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Social Justice Ministry


The Social Justice Council of First Unitarian oversees the work of the Social Justice Ministry. The mission of the Social Justice Council is to:

  • coordinate and support the congregation's efforts to advocate, educate, organize, serve, and witness for social change, and
  • establish First Unitarian Church of San José as a catalyst for social justice in our community.


The Social Justice Ministry seeks to engage our congregation in an ongoing and ever-expanding dialogue about how we make the Unitarian Universalist Principles real in our daily lives; provide a wide variety of opportunities for taking action on these principles; and create a congregation of informed and engaged citizens.


FUCSJ Social Justice Ministry participates in the Urban Disciples, an alliance of UU Social Justice Ministries across the nation, and supports the Unitarian Universalist Legislative Ministry, California.

Get more resources concerning successful social justice programs at the UUA archive.

The UUA and affiliate organizations offer a variety of ways to join with other UUs across the country to create a more peaceful world.

Basic Beliefs:

  • Our work will be most effective if it concentrates on systemic change, while at the same time serving those most in need because of the unjust social system we are striving to change.
  • We will work for social justice but because we understand our interconnectedness and that any harm to the web of life effects us all.
  • We will always be mindful of the spiritual basis for our work and will use the six UU principles as our guiding philosophy.
  • We understand that the struggle to create a just world requires a long-term commitment, which is only possible in a strong, supportive community.
  • We also understand that it is sometimes necessary to create what Dr. King called "creative tension" by directly confronting those who are responsible for creating conditions of injustice and exploitation.
  • When conflict becomes necessary, we will pursue our agenda vigorously, relentlessly and nonviolently, with good humor, with fairness, with open minds and with compassionate hearts.
  • We will always be aware that our allies are all around us and resist the temptation to only work with those with whom we are most comfortable.
  • We will see "victory" as progress on the road to more just world and never as a vanquishing of an enemy.
  • We agree that in our work together, we will:
              o Count all voices equally
              o Listen to hear
              o Leave baggage at the door
              o Take no cheap shots
              o Look for the Light in one another

Social Justice Council

I believe we're all one family and need each other in times of grief and gladness. And I believe in the power of human ingenuity and people of goodwill to make a difference in the world.

This is my credo as a Unitarian Universalist. It's what Superman and I have in common.

- Christopher Reeve, actor