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Religious Growth and Learning Program for Children and Youth Overview

The goal of the Religious Growth and Learning Program is to help each young person develop into a mature, caring and compassionate individual with a strong private and public ethical life. By learning what it means to be a part of a religious community that celebrates and acknowledges life's milestones of birth, coming-of-age, marriage and death, youth get in touch with life's eternal rhythms.

By studying the world's religions including Unitarian Universalism from the understanding that no one has the complete truth, each young person is empowered to discover his or her own meaning. And by participating in Sunday morning worship services, age-appropriate class activities, service projects and social events, youth come to realize that the church does not have a curriculum; it is the curriculum!

Our program goals are designed to help our youth:

  • Come to an understanding of their own beliefs and values in an atmosphere of open inquiry
  • Form an understanding and respect for all cultures and religions
  • Begin to cultivate a life of service through acts of compassion and social justice
  • Make positive life choices based on ethical behavior
  • Forge a Unitarian Universalist identity by participating fully in the life of the congregation and denomination

Program Philosophy

Youths' emerging understanding of themselves and the world around them is a direct reflection of what they learn and experience. The family is the main conduit for a young person's meaning-making.  The church program can enrich and supplement the shaping of a child's approach to life, but only the family's involvement can assure successful realization of a child's full potential.  In this vein we encourage you to:

  • accept responsibility for prompt and regular attendance
  • follow class activities
  • participate and support the church program
  • share your beliefs and values at home

Our worship community is a cooperative environment where the whole congregation shares the responsibilities of implementing our religious education program. Parents, members and friends of the church are all part of the village that raises our children.  Newcomers are always welcome and fresh ideas serve only to enhance the program.

Every Sunday children and youth attend the first part of community worship and then are sung out to their respective classrooms.  Nursery staff provides care for infants for the entire service. Preschoolers and kindergarteners are welcomed in the nursery for either the entire service or after the Story For All Ages.

Register your children and youth for Sunday morning Religious Education programs. We welcome all visitors to our RE programs.  Registration is not a pre-requisite. https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/rereg2018-19

If you would like additional information, please contact:
Interim Director of Religious Education
Susie Idzik
408-292-3858 ext. 25

Blessed are those who take seriously the bonds of community; who regularly join in celebration and learning, who come as much to minister as to be ministered unto.

- Rev. John Buehrens (former president of UUA)