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Sunday Morning Classes

General Information for Sunday Morning Children & Youth Programs

Each Sunday, children and youth attend the first part of the 11:00 a.m. worship service. At approximately 11:30 they are sung out to their classes, which continue until 12:30 p.m.

Parents with children in the nursery (birth-age 3 year olds) or in classes through 1st grade are requested to please pick up their children in the Nursery or in their classroom in the church's lower level.


Nursery (birth-age 3 years)

Church's lower level


Ages 4 - Grade 8

Church's lower level


Grades 9-12 

Church's upper level

Youth Room

View the calendar of upcoming classes, with specific topics for each grade level.

Nursery/Preschool (birth-3 years)
We provide a safe, clean environment in which to support each child in initiating play activities at the developmental level they manifest. Structured activities, games, stories and crafts are a part of the nursery experience.

Love Surrounds Us
Unitarian Universalist principles encompass the elements of a good and faith-filled life based on equality, freedom, peace, acceptance, truth, caring, and love. This program explores the principles in the context of beloved community including family/home, school, and neighborhood. Each week, a principle is introduced accompanied by activities and stories. By the end of the program, children will be able to articulate all seven principles.

1. We believe that each and every person is important.
2. We believe that all people should be treated fairly and kindly.
3. We believe that we should accept one another and keep on learning together.
4. We believe that each person must be free to search for what is true and right in life.
5. We believe that all persons should have a vote about the things that concern them.
6. We believe in working for a peaceful, fair, and free world.
7. We believe in caring for our planet Earth, the home we share with all living things.

Each session includes rituals: sharing opening words, a chalice-lighting, centering in silence before hearing a story, and singing.

Grades 2-5
Faithful Journeys and Love Will Guide Us

Faithful Journeys
Children explore how Unitarian Universalism translates into life choices and everyday actions. In each session, they see examples of Unitarian Universalist faith in action, including Universalist minister, Hosea Ballou, children’s author Beatrix Potter, and religious education pioneer Sophia Lyn Fahs. In addition, children hear stories about ordinary people making an extraordinary difference in people’s lives.

Faithful Journeys demonstrates that our UU principles can inspire acts of caring and compassion. Over the course of the program, children discover the many different ways that Unitarian Universalists, including themselves, can act on their beliefs.
Love Will Guide Us
All sessions highlight love as a central aspect of Unitarian Universalism. Using the night sky and the North Star as metaphors, participants are "guided to love." As they explore the night sky, participants learn to recognize and name the Unitarian Universalist sources, as expressed in children's language:

  • The sense of wonder we all share
  • The women and men of long ago and today whose lives remind us to be kind and fair
  • The ethical and spiritual wisdom of the world's religions
  • Jewish and Christian teachings which tell us to love all others as we love ourselves
  • The use of reason and the discoveries of science
  • The harmony of nature and the sacred circle of life
  • Examples of faithful belief and action from our Unitarian and Universalist heritage

Each session includes rituals: sharing opening words, a chalice-lighting, centering in silence before hearing a story, and singing.

Jr. High Ages 12-15
Heeding the Call: Qualities of a Justice Maker
Heeding the Call explores oppression in our society, and promotes the understanding of values that counteract the marginalization of others. A series of workshops encourage youth to reflect on their own and others’ lives and demonstrate how empathy, courage, abundance, and joy can be tools for justice. True stories of courage, sacrifice and collaboration, and a program-long justice project will feed youth’s rising realization that as people of faith we are all called to love justice—not just with our words, but also with our deeds.

9th-12th Grades
A Chorus of Faiths: Unitarian Universalists as Interfaith Leaders  
Each Sunday youth address issues of concern to their lives and spirituality through discussions facilitated by adult advisors.  In addition to our regular Sunday morning gatherings the youth group members will undertake an interfaith project using the Unitarian Universalist program, A Chorus of Faiths: Unitarian Universalists as Interfaith Leaders.

Youth will deepen their Unitarian Universalist identity and faith as they discover our rich tradition of interfaith involvement and learn practical leadership and organizing skills such as dialogue facilitation, storytelling to build understanding, and planning a service action with diverse community partners.

For more information, contact:
Associate Minister for Lifespan Faith Development
Geoff Rimositis
408-292-3858 ext. 25

Only out of life together as a people do patterns of worship or programs for teaching or outreach make sense.

—Maria Harris