m.

La Ética del Amor Para Vivir
Dibujando en las riquezas de la exploración del amor en nuestra cultura de la teórica visionaria Bell Hooks, nos preguntamos, “¿Hey-el amor es realmente todo lo que necesitamos?”

Dirige: Rev. Nancy Palmer Jones; Asociados de Culto: (9:30) Miembros de SSM y (11:00) Kelly Burnett

February 10 -- 9:30 and 11:00 a.m.

An Ethic of Love to Live By
Drawing on riches from visionary theorist Bell Hooks’ exploration of love in our culture, we ask, “Hey -- is love really all we need?”

Worship Leader: the Rev. Nancy Palmer Jones; Worship Associates: (9:30) Members of SSM and (11:00) Kelly Burnett


Save the Dates

  • January 30, Thursday, Church Board meeting, 7:00 pm, conference room
  • February 1, Friday, Dances of Universal Peace, 7:00 pm, under the dome in the sanctuary
  • February 3, Sunday, UU Band of Writers, 12:20 pm, Youth room
  • February 7, Thursday, Women’s Alliance, “Cakes for the Queen of Heaven” series continues, 7:15 - 9:15 pm, Hattie Porter Hall
  • February 25, Monday, 7 pm, PACT Community Action Meeting with the mayor on greening San Jose, sanctuary.

Religious Education

Sunday Morning Class Calendar

Nusery -- Birth through 4 Years [Nursery, Lower Level]

We provide a safe, clean environment in which to support each child in initiating play activities at the developmental level they manifest. Structured activities, games, stories and crafts are a part of the nursery experience.

Child Care Workers:  Stacey Vinyard & Mary Qúeñones

K-2nd Grades: Treasure Hunting [Lower Level, Rooms 2-3]

Jan. 20 Our Ability to Learn
Jan. 27 People With Different Abilities
Feb. 3 Social Justice Sunday - Peacemaking.

3rd-4th Grades: Spirit of Adventure [Lower Level, Room 4-5]

Jan. 20 Comets and Constellations
Jan. 27 Inventions
Feb. 3 Social Justice Sunday - Peacemaking

5th Grade: Neighboring Faiths [Lower Level, Room 6]

Jan. 20 Kids attend the regular service
Jan. 27 Islam wrap-up
Feb. 3 Social Justice Sunday - Peacemaking

6th-7th-8th Grades: Traditions with a Wink [Office Conference Room]

Jan. 20 We Shall Overcome
Jan. 27 Hymn: Spirit of Life
Feb. 3 Social Justice Sunday - Peacemaking

9th-12th Grades, Upper Level, Youth Room

Jan. 27 Introduction and Examining Values
Feb. 3 Social Justice Sunday - Peacemaking

Youth Group Activities

Junior High (6th-7th-8th Grades)

  • Staff: Rev. Sonya Sukalski

Senior High (9th-12 Grades)

  • Advisors: Diana Chung, Mike Williamson, Pamela Gehrke, Cordelia Willis, Richard Gould

If you are interested in participating in junior or senior high youth group activities, please contact the Rev. Sonya Sukalski, 292-3858, ext.25 or Sonya.sukalski@comcast.net

Religious Education Registration On Line
To register for children and youth programs at http://sanjoseuu.org/RE/br.html, just click the button that says registration. All information is sent only to the Rev. Sonya Sukalski .

Date Set for Next Junior High Backpacking Trip: July 20-23, 2008

Mark your calendars now to save the date for this amazing outdoor experience up in the High Sierra. This 4-day, 3-night backpack trip will be open to youth from our church who will be going into 6th, 7th, and 8th grades in the fall of 2008. More information about the trip will be coming your way in the late winter/early spring. If you have questions, contact Pam Pell at johnpell@aol.com.

Rev. Geoff Rimositis is on sabbatical through June 2008.
You can read his prayers, poetry and other musings on his blog at http://sanjoseuu.org/revgrblog/index.php


Saving the Planet!

Mayor Reed Highlights Green City Plan Feb. 25 at FUCSJ

The First Unitarian PACT Green City group invites you to come show San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed that we will join him in the effort to make this the Greenest City in the country. We will celebrate his green vision and encourage him to make sure that all people — regardless of race or income — can be a part of our bold dream to live on a sustainable planet.

Join us in the Sanctuary on Monday, February 25 at 7 pm as we become the first Faith Community in San Jose to publicly take on global warming.

For more information contact: Diana Wirt or any First Unitarian PACT leader.

Lyricists Arise — for a Greener San Jose

If you like to put new lyrics to well-known tunes, you are invited to write a verse or two to the tune This Little Light of Mine centered on Mayor Reed’s Green Vision for San Jose. The LOC (Local Organizing Committee) of PACT (People Acting in Community Together) of our church is planning a community meeting on February 25, focusing on this Green Vision, and we’d like to add energy to the gathering by interspersing verses or single lines from such a song. Please send your verses by February 15 to Genie at geniebee@hotmail.com.

(The Mayor’s complete Green Vision is available at www.sanjoseca.gov/mayor/goals/environment/GreenVision.pdf).


Sensing the Spirit with Sonya

by the Rev. Sonya Sukalski

by James Ortiz

Percibiendo el Espiritu con Sonya

Por la
Rev. Sonya Sukalski

Dibujo de James Ortiz

One of my favorite songs of the season goes like this:

“Think of your fellow man
Lend him a helping hand
Put a little love in your heart
You see it’s getting late
Oh please don’t hesitate
Put a little love in your heart
And the world will be a better place
For you and me
You just wait and see
Another day goes by
And still the children cry

Put a little love in your heart
If you want the world to know
We won’t let hatred grow
Put a little love in your heart
Take a good look around
And if you’re lookin’ down
Put a little love in your heart
I hope when you decide
Kindness will be your guide
Put a little love in your heart”

And the world will be a better place… So goes the duet with Annie Lennox and Al Green. What are the things you do to put a little love in your heart? It is a fine aspiration for the New Year.

Some of the things I do to put a little love in my heart are to consider how life is for people who don’t enjoy all the privileges I do – middle class existence with a mortgage, two beautiful children, good health, money for heat, good food, and more books than I will probably ever be able to read. No outstanding issues with the law at the moment, the privilege of being white, and married.

Since researching one of our Unitarian founding fathers, William Ellery Channing, earlier in December, I have discovered he has a wealth of wisdom still relevant today. He says,

“The best condition of society is that in which all ranks, classes, orders, are intimately connected and associated… (those with property) ought to regard it as a TRUST for the good of those who are in want… and that (people) forfeit the right to property just as far as they fail to contribute, according to their ability, to the common well-being.”

The challenging thing for me is that sometimes the benefits these privileges afford are hard to identify on ones own. That is where a religious community where we can explore values and our hopes for a more just and compassionate society can be invaluable. I was very touched in the class “Building the World We Dream About,” with many of you to see how deeply, authentically, and lovingly you are engaging these issues. Even to the point of viewing the church as a kind of “trust for the good of all!”

I think Rev. Channing would be proud, I know I am! A little happier and a little prouder with each contact I have with you as I come up to speed with your Religious Education programming.

It is a pleasure to get to know all of you!


Una de mis canciones preferidas de la estación va como esto:

“Piensa en tu compañero
Préstale una mano
Pon un poco amor en tu corazón
Tú ves que está consiguiendo el último
Oh por favor no dudes
Pon un poco amor en tu corazón
Y el mundo será un mejor lugar
Para ti y para mí
Solo espera y ve
Otro día que se va
Y todavía los niños gritan.

Pon un poco amor en tu corazón
Sí tú quieres que el mundo sepa
Que nosotros no dejamos crecer el odio
Pon un poco amor en tu corazón
Échale una buena mirada alrededor
Y si estas mirando
Espero cuando tú decidas
Pon un poco amor en tu corazón
La amabilidad será tu guía
Pon un poco amor en tu corazón”

Y el mundo será un mejor lugar … Así va el dueto con Annie Lennox y Al Green. ¿Cuáles son las cosas que usted hace para poner un poco amor en su corazón? Es un bello deseo para el Año Nuevo.

Algunas de las cosas que hago para poner un poco de amor en mi corazón son el considerar cómo la vida es para la gente que no goza de todos los privilegios que yo tengo – una existencia de clase media con una hipoteca, dos hermosos niños, buena salud, dinero para el calentador, buen alimento y más libros de los que probablemente podré leer. Ningún asunto excepcional con la ley en este momento, el privilegio de ser blanca y casada.

Investigando a uno de nuestros padres fundadores del Unitarismo, Williams Ellery Channing, a principios de diciembre, yo descubrí que él todavía tiene una abundancia de sabiduría relevante hoy. Él dice,

“La mejor condición de la sociedad es en la cual todas las clasificaciones, clases y órdenes están íntimamente conectadas y asociadas… (con ésas características) debemos considerarla como una CONFIANZA para lo bueno de esos quienes están en querer… y que (la gente) esa pérdida de derechos a la propiedad solo por lo que contribuyen, de acuerdo a su capacidad, al bienestar común.”

Lo desafiante para mí es que a veces los beneficios que estos privilegios producen son difíciles de identificar en los que lo poseen. Esto es la comunidad religiosa dónde podemos explorar los valores y nuestras esperanzas de una sociedad más justa y más compasiva que puede ser invaluable. A mi me conmovió mucho la clase “Construyendo el Mundo que Soñamos,” con muchos de ustedes viendo cuan profunda, auténtica y amorosamente ustedes están comprometidos con estos temas. Al igual que el punto de vista de la iglesia como una clase de “confianza para el bien de todos!”

Creo el Rev. Channing estaría orgulloso, ¡yo se que soy! Un poco más feliz y un poco más orgullosa con cada contacto que tengo con ustedes mientras que le subo a la velocidad con su programa de educación religiosa.

¡Es un placer conocerlos a todos ustedes!



To the End That…

by Bob Miess, President, Board of Directors

In its new Policy Based Governance role, our Board of Directors has begun our most exciting work yet — our Ends Policy. An Ends Policy describes how we would answer the question, “To what end?” In official “Policy Based Governance” terms, an Ends Policy is a policy that describes what we want to accomplish, for whom, and at what cost.

The “what we want to accomplish” part can give us a concrete sense of our religious community’s reason for being here in the Silicon Valley. By discerning “what we want to accomplish” we gain a sense of direction and meaning, It directs our eyes toward results, not just processes. What specific difference will we make?

The “for whom” part highlights that our reason for being here is not just about “ideas,” “stuff,” and “organizations;” it is about people, real human beings. It pushes us to be clear whom we are trying to serve. Whose lives do we hope will be touched by our presence?

The “at what cost” part takes seriously that we live within limits. It asks us to decide what resources we are willing to commit to these ends. How much of our selves, our time, our talent, our money will we put into this endeavor?

After we have created a statement that we believe captures our church’s ends, the Board will be sharing it with you to see whether the Ends Policy truly reflects us as a people, because the Board doesn’t “run the church,” it seeks to be the voice of the congregation. The congregation won’t vote on the policy, because the policy is truly the Board’s responsibility. But we want to know how the policy speaks to you and for you. Does it say what the First Unitarian Church of San José really believes it is about? Does it express the concreteness of our intentions? Most important, we want to know whether it brings forth in us a deep and passionate “Amen, that’s what we’re about!” If so, then we will have at least begun to answer that question, “To what end?”


Annual Giving Campaign

by Bob Miess, Committee Chair

It may seem like it’s a long way off, but the planning for our Annual Giving Campaign kickoff on March 30 is underway. Last year we increased our pledges to the highest level ever, though we came up a little short of what we wanted. This year, as always, we will be considering our financial contributions to the church. We will also be exploring the Board’s new Ends Policy – a statement of what we want to accomplish as a religious community, whom we want to serve, and at what cost.

This year’s pledge campaign promises to be an important one for the life of our church in so many ways, and you can help to make it a meaningful and effective process. How? There are many possible ways. You can participate in the House Parties to discover what’s happening and have a wonderful time with other members of our spiritual collective. And if you must miss the parties, you can meet with your one-on-one canvasser. Either way you can share your values and pledge with care and thoughtful consideration of what is important to you. In addition to your personal participation, you might help make it possible for others to participate by hosting a party or canvassing. You might also help by joining our Annual Giving Campaign Committee, organizing things so others can do their part. The first meeting of the committee will be Sunday, January 27 at 12:45 pm in the Board Room. Whatever you’d like to do, there is a place for you.

If you would like to explore a role in the campaign, or if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact me, Bob Miess, at bob@creating-context.com or (408)781-7073.


Still Time for You to Join a Small Group!

January is our Small Group Open Enrollment Month, and our Small Group Ministry (SGM) has been welcoming people into our groups. There is still room for more. If you would like to consider joining a group, stop by the SGM table in Hattie Porter Hall after the 11:00 am service any Sunday in January. You can talk with one of our group leaders, read some introductory material, and sign up if you’re interested. You’ll be welcome whether you are a member, a friend, or a newcomer! Want more information now? Check out the SGM portion of our website: http://www.sanjoseuu.org/FUSJC_SGM/index.html.

Current Group Openings

Time Place Leadership
1st & 3rd Sun Eve Downtown San Jose Dana Grover, Carol Greene
2nd & 4th Mon Eve Almaden Valley Rick Morris, Robin Beresford
1st & 3rd Mon Eve Near 880 & Hamilton Catherine Pelizzari
1st & 3rd Mon Eve Downtown San Jose Alice Lynch, Matt Trask
1st & 3rd Mon Eve Saratoga Madeline Morrow, Cindy Robinson
2nd 4th Tues Aft Los Gatos Diana Wirt
1st & 3rd Tues Eve Los Gatos, off Lark Frank Bosche
1st & 3rd Tues Eve Downtown San Jose Rob Strong, Frank Farris
1st Thurs Eve (1/month) East Foothills Mary Jeffries, Ellen Robinson
1st & 3rd Sat Morn Japantown Bob Miess, K’Ailsa Rowan
Various Sat Morns Morgan Hill Beth McGhee, Jenny Redfern

What an Opportunity —
for Friendship, Growth and Service!

These are the volunteer positions most urgently in need of filling. Please take a moment to see if any of these service opportunities are right for you.

  • CHANCEL DECORATOR: use creative talents to decorate chancel, using flowers, fabric, etc. ; serve when available; 1 yr. term
  • COFFEE HOUR HOST: set out snacks, drinks before service; clean up after; 1 Sun. a mo.; 1 yr. term
  • LABYRINTH HOST: set up table & music and be present, 11:30-1:00; serve according to availability; 1 yr. term
  • NEWSLETTER ASSEMBLER fold, staple and stamp newsletters with amiable team; 1st or 3rd Tues. afternoon; 1 yr. term
  • WORSHIP HOST: greet & welcome people coming to Sun. service, collect offering; 1 Sun. a mo.; 1 yr. term
  • SOUND SYSTEM OPERATOR: operate sound system during 9:30 & 11:00 services;1 Sun. a mo.; 1 yr. term
  • TAPE DUPLICATOR: make & provide tapes of services in HPH after church for 1 ½ hrs.; 1 yr. term
  • ORDER OF SERVICE ASSEMBLER: fol d and assemble Order of Service Fri. morn.; much appreciated by Office Manager; I yr. term
  • NEWCOMER TABLE HOST: welcome newcomers, ask to fill out card, give info.;1 Sun. a mo.; 1 yr. term
  • NEWSLETTER COPIER: copy newsletter on risograph machine for assemblers; 1st or 3rd Tues. of mon.; 1 yr. term
  • CHOIR MEMBER: no exp. nec., practice Wed. 7-9 p.m., perform Sun. lowen@data-time.com
  • R.E. TEACHER or ASSISTANT: lead Sun. morn. sessions, using prepared curriculum; 2 hr. a mon.; I yr. term

    Call Genie at (408) 997-6292 or Ed at (408) 712-4157.

  • 0116-10

    December 20, 2007 Board Meeting

    By Bob Redfern, Secretary, Board of Directors

    Your church board had an unusual Thursday meeting, necessitated by the holidays and multiple conflicts.

    We started off with a very informative report by Tim Blackwood, who sat on the UUA’s “Committee on Socially Responsible Investment” until June 2006. He provided us with insight into the management of the UUA’s endowment funds programs and had serious questions about their commitment to socially responsible investing, an issue raised at our October 28, 2007 Congregational Meeting. He discussed many of the details of his work on this UUA committee and his concerns that led to his leaving the committee 18 months ago. We have asked him to review and analyze the performance of the UUA and several “Socially Responsible” Mutual Funds and report back. Our goal is to report to the Congregation as a whole at our June annual meeting. As our Endowment Committee attracts funds for long-term needs and goals, we want our funds to be held in as socially responsible a way as possible, without penalizing our returns.

    The Board discussed our policy-based governance model and coordinating the purpose statements, members’ wishes, our affirmation, vision and mission statements and last year’s Embrace! statement into a presentation ready for the Canvass, due to Kick-Off on March 30.

    We also discussed a letter of protest the Berkeley UU Congregation sent to the UUA in Boston about the choice of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida as the site of this June’s General Assembly. Regardless of the probability of high heat and humidity wilting those who attend and venture out-of-doors, a policy imposed on convention goers mandating Government-issued picture ID to enter, regardless of whether or not they are credentialed attendees or delegates, was a step too far for Berkeley UUs, and probably would not sit well with many in our congregation. Also, the fact was raised that this policy is impairing our religious right to free association and is a thinly-veiled means of singling out “illegals” for the purpose of legal actions by various levels of government. Bob Miess pointed out that we do not have the authority as a board to “pull out” of GA, but he surmised that many of the dozens who have attended in the past several years might find other pursuits come the 3rd week in June. In any event, it would be a financial and logistical nightmare to try to move to a more congenial venue that did not impose the state upon a religious gathering, and the UUA has said as much in a movement-wide letter from Bill Sinkford after Berkeley and other congregations had expressed their dismay at the requirements imposed by local Florida politicians.

    Happy New Year, One and All,

    from the Board and your loyal Secretary, Bob Redfern.


    Peninsula Cluster Group of Unitarian Universalist Churches Forming

    You may have already read about the Peninsula Cluster of UU Churches in the Pacific Central District’s newsletter, PCD Currents. The cluster was born at a PCD Leadership Development Day last November, arising out of the question, “How can UU churches in our Peninsula/South Bay area support one another in their ministries?” Those gathered decided to explore possibilities. Since then, we’ve formed an e-mail group, which you can join by following the instructions that follow under UU PCG Sign Up.

    We’ve also scheduled a first exploratory meeting of cluster group participants on January 27, at our church, 2:00 to 4:30 pm. At this meeting we’ll have an opportunity to talk about our respective congregations, highlighting an area in which we feel we are doing well, and an area in which we would like to do better. (Each congregation will be given up to 15 minutes to share their story.) Then we’ll begin to discuss how we might be able to support one another.

    If you are a leader at First Unitarian, or if you’d like to be one, I hope you’ll consider joining the e-mail list and/or attending the first gathering. Also, please feel free to invite anybody you think might benefit. This promises to be an innovation among UU congregations that might make a real difference in our ministries.

    UU PCG Sign Up
    To sign up for the e-mail list, go to http://uucpa.org/mailman/listinfo/ and scroll down to select “Peninsula Cluster.” You will receive a message from Mailman confirming that you have joined this list. Any member of the list can send to the list. If someone who is not a member of the list sends a message, it will go to the List Manager, to approve for the list or to reject. (This process protects us from spam, mistakes, malicious mail, etc.)


    Want to Organize a Church Fundraiser?

    We are very grateful for all the people who put in their hard work to raise funds for the church and our programs. To help make these successful, we try to avoid competing fundraisers by scheduling them evenly throughout the year. We ask that you please remember to fill out the fundraiser form describing your plans, well ahead of time. These forms are available in the church office downstairs, and should be placed into the Finance Officer’s mailbox (Christopher Frey). Good planning will help maximize our cash flow and minimize our frustration.


    Upcoming Events

    Conduciendo a nuestras congregaciones hacia un futuro multirracial y Multicultural: ¡Ahora es el Tiempo!
    Desde el viernes 22 de febrero, hasta el medio día del domingo, 24 de febrero, en el Hotel Doubletree de San José.

    Llevemos a un equipo de la FUCSJ a esta atractiva y transformadora conferencia de fin de semana! Pase el viernes con la inspirada Rev. Jacqui Lewis; el sábado, comparta los talleres prácticos con los UUs de alrededor del país; y en la mañana de domingo, tendremos el honor de recibir la conferencia entera en nuestro servicio de las 9:30 en español (con la traducción inglés), de modo que todos puedan experimentar una probada de el multiculturalismo Unitario Universalismo en la acción.

    Si usted no estuvo disponible para tomar nuestra clase de “Construyendo el Mundo que Soñamos”, esta conferencia ofrece una gran oportunidad, en un tiempo más corto, de participar. Si usted está tomando nuestra clase, la conferencia proporciona un excelente realce al trabajo que estamos haciendo. La conferencia cuesta $280, con algunas comidas incluidas-y vale cada centavo, para los que puedan hacerlo.

    Regístrese ahora a través del e-mail en:
    http://www.uua.org/events/ multiracialmulticultural/index.shtml.

    Entonces déjele saber a la Rev. Nancy que usted se unirá a nuestro equipo de líderes y de ministros de la FUCSJ enviándole un mensaje electrónico a: revnpj@yahoo.com.

    Leading Our Congregations into a Multiracial, Multicultural Future: Now Is the Time!
    All day Friday, February 22, through midday Sunday, February 24; Doubletree Hotel, San José

    Let’s take an FUCSJ team to this engaging and transformative weekend conference! Spend Friday with the inspiring Rev. Jacqui Lewis; on Saturday, share practical workshops with UUs from around the country; and on Sunday morning, we have the honor of hosting the whole conference at our 9:30 worship service in Spanish (with English translation), so that all can experience a taste of multicultural Unitarian Universalism in action.

    If you weren’t able to join our Building the World We Dream About class, this conference offers a great opportunity, in a shorter span of time, to participate. If you are taking our class, the conference provides an excellent enhancement to the work we are doing. For commuters, the conference costs $280, with some meals included—and it is worth every penny for those who can make it.

    Register on-line now at www.uua.org/events/ multiracialmulticultural/index.shtml.

    Then let Rev. Nancy know that you will be joining our team of FUCSJ leaders and ministers by e-mailing her at revnpj@yahoo.com.

    UU Hikers & Friends

    by Joyce Miller

    If you have any question about whether a hike is on or off, just give me a call. I rarely cancel but sometimes I change the venue if muddy trails seem likely. The backup hike is the Stanford Dish. And as usual, be sure to let me know if you are planning to hike so I know to look for you. You can call me at home at (408) 730-1052 any time after 6:30 am or email me the day before. I turn on my cell phone when I leave the house the day of the hike so you can contact me if you get delayed or your plans change. My cell phone is (408) 507-7052. See you on the trails!

    Wednesday, January 16, 2008
    Huddart County Park, 7 miles. We will do the long hike. Meet at Page Mill/280 Park and Ride at 8:00 am.

    Saturday, January 19, 2008
    No hike planned. Several of us will be at Tahoe.

    Wednesday, January 23, 2008
    Castle Rock State Park, 6 miles, moderate. Meet at parking lot behind Downey Bank in Saratoga at 8:00 am.

    Saturday, January 26, 2008
    Alum Rock County Park, 6 miles, moderate. Meet at VTA Park and Ride at Capital and Alum Rock at 8:00 am.

    Wednesday, January 30, 2008
    Windy Hill, 7 miles, moderate. We will do the longer hike. Meet at Page Mill/ 280 Park and Ride at 8:00 am.

    Saturday, February 2, 2008
    Butano State Park, 7 miles, moderate. This is long day due to travel and pie eating! Meet at Page Mill/280 Park and Ride. Plan to get home around 4:30 pm.

    Wednesday, February 6, 2008
    Montebello/Grizzly Flat, 6 miles, moderate. This is car shuttle hike. Meet at Page Mill/280 Park and Ride at 8:00 am.


    Circling Around

    by Kelly Burnett

    Our own Rev. Nancy has been asked by the president of the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA), the Rev. Bill Sinkford, to participate in a study of Excellence in Ministry. The Panel on Theological Education is gathering information on a variety of subjects related to excellence in ministry. One of the areas they want to learn more about is how UU ministers have been able to claim an anti-racist ministerial identity.

    Rev. Sinkford said: “Your willingness to participate can contribute significantly to the ability of our faith to take another step toward the Beloved Community.”

    Good wishes and congratulations to Rev. Nancy!

    Four of your most beautiful and charming female members went to Groveland (outside of Yosemite) recently to rest and quietly celebrate the New Year (all asleep before midnight). They report: On their way home on January 1, the SUV broke down — luckily right outside a small restaurant on Highway 120. We put the hood up and called AAA, who was going to tow the SUV to Stockton (about an hour or so away). We then called the car rentals but nothing is open on New Years Day! We called friends and children so that we could be rescued and brought home to San Jose and they were getting ready for the arduous journey. However, during this time, one of the women commented “I find it amazing that not one person has stopped to ask us if we needed help.” Just a bit later a man pulled in beside them and said, “You’re still here? I drove past about a half hour ago but thought surely someone would have come to assist you by now.”

    Well, this person who looked like a man was truly an angel. He had bright white hair and his wings were subtly hidden. He lived right there in Groveland and told us to have the SUV towed a mile or so down the road and then said, “You can take one of our cars to get home.” We were skeptical but he took two of us to his house as he was offering the SUV his wife usually drives. One of us thought that she would say, “no way, Jose.” What she actually said was, “Okay, just take the ironing out and put it in the truck.”

    At no time did this angel ask us our names or our telephone numbers or for any form of identification. We were in shock but did manage to ask for his card so we could return the SUV. Two of the women took the angels’ SUV back this past Saturday and brought the injured, but now repaired, SUV back home to San Jose.

    What could have been a disaster turned into a blessing. We all learned so much from our New Year‘s angels. May we all be able and willing to share as generously with others as these loving and kind people. May we be able and willing to pay it back and to pay it forward.

    Nancy Prince has wonderful news. The adoption of her grandson, Tristan David, 22 months old, was finalized on December 27, 2007, in Santa Clara Family Court. It was a very happy occasion and 30 family members were present in Court to celebrate. Welcome Tristan David! Congratulations to Nancy and her family.

    Please send Kelly Burnett your honors, joys, plans, and any other news that needs to be shared with our community so that she can keep us all informed. Her email address is kelly@kellybur.com. Her telephone number is 408-810-3182, but she’d prefer to receive your news by email, if possible.

    Choir Notes

    The choir will perform City of Heaven at the 11 a.m. February 3 service with Bev Clifford in the lead, and is working on two other pieces for another performance in late February.

    Anyone is welcome to sing with the choir. If you are interested, we'll see you at practice Wednesdays at 7 p.m. in the sanctuary. For more information, contact Liz Owen at lowen@data-time.com.

    Third Street Community Center Update: ESL Volunteers Needed!

    Third Street families are working hard to learn English, but the program is in need of volunteer teachers like you. Training is provided to teach at beginning and intermediate levels two evenings per week for a class that is six weeks long. If you have any questions, contact Carol at socialjustice@sanjoseuu.org.

    Want to be a Newsletter Editor?

    Editors of our church newsletters are key to communications within our congregation and beyond. They solicit, coordinate, and edit articles to send for each issue to Henry Ruddle, who works his formatting magic upon them and creates our useful and attractive newsletter. Sherry Howd and Catherine Pelizzari, the current editors, would very much like to train a backup editor or two for those times when neither of us are available. Editors-in-training could take on as much responsibility as they would like.

    Interrested? Contact Sherry Howd at s_howd@msn.com or Catherine Pelizzari at caleeson@aol.com. We’d love to hear from you!

    Spotlight on Social Justice

    By Carol Stephenson, Social Justice Coordinator, socialjustice@sanjoseuu.org (408) 292-3858 x27

    Boring Article About Calendar ... or is it?

    The new year quickly revs up to top speed with a whole host of events and activities to relieve your ache to make this world better. Choose just one (or maybe two), put it on YOUR calendar and don’t let anything stop you; not a load of dishes in the sink, not rain on a cold night and especially not bad reality television due to the writer’s strike. We all know that the world does not change when we say to ourselves “there’s too much laundry for me to meet with the mayor!” But when we are willing to take a risk, however small it may be (dirty clothes tomorrow, perhaps), we can choose to be fully engaged. Let the laundry lie, I say! Bring the kids and tell the neighbors. Whatever you need to do, be sure to join us this winter as we, together, build the world we dream about!

    Social Justice Calendar

    • January 27, Sunday, “Read to Feed” Heifer International & UUSC Guest at Your Table fundraising due
    • January 28, Monday, 6:30-8:30 pm, Social Justice Council Meeting, conference room
    • January 29-April 1, Tuesdays, 7:00-9:00 pm, Winter Series on Nonviolence (led by Pat O’Connell), sanctuary
    • February 10, Sunday, 1:00-3:00 pm, “Let California Ring” Marriage Equality Conversation, sanctuary
    • February 22-24; Friday-Sunday; UUA Conference, “Leading Congregations Into a Multiracial, Multicultural Future: Now is the Time;” San Jose Doubletree Hotel
    • February 24, Sunday, 9:30 am, UUA Conference: Now Is the Time worship service, our sancturay
    • February 25, Monday, 7:00 pm, PACT Action with Mayor Chuck Reed, sanctuary

    For Pastoral Care

    Our community strives to offer compassion, companionship, healing, and joy to all its members. Our pastoral care coordinators can help you find the listening ear or helping hands that you may need in difficult times.

    • For pastoral care in English, please contact our lay Pastoral Associate Coordinator, Rev. Donna Lenahan: (home) 408-354-9024; (cell) 408-204-6565; e-mail: djlenahan@aol.com.
    • For pastoral care in Spanish, please contact our Spanish-Speaking Ministries Coordinator, Roberto Padilla: (cell) 408-841-1011; e-mail: paor69@yahoo.com.

    Contacting the Ministers

    Rev. Nancy Palmer Jones and Rev. Geoff Rimositis feel honored to serve this congregation, and we cherish your trust! Here is how reach us:

    Cuidado Pastoral

    Nuestra comunidad se esfuerza en ofrecer la compasión,el compañerismo curativo, y la alegría a todos susmiembros. Nuestros coordinadores en cuidado pastoral pueden ayudarle a encontrar un oído que escucha, o lasmanos que ayudan cuando ustedes lo pudieran necesitaren épocas difíciles. Para el cuidado pastoral en inglés, por favor, comuníquese con nuestro Coordinador Asociado Laico en Cuidado Pastoral, la Rev. Donna Lenahan: (casa) 408-354-9024; (celular) 408-204-6565; e-mail: djlenahan@aol.com. Para el cuidado pastoral en español, por favor comuníquese con nuestro Coordinador de los Ministeriosen Español, Roberto Padilla: (cell) 408-841-1011; e-mail: paor69@yahoo.com.

    Contactando a los Ministros

    La Rev. Nancy Palmer Jones y El Rev. Geoff Rimositis se sienten honrados por servir a esta congregación, y nosotros apreciamos su confianza! Aquí nosotros estamos a su alcance:


    Bob Miess, bob@creating-context.com

    Vice President (Planning/Personnel)
    Joyce Miller,

    Vice President (Programs)
    Julia Rodriguez,

    Bob Redfern, rredfern@charter.net

    David Tucker, cheverly@earthlink.net

    Financial Officer
    Christopher Frey, cjfrey@alum.berkeley.edu


    Debra Fenzel-Alexander, sdsalex@comcast.net

    Mary Mary Feldman, mm@feldmo.com

    Marla Scharf, marla.scharf@gmail.com

    Diana Wirt, diwirt@sbcglobal.net  

    Church Staff

    Senior Minister, Ext. 23
     The Rev. Nancy Palmer Jones, revnpj@yahoo.com

    Assoc. Minister For Religious Education, Ext. 25
     The Rev. Geoff Rimositis , Grimositis@Sanjoseuu.org

    Office Administrator, Ext. 10
     Iris Gonzalez, fucsj@sanjoseuu.org

    Coordinator of Spanish Speaking Ministries, Ext. 24
     Roberto Padilla

    Social Justice Coordinator, Ext. 27
     Carol Stephenson, socialjustice@sanjoseuu.org

    Bookkeeper / Pam Garcia

    Sexton / Edgar Cruz

    R.E. Assistant / Alecia Baker

    Nursery Teacher / Stacey Vinyard

    Church Office
    : (408) 292-3858
    Fax: (408) 292-4744
    E-mail             fucsj@sanjoseuu.org
    URL                http://www.sanjoseuu.org

    Thank you to our volunteers!
    Our Church Circular is published on the first and third Wednesdays of each month. Circulation is about 500.

    NEWSLETTER Editors
    Sherry Howd
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    Sherry will edit the Feb. 20 and March 19 issues.

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