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Thank you for volunteering for the Second Sunday Dinner hosted by the
First Unitarian Church at Julian Street Inn.

Julian Street Inn is a temporary shelter for mentally ill homeless
people.  Clients are generally allowed to stay for two weeks at a time,
except in special cases.  The shelter has the capacity to accommodate
about 70 people and is usually full.  We find that the folks at Julian
Street are very hungry¾sometimes this supper is the /only/ meal they
have had that day.  In general, we try to have enough food for full
second helpings and leftovers.  We also bring enough for ourselves so
that we can join the clients for dinner.

You will be contacted by email for the next Second Sunday Dinner where
we have an opening.  Usually we give about two weeks notice.  We ask
that, if you prepare food, you bring your item(s) between 5:30 and 6:00
pm to help make the evening go smoothly.  The address is 546 W. Julian
Street and the cross street is Montgomery.  If you serve food, be sure
to arrive by 6:00 and plan to stay at least two hours.

Again, thank you for joining our team of volunteers.  Homelessness is a
critical issue in our community and working with Julian Street Inn is an
important hands-on way to know more about it.